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hi guys, welcome to your favorite tv show: Objects destruction number 2 and because you liked our first episode today we have here kitchen articles I thanks to my colleague Janko for accepting this invitation, because without his big head it wouldn’t work today we have special kitchen episode so we´ll see we´ll see what it can do nothing, I hope that nothing I hope that we´ll break everything but this is softer than hokaido hokaido was harder than everything here you have only iron here we go please don’t try this at home, because we are professionals as you saw in the first episode so this is at your own risk so here we go, what do we start with? I would start from the easiest with the bowl or with this this is a joke everyone can break this wait wait, you pierce, look at this he almost pierce himself please, they are really professionals we do it every day, we are trained for it,
don’t do it at home no, really, there is a risk of injury try it with your parents at most so, this was shit you´re bleeding that´s only work injury you could serve it in the bowl you drank everything you´re like a robot from Alice in Wonderland he drank oil from this I think that this is easy you make a helmet from it with the helmet I´m immortal do you know the movie The Dukes of Hazzard? no…he made a helmet from armadillo write to the comment if you know the movie The Dukes of Hazzard you made a vagina from this I would try it the other way around you made a ragby ball from it but we have to try to ruin it maybe it would take some special tool I’ll drive it by car but it´s not my body I have a rhombus the bowl can´t be stronger than you even the egg is stronger than us we lost if you saw this in Ikei you’d say it’s a pretty bowl it’s nicer than it was and it’s handmade Janko, try it again we can´t destroy it try to jump on it it´s bullshit we failed will we try some tool? do you have something? I look into the magic drawer I’m almost there it´s not possible I try it what are you trying on me ? ok so this didn’t work out this bowl overcame us when we all die, this bowl will still be here…it´s immortal the bowl is hokaido number 2 so Hanz you are next what do you want to destroy? I would try this it looks like a longer it was such a nice jug Monča want this one I forgot about it but it still has a shape I don’t know where my blood flows and where the rabbit blood it´s the rabbit blood try to pierce it by this This is modern art I think that… they are killed jugs didn´t survive we have a lot of pans so we can try different styles it´s a pan for pancakes so I’d try to make a pancake from it straighten it? are they from paper? it looks like cowboy hat this is a pancake I’m making a sweet scarf it is stuck? it’s on three screws here over the bend we probably can’t do it here it looks like a sailor hat I think we did it this is no longer a pan this is the pancake this is frisbee wait, we have more pans we know that they are shit so we can try to destroy it more creatively by head really first break this it didn’t move much wait, someone’s calling me are you fucking kidding me it´s indestructible you think this is indestructible?..and what about this ? this is indestructible I’ll be the first do you think anyone ever destroyed this by hand? this was the new 11?…yes this is a limited edition you should have tried to break it with your hands Iphone is shit, I think so too, that’s why I have an android and now the real champion wait, you have to do a special show what kind of phone is that?
because a lot of people won’t know it who doesn’t know this legend a legend you can throw from any height you don’t have to charge it for a month this was the first phone of many of us we didn’t even know that the phone could be destroyed however, this is the most meme phone because it´s immortal I want to try to break it with my hands will you start? try it it crackles, but only the cover this hurts more than the pan I don’t know how it´s possible, but it is look, look first I want to try if we can break it with our hands it will survive us all it´s indestructible we try the pan I will not destroy even the display that’s personal you just took off the cover but it was black for a while guys, if you have Nokia 3310 at home send them to us and we´ll do crashtests with them let’s try it with the pan? it was the biggest punch? intact and the pan is curved wait, wait try to give the biggest punch you can bothhand nothing just a button just the paint from the button otherwise it still works and look at this pan here you can see that phone try it with a new pan I removed only the cover again here you can see the display it still works we sell it for 10,000 I will change it for Iphone 11 is already starting to allow it’s starting to crumble a bit but I think it still works the cover is still good the buttons still work and look at this pan next try we can break at least those pans Nokia is winner we won´t use the ax, that would be unfair Nokia survived all the punches this is an immortal phone it´s not meme, it´s truth this phone is crazy it´s immortal that’s why these phones stopped making, because it would ruin the economy if every person had one phone 50 years so, your final verdict? Nokia is the winner we don’t have already many things here wait, someone’s calling us what?someone is complaining about a mess? and can we continue? says nothing, so probably yes to no one can call us again what? we say only shit? this pan survived Don’t you want to break it over your knee? I’d try to break her with that handset how do I break the pan with the handset?…try it what?anyone is cooking? What is the pan made of? it´s some hardened shit so the object destruction is over thank you Janko for appearing in our show guys, write us to the comments what to destroy next time don´t forget to follow, subscribe likes, click on the bell and have a nice day that´s all…that´s all? we are over? everything is broken Janko, you got nerves these are not chairs for destruction thanks Janko for accepting our challenge so, the destruction is over and thanks Janko for accepting… fuck it!

100 thoughts on “Nokia 3310 VS Strongman / NIČÍME předměty vlastním TĚLEM! #2

  1. Nokia je prostě nezničitelný telefon! Pokud doma máte, posílejte nám je na adresu eshopu a taky Vás chceme poprosit , jestli by jste nás mohli odebírat 😀
    Odebírej prosím ► do 100K už nám tolik nechybí! Děkujeme Vám moc a mějte se suprově! #AnabolicHorse

  2. Chalpy cvičte víc na svalech mě je 12 a tu nokii jsem rozlomil vej půl na poprvé a příště zničte zeď.

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