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that is a no-bake leaner-gizing energy
ball guess what mmm taste, this is crazy Welcome back to a brand new episode of lean livin hello squadies welcome back to a brand
new episode of lead living. you know what it’s all about it’s all about showing
you guys how easy eating lean and healthy tasty foods can be and it
doesn’t get any easier than the recipe I’m going to show you today. It is a
no-bake, leaner-gizing, energy ball we’re gonna have protein in it, it is gonna be
tasty, with some chocolaty flavours and the best part about it is it is the
easiest easiest recipe you can possibly make so without further ado, get excited
buckle up, and we’re gonna start right away first things first is you’re gonna
grab one of these this is called a baking tray and then you’re gonna grab a
little parchment paper yep so just a little bit just a little
bit of parchment paper to cover. hold on, didnt really go as plan
that was crazy and then all we do, just cover your tray just like that we’re
gonna grab a mixing bowl just like this one before I go any further
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better! Back to our lean scheduled announcement we are gonna grab the
rolled oats you can find these in most grocery stores some of the ingredients
I’m going to show you I have linked on the lean shop because they’re a little
harder to find and I want to make the leanest as easy as possible if you got Amazon
Prime these will literally show up at your door the next day and these
ingredients are crucial to keeping it tasty but also keeping this recipe leanified! so 1 cup of rolled oats is what is going in the mixing bowl it’s gonna be
one cup and trusting my instincts but you want to measure 1 cup now this is a
certainly a secret leangredient this is calorie free zero calories zero
sugar maple syrup so this is Waldens brand Walden’s brand maple syrup they
also have different flavors again I’ve linked in the lean shop this is
definitely something you want to have in your cupboard it always brings that
little bit of sweetness without the consequences of spiking your insulin
levels so definitely invest in some of this it is definitely a harder
ingredient to find but good news is it is on Amazon and again I’ve linked it
in the comments below. in the I’ve linked it in the description below two
tablespoons of Walden’s maple syrup and again you don’t have to be precise here
or too precise but just about two tablespoons I’m going to do a dash more for a little bit more sweetness mmm there we go
Walden’s farms keep your eyes peeled for that and definitely pick some up if you
don’t have some. next ingredient not-so-secret most grocery stores will
have this I hope it is peanut butter now you want to look for the peanut butter
that doesn’t have any added sugar in it that’s very important and also a nice
creamy one you want the creamy texture here you can see it’s not too liquidy
because these are gonna hold our balls together and also provide us with the
healthy fats to keep us satiated to keep us energized without again spiking
those insulin levels so that’s what lean snacks are all about you never want to
spike your insulin level because when you do that you’re gonna end up crashing
with these balls no crash just a whole bunch of energy so about 3/4 cup peanut
butter in the bowl. Next ingredient is Milled flaxseed. okay this is full of fiber so we’re going about a quarter cup here of milled
flaxseed there we go in the bowl okay. look at that shaping
up nicely right there now we’re bringing the lean heat with some protein we’re
gonna add some protein powder here this is a Vega plant-based protein and this
I’ve really been enjoying this protein powder it’s obviously all plant-based
great source of protein and again I’m trying to incorporate more plant-based
products in my lifestyle in my nutrition and that way I find it reduces my
inflammation and I have a more balanced way of eating so we’re just gonna do
about half a scoop because sometimes when you add protein powders and recipes
like this it gets a little overwhelming so just about half a scoop and this is
something you want to play with depending on the protein powder but
again I’ve linked the Vega this is it right there in the store great protein
powder if you don’t have any or you’re looking to switch things up a little
more balance in your life invest in some of this now I’m also gonna do is
sprinkle of maca powder this is it this is Vega based again put it in the store
and maca is really good for keeping you energized and I know what you’ve been
waiting for your being saying Phil you promised really sweet chocolaty energy
balls but I haven’t seen any chocolate well that is because we’re putting in
zero sugar chocolate right here again another secret ingredient these are a
little harder to get I’ve linked it in the Amazon shop and good news is they
are on Amazon Prime so we’re gonna go about half a cup of chocolate chippies
here and there we go ladies and gentleman right there that is our bowl
of leanness and all we’re gonna do is mix them up make them into balls put
them on the pan in the freezer they go leanness is gonna be popping out look at that, look at those guys right
there look at that lean level one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve, twelve oh yeah, oh we got a guest put them in the freezer me and Hudson
will see you back here once these are ready to rock roll okay
squadies it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for time to unveil the
leanness but first please comment below let me know what types of recipes you
guys want to see more of whatever you struggle with let me know and I will do
my best to post those types of recipes because ultimately I want to make the
healthiest tastiest foods that you are gonna enjoy and now back to our
scheduled Leanness the tastiest yummiest no bake
energy ball you will ever have right here in the palm of my hand in the bowl
look at these one more look and the best part about these squadies is that this
is the perfect snack most snacks out there are filled with sugar they give
you an initial boost of energy and then you have a huge crash because they’ve
spiked your insulin not with these guys we use the Walden’s farm zero sugar
maple syrup to give it that sweetness the protein powder the maca for energy
healthy fats these are gonna keep you going throughout the day without any
crash so with that in mind it is time for my snacky
have an incredible day squadies let me know if you made these last but not
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back here next episode because next week’s recipe is something you
definitely don’t want to miss enjoy these for now


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