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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about how to
put on weight. A lot of people have been very focused on weight loss but there are some
people in our society who are actually underweight and are actually trying to gain weight. So
for these type of people the main thing to do is increase your calories. One of the easiest
ways to do this without becoming overstuffed or overfull are to use very calorically dense
foods. Things like nuts, seeds, avocados, olives. All of those types of foods that have
a lot of calories because they have a lot of fat. But remember, this kind of fat, it’s
plant based fat so it’s actually very healthy for you, you don’t have to worry about consuming
too much of this kind of fat in that it’s going to raise your cholesterol, it actually
is very good for your heart, really helps to maintain normal levels of cholesterol and
triglycerides. So if you’re trying to put on weight you want to use a lot of these sources
of good healthy fats, they have a lot of calories and a lot of times you can eat larger portions
of these types of foods without actually getting overly full. So you definitely want to include
some source of healthy fat on a daily basis. The other thing is to make sure that you don’t
skip any meals, make sure that you’re eating at least three times a day, getting a little
bit of everything in there. So when I say a little bit of everything I mean you want
to include some fruits, you want to still include some vegetables, but you also need
to include some protein and you need to include some type of starch, whether that’s a whole
grain bread or ryes or pasta or cereal or something like that. You also want to make
sure that you’re staying well hydrated, you’re drinking plenty of fluids, plenty of water.
For somebody who is trying to gain weight, they can also afford to drink things like
fruit juice. Fruit juice has a lot of calories in it, so typically people who are losing
weight or working on weight loss, the eliminate high caloric beverages like fruit juice from
their diet. But again if you’re trying to gain weight, you want more calories, so you
can definitely use beverages like fruit juice that have a lot of nutrients but they still
have a lot of calories because they have naturally high sugar content. So, some key methods for
putting on weight, include things like fruit juice for beverages,, use your good healthy
fats on a daily basis, and don’t skip meals.

90 thoughts on “Nutrition Tips : How to Put on Weight

  1. So what EXACTLY is healthy fat????? Burgers???? what's good protein???? Can you please be a little bit more specific?

  2. what if you dont like those foods? nuts olives and avacado. i hate it. is there a way i can just eat a shit load of nice food and get some weight so i can turn it into muscle?

  3. Who gives a shit how tall you are? Look at Sean Sherk. The guy is like 5'5 and looks more shredded than most people taller than him.

  4. No I don't to tell you the truth. I'm happy with who I am and how I look. I think being "short" is kick ass, especially if you can beat up half of your buddies that are over 6ft.

  5. @SANJAKLINI586 lol what time of "juices" are you talking about here bud….is it what i think you're talking about?

  6. @Soksimaniyasuka lol im in the same boat i keep tryn to gain but cant,i even whent onine to see if u could buy that Plumpy'nut stuff but its only for emergency in malnutrition countrys..i wish i could get some of that stuff.i need it lol.

  7. @Soksimaniyasuka im like you then, i guess, i can eat loads, but i think its about eating the right types of food as described by the women

  8. It sucks for skinny people, i mean clothes, dont fit right, legs too small, cant play sports like football, and you try to eat alot but it doesnt work,life sucks….(sometimes)

  9. I am 180cm tall, 60kg male. I NEVER EVER gain weight no matter what I shove into my stomach. You name it, protein/carbohydrate powder, burgers and fries every single day, noodles every time I go to bed, steak/pork with fat for dinner etc. The ONLY way I gained weight was by doing intense weight training which allowed me to gain up to 71kg. I don't exercise now and am back to 60kg. Fricking frustrating. Fxxx!!!

  10. @SpeedKid117 I am sorry for my language but I had to do that. Not many people understand how I feel. Many people obviously want to lose weight but I seriously wish I could have some of their body fat.

  11. i have a question is it okay if we drink a lot of milk?? can you list some other types of foods having high healthy calories?
    goood video btw

  12. I want to gain weight in my legs, everywhere else is fine. It's just my stick legs that I am frustrated with, I am to embarrassed to show them off in shorts or short skirts. I get made fun people think that I starve myself because I have skinny legs. I eat fat foods anything I want and I don't gain an inch in my legs, It sucks.

  13. @Soksimaniyasuka its probably because you excersize to much or you dont eat enough fat foods… at the moment i am skinny and i eat loads so im cutting back on the excersize and eating more fat foods and alot more healthy food to keep me going

  14. gosh i hate it when everyone that sees me looks at my stick legs or when people at school come up to me and go "YOUR SOOO SKINNY!!!" yes i freakin knowww!!! gosh!!! do u just go up to an overweight person and say "wow your really fat" NO ugh its the same thing people

  15. DAMN!!! I hope this works! I eat and eat and eat until I die from eating too much still doesn't get me FAT! Or gain weight! My reason is because of my G** DAMN genetics. Does that really matter? Genetics? Please respond!!!

  16. @1GHOUL1 it depends what you are eating, eat alot of fish, eggs, ham etc, more carbs too, toast pasta, never go hungry and eat all the way through the day, you also should train with heavy weight, try to get some testosterone flowing and damage those muscles and just always feel as if you are full. genetics, yes it does effect your potential, BUT you do not know your potential until you actually start this kind of diet and training and it doesnt just happen over night

  17. @iMalibuBarbiee Me too; I'm 14 as well and I'm only 89 lbs and nothing works for me to gain weight since I have a really fast metabolism and I'm naturally skinny. :/

  18. I'm 15 and weigh 78 pounds at 5'3". What things should I eat to grow and gain healthy weight as a teenage girl should? Meal plan would be great! Im never hungry for a snack though! Just Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert! Please help=) I want to gain weight, I just have a very fast metabolism! Thanks

  19. hi,im 15,im a little skinny im 6ft3in tall and 163 lbs,i am looking foward to gain weight,can you please write me,what do i need to eat,during the day,to gain mass fast,i am also going to start working out 5 days a week for an hour each day,so i need to know what to eat,to get more calories,than i waste,during the day….. (but please,be precise,about telling what to eat,it would be good,if you could write in a row how many meals and write in each meal what to eat…) thanks

  20. 5'10-5'11 15 132 pounds and playing baseball my target weight is to weight is about 160-180 by the end of the school year, which started 8/22.

  21. i an not under weight but i just find that i am to tiny i need more size what can i do i am a 7-8 and i want to be a 10-11.

  22. im 10 stone and i can eat 6.000 kals a day for mounths and mounths at a time in bread meat chips and rice and i remain 10 stone feels inpossible to gain wieght 🙁

  23. Im a dancer and my ballet dance teacher used to have anorexia and assumes i have it too because im thin. Ive been skinny my whole life and am trying to gain weight quickly and healthily. Im 19 years old, 5 ft tall, and weigh 83 lbs. Any more tips please?!

  24. This is so true, people think underweight people must be so happy as so much emphasis is put on overweight being bad but like others have said, it's just as bad if not worse being underweight and people feel they can happily make fun of you as there isn't as much belief it's wrong.

  25. fruit juice makes you full? are you fucking kidding me? a liquid makes you full? you should realy start etaing more thats fucked up

  26. ok listen up buddy boi you should try and eat about 4-6 solid meals a day one when you wake up when like mid day lunch kinda thing then another meal in the afternoon then another meal at dinner time then eat again right before bed and maybe trhow a snack in there somewhere thats just the diet part you need to lift weights 3-4 times a week MINIMUM!!!! and lift as heavy as you possibly can with lower reps high weight+low reps equal heavy muscle also take protein and eat oatmeal b4 bed with protein

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