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My 3 last show date are in december 2016 in the Zenith of Pariiiiiis Come With the upcoming summer, there are a lot of people who start lifting I’ve tried to And in a few months, we really start seeing the results WRONG True story, the first time that I’ve been to the gym I used the elliptical bike and the director of the gym came to show the place to a couple. And there was that awkward moment: So over here there is the lifting part for the very strong men and here the elliptical bike for women this is good It’s good for women It’s a…. good machine Yeah I know the elliptical bike is not ONLY for women but… I’ve stopped using it So, I’ve also tried to run except me… Up to 25 seconds So what’s going on ? I have a side cramp when i was in school, when we started running i was the first one to have a fucking side camp 3 2 1 WAIT ! i have a side cramp ! Pfouuuuuuuuuuuuu Control I also saw that I hade the choice between different group sports I can understand that there have people who like But i didn’t understand the aim of the group cyclism There i need some explenation *whistle blowing* Shut up now ! Hi everyone So, cycling is very simple First, you place youself like this.. You pedal forward And that’s all.. So, good luck everyone ! Oh.. Shit ! Ah .. It’s.. Okay ! Forward ! I didn’t.. I didn’t understand.. At the room, when I see a muscled guy doing bodybuilding, I really want to tell him Hum, it’s okay now, you’re enough muscled.. You can stop now I think.. Me during bodybuilding, the weigh I lift is really the lightest.. I always feel ridiculous.. Especially when I pass after a guy who lifted 200.000 kilos (441k pounds) Well say so.. Not bad for a beginner ! Thanks.. *Noise of shame* The used of the room who go to I swear, when they lift hard, They drop some noises : “Phouaaaah !!” “Phouuuuuu … !” Wait, that’s very embarassing.. You’re on the machine beside, you don’t surely have the same perception Mature sounds with sensual music It doesn’t bother me ! *ooooh* It’s actually a real pleasure ! *Oh yeah* Eight Anyone would tell you at the gym, there’s always this guy

100 thoughts on “NORMAN – LA MUSCU !!

  1. Mdrrr mon abonnement d'un an à la salle vient de se terminer et j'y suis pas allée 1seule fois 😭😂

  2. Je pense que à 3:48 cette personne a un problème d’handicap et donc pour cela qu’il court comme ceci.

  3. Norman Sylvania les copines à moi qui sont super méga mince elle me dit de mentir et tout qu'est-ce que tu veux que je fasse moi j'essaie de ma sœur mais à chaque fois il y a des copines alors dis-moi le Conseil qu'il faut suivre que tu lâches un peu dans le pétrin au revoir Norman

  4. "Il y a beaucoup de gens qui prennent à l'année et qui ne viennent jamais " Ça c mon genre

    Like si c le tien aussi

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