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Hello everyone! My name is Aleksey Torokhtiy. Today we together with Aleksey Novikov, two-time champion “Arnold Classic”, will show you a Strength training. I will repeat after Aleksey: his warm-up, his training. During this time, we will look for his secrets to lift more. Let’s start by explaining of what you have here. What is it? This is a dumbbell and the right name of the exercise is a dumbbell. This equipment is used by Arnold Classic amateurs. The sizes were specially requested. It can be carried, right? Yes, it’s carrying in front of you. This is a yoke, we will also use it today. Here we have spheres. The smallest spheres are 136 kg,
the biggest ones – 238 kg. It was a training for Arnold Classis this year. It is when you won, didn’t you? No. Oh, it was a previous one. I became the seventh. Here is a stone on a shoulder. So, we lifted 140, 150 and 190 kg like on competitions. I lifted all that on training, but on the competition, I had some difficulties for some reason. This dumbbell is 80 kg. “Little” dumbbell. 🙂 Ok, I will tell you at first the task. You can lift anyhow on your shoulder, with two hands, three hands as you like. Push or press it as you want. The main thing is to lift from the shoulder
with one hand. Sometimes one makes the dip, pushes and takes away one hand. One must not because when you are already in movement, one hand is working. I see that technically kyou took it, withdrew it back and at high speed with a back… As I was explained by a trainer, it is easier for weightlifters to do this movement: You took it and from below you snatch it out. It is comfortable for me to make it like a pendulum. In your opinion, what is very important in your sport? Force – it is understandable. Most likely, there are two important aspects.
First is a character, when you go ahead no matter what. I consider this is the most difficult, hardcore, crazy sport, exactly power one, in a good sense of the word. It’s like art in weightlifting when you count all the time. The second aspect is that one needs to have some kind of mentality, a body type. Saying body type, I mean not to be injured. as injuries happen and by the 30s you could be
like “a transformer”. Saying mentality, I mean when on the competition you see a barrel, you know how to lift it best of all. You can also win some exercises, because you think about how to do it better. You see how all athletes do, you can warm up like everyone, but in the end, do as no one does. What I had at “Arnold” and you asked me
about the wheel. Everyone did as recommended. I tried to do it my way as I saw it. I liked it. Someone tried it and said it was stupid. They laughed at me, but it was okay. They thought that I was new, most likely I would do some stupid thing. Ultimately, being at the smallest weight, height, and age, at that time I made the best result. Better than me were Tor and Licis, who is the World’s Strongest Man. When they stuck on the 40th second and understood it was all, they were completely exhausted, they started to repeat me and do more, but it was too late. Sometimes an inexperienced little boy can also suggest something useful and do it. Wow, it is heavy! Yes, it is iron. Take the dumbbell with one hand, cover with the other one. So, I hold it with the right hand and cover with the left one. Screw it! Well, it is just a warmup dumbbell, isn’t? Yes, 79 kg. What is your working weight in your weight? Now it will be 100 kg, we have to do today 100 kg and 10 reps. My trainer invented this. You throw it at the trapeze, and one side touches your wrist. You move your hands to bring together your shoulder blades. It’s like the bar is on your back. Like this? It should be further. The fixation in the wrist must be rigid. It is difficult for us because fixation takes place only in two planes. We have no other amplitude. When you work with one hand, you need to fix it in three planes. Hit our operator a little bit. Am I doing right? Yes. The dumbbell slides down. So, it must be placed so that it looks away. I do not feel it tightly on my shoulder, that I could take away my other hand. What is the maximum record in this exercise? The world record is 150 kg. Mine is 145 kg. This year I wanted or even want, well, I will see. It is already 100 kg here. It is the first warm-up set, 2-3 reps. Then we will die. What preparatory exercises can be here? What if I want to try it. Preparatory exercises with small dumbbell, for example? If to take a big dumbbell, put it on the shoulder and make half-squats. You will learn to stand so it does not fall. Сomfortable to hold. Yes, after that you can jerk it. Many times you talked about your weight. What is the optimal weight in your category? We do not have categories, we have the strongest man. It is your decision to do this sport. What is the most optimal weight? To my mind, it is 155 kg. Do you have in plan to gain weight? Yes, now we try to gain weight very hard, but the body slows down this process, heat influences as well. Plus your height is not enough. Yes, in general, my height is low for Strong and Strengthening Training. But as a human, I am tall. With my height and weight, I have won “Arnold” twice. Everything is possible. I also won Tor and Licis in some exercises. You can everything – just not afraid and work. Need a break. It looks epic! How often do you allow yourself to rest during a year? Last year I did not rest, because I went from amateurs to pro. I had to prepare. There was a tendency of the last 5 