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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Welcome guys to the Natt Fitness Method, if
you are watching today I am very excited because as you know from watching any of the other
Natt Fitness Methods, you are here because you believe in health and fitness, you believe
in optimizing your life and taking your life from where you are and moving it in the direction
to where you want to be. Having the strategies as well as the information
is not enough, it requires execution and it requires intentional action. So that is the focus. As you guys know, we have these conversations
constantly about how to optimize performance. How do we create more energy? How do we move closer in the direction towards
the relationships and ultimately steer away from the things that aren’t going to help
optimize us; and there’s a lot of things that we could ultimately talk about, but nutrition
is a vital component. I say vital because its important, but its
also essential! You can’t move in the direction anywhere regardless
of what your talking about what you want to do with your health, or your body, if your
not taking advantage of nutrition. Although were going to be sitting here having
a conversation about some of these tools you can definitely utilize, understand the most
important piece is going to be food. You guys have probably heard about this but,
you are a product of what you eat, sounds corny, but it could not be more true. So, why supplements? Well as you guys know, I’m a huge advocate
for not only eating clean food, but also for eating frequently throughout the day because
the body is designed to be able to absorb nutrients, stimulate the metabolism by putting
all of the glucose, which is usable energy that we put inside a cell called glycogen,
and using that for energy throughout the day, which we call ATP. We don’t always get the adequate nutrition
that we need, especially if your in a position where your rushing, or your not getting all
of the food sources that you should be getting. The second piece is that, as you become more
and more physically active, it becomes even more vital to make sure you’re getting a high
concentrated dose of what we call phytonutrients. Phytonutrients essentially help move the body
towards the efficiency that it’s designed to do, and away from the diseases that we
want to stay away from like heart disease, cardio-respiratory disease, which causes heart
attack, diabetes, so on and so forth. For everyone, it doesn’t matter if your in
a position where your trying to lose weight, it doesn’t matter if you just want to have
more energy through the day, it doesn’t matter if you just want to sit and maintain, or if
you’re trying to actually put on a bunch of muscle and if you see yourself as an optimal
athlete, that you actually are. Keep in mind these are only tools designed
to be able to help you. So the first one that I am going to talk about
is going to be Protein. I always love starting with this one because,
as you guys know, Protein is made of of everything. Everything that we consume usually that makes
up our body tissue, is actual Protein, it’s an Amino Acid. Over the course of time, what ends up happening
is through movement, high activity, or intentional exercise, that tissue breaks down and as that
tissue breaks down, we begin to go through a process called going Catabolic. That is essentially what that means; to make
sure that our body recovers and that we’re in a more capable position in the next hour,
or the next day, or the next week, and so on and so forth, so that way you can continue
to move in the direction that you actually want to be with your body. It’s important that you get Protein. Now, again can you get Protein from multiple
sources, absolutely. This is just a supplement. You can obviously get Protein through the
meats that you eat, and if you guys are vegan or you don’t put in a lot of protein, there
is an enormous amount of protein that can come from certain vegetables, we wont talk
to much about what those sources are, but make sure that you guys understand two points:
One, that your body and your tissue is made up of different types of protein and that
you can get those first from foods, both meats and vegetables, and then what you actually
want to do, and even certain carbohydrates sorry let me stand corrected, but you do want
to supplement this. I do take this protein supplement and I do
this after every workout, usually less than 10 minutes if not sooner. The next crucial supplement that I am gunna
talk about, and we already touched a little bit on this, is a multi-vitamin. The point of the multi-vitamin is to sit here
and supplement the body with you might not be getting via phytonutrients specifically,
which is a combination of both minerals and vitamins, fat soluble mostly vitamins, and
I’ll explain that in a second, that your not going to be getting through your diet. So, fat soluble vitamins are all vitamins
that are basically induced in the body through fat system ok… and to make sure that you’re
optimizing certain hormone production whether that be Melatonin, whether that be the counter
action of Cortisol, not that Cortisol is bad, but um whether that also be removing re-radicals
that we suffer through anti-oxidants, but again your body is designed to be able to
mobilize this information and sort of filter out all the things that are bad and move you
towards a move alkaline state and that’s exactly what multi-vitamins do. They help your body optimize the way that
they should be. To understand guys, there a few other supplements
here that I won’t go into detail, I think this one is actually a Glutamine, this one
is a BCAA (branch chain amino acids) is what that stands for, and this is actually a pre-workout
supplement. These things can be extremely beneficial,
I am not going to talk about them today, I’ll talk about them in a another video, but the
only reason that I do have them, and I did want to make mention of this is because I
want you guys to understand that there are different stacks. You do not need to consume a large stack of
14 to 15 different supplements, and I say stack which is just short for supplement lingo,
to be healthy, to be in the most vital support. If you are all about health, and you are all
about moving yourself forward, there are certain things that you can do to make sure that your
body is moving in the right direction, but you don’t need all these other things. What they are designed to do, is optimize
peak performance, weather you are an elite athlete and make sure that the body moves
itself from being Catabolic to be Anabolic much more efficient, much faster, and ultimate
just repairing the tissue that you break down whether that be the cartilage connected tissue
that stabilizes from muscle to muscle, or joint to muscle, or the bigger tissue itself
which is the skeletal muscle tissue that makes up your arms, your chest, your legs, everything. The last one that I will talk about is going
to be an Omega-3. Now you guys might be very familiar with what
Omega-3 is, or fish oil. Omega-3 can be found in tons of your food
if you are a seafood eater. Seafood is completely filled with it obviously
salmon, ahi tunas. Omega-3 is a trans-fatty acid and so it’s
really called a miracle pill because it does so many things, but it is vital for the repairing
of skin, it’s vital for the transportation of certain Amino Acids, it also helps with
the boosting of the production of Adipose tissue, and if your not familiar with Adipose
tissue, its actually a fat source that’s in the body, but that fat source is a positive
fat source and you want to use that fat source because it actually helps you burn some of
the negative fat, which we call visceral fat, or subcutaneous and helping you achieve a
lower body fat percent so long story short, this is a phytal. It’s good for your hair, it’s good for your
nails, it’s good for just all around joint support. Like I said again it’s sort of the physical
and if your in a position where you don’t eat seafood, but you do want to make sure
that you are optimizing the Omega-3, there are plenty of supplements that do get this
from different sources. I know Omega, or Flaxseeds is really high,
as well as a few other things and Omega-3 as well so you’ll be able to get your trans-fatty
acids in that way. Now with that, make sure most importantly
that you guys understand…. These are only tools, there are not meant
to replace food, they are only meant to add in addition to what you may or may not already
be doing. Having said that, you have been tuned into
the Natt Fitness Method, I hope you guys have enjoyed this video, I’ve definitely enjoyed
making this, and I will look forward to connecting with you later. Until then, signing off.

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