Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

it was Oh guys Jeremy from bobbles Belgium and today I gave you guys a new video it’s part two of the previous video I made about the beginners or a girl guide and this one goes about food and what should eat so I eat a lot of nuts it’s good for protein the nutrition you need so you can buy like any kind of nuts we’re just basic nuts walnuts it doesn’t matter and also you should eat a lot of fruit and oats but today I’m gonna show you guys a milkshake smoothie I’m gonna make after my workouts alright so I’ll show you what’s in there and then up with some frozen strawberries in there I stood back we have and burger training is called a banana some folks also do some yogurt after training and it’s shake any knots of training oats again those are all basic things and they’re good for yeah it’s good nutrition over the base hey guys if you want to learn more in depth information you can find it on the internet like specific thing the Devourer the basic so fruits this is very important oh yeah oops again it’s very good guys I’ll fake and bloodless school I don’t eat this every day like every two hours oh it’s some meds and you really see results if you love nuts that’s really effective and if the recipe see you guys I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you guys later pretty

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