years that such athletes as Zac Hedge, Stashevsky and so on, they took the last places. Nobody heard anything about them. To stop this, it was necessary to prepare well and get to the league. What power records can you boast? For example, jumps, press, pull… It was a very long time ago, my best press was 202 kg. Was it a bench press? Yes, bench press, not military press. The squat is 340 kg The pull is 420 kg, it is the Record of Ukraine. For what is it? Now we’ll use the depilatory wax, instead of glue. There is a small difference. Wax is 10-15 times cheaper than special glue. It hurts from the contact of glue to the skin and ball. It is easy to tear the skin. To avoid that, we use sticky tape. Wax should be spread on hands, right? Yes, the parts that will touch the sphere. You stand in front of it. So that your axis, when you bend, is centered on it. That is the general center of gravity. So, you take it with your hands. Sit down, the sphere rests against the stomach. Hold it slightly above. Don’t move. This way? Put it, your hands are further and a little bit up. It is ok, it is a small weight. What have you done with me? I’m done! Since you did it the first time, we have done 160 kg today. What do your parents say about your sport? They didn’t even allow it before, cried on me and told me to go to study. But when I started winning… by the way, I did not lose in Ukraine for four years. But once I lost on purpose because I was injured, and I just needed to go to those competitions. I guess I took the fourth place, I hardly walked. I just had to go there for the record. Since 2016, I’ve never lost to anyone in competitions. Recently I have learned to do one movement. Moving to the professional League, you already need to know how it is done. But for me, it was too hard. So, I just did fast two movements. It turns out that you throw out the sphere at the expense of its traction and then beat it off with your chest. Right? The task is to lift it sharply to the stomach and beat it back with the stomach. So, the center. It’s better to put your feet a little bit narrower. The legs should look straight, parallel to each other. Arms are a little higher. What are the challenges for the next two years? I know I could go to the top three at World’s Strongest Man this year. It’s a real figure, not a fantasy that often happens. Many will say I invented. It’s okay, the main thing is that I understand for myself that I could be in the top three. After competitions, I examined all the nuances that I need to win next year. Next year I would like to win these competitions, because all exercises and competitors are absolutely passive to me. If you even work with less progress, you can win. Replace your weaknesses with your strengths and win. Let’s lift this one 3 reps fast and that’s all for today. Everything I did today I tried for the first time. It’s hard for me to judge whether it was successful or not. Especially concerning the lifts with the dumbbell. As I have a basic knowledge from weightlifting, it was easy to throw the dumbbell on the chest, but it was already hard to work from the shoulders. As for the sphere, I can’t say that technically I was ready. Especially the moment you have to pull with your back. It seems to me that here I pulled more at the expense of gross force. I have lifted 130 or 136 kg. I decided not to try 160 kg, I may physically do it, but at the same time, the chance of injuries is very high. So, I decided not to work hard with the dumbbell and the sphere. In any case, the training turned out very interesting. I have found a lot of different parallels between this sport and weightlifting. If you are interested in it, if you are engaged in it, I hope this video was useful for you. Aleksey is the top-level athlete, from whom one can take something and follow. What can I wish for you? In sports, only one thing is fewer injuries and everything planned was performed. Thank you a lot! Man Mountain. Bye!

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  1. A collaboration between two of the greatest strength athletes in the world! This is amazing, I'm very thankful that the video has English subtitles!

    Novikv is super underrated because he doesn't reach the audience that much because of language/nationality barriers, but he's easily one of the best and most promising strongmen of the past few years. I hope the best for him in 2020 events!

  2. Побольше выпусков с Алексеем и про стронг!!! Очень интересно

  3. Thank you! This serie of videos with Ukraine best athletes is fantastic! Hopefully you can get Lomachenko next! Next time when you are around strongman please try the log press! I am certain you will do fantastic with that implement!

  4. Спасибо за видео, Алексей! Надеюсь, снимем в будущем с тобой отличный материал!

  5. Капец. Видя как летают эти снаряды, я бы на тренировке по стронгу пришел только в железных ботинках, чтобы без него не остаться

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  7. Интересно почему Алксей не тренирует гантелю также другой рукой. Это же на соревновании можно сделать чуть больше повторений чередуя руки.

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  9. He makes me laugh :)))) He isn't even close to Polish strongman Mateusz Kieliszkowski LOL In both dumbell press and stones this guy is crap. If you want to see real power and world records watch Mateusz and Mateusz is REAL MASTER AND CHAMPION in stones and dumbell. Novikov is only apprentice.

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