Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So there’s a couple of exercises that I do for the obliques and serratus The first one is called penguins You are going to start by laying down and you’re going to move your upper body side to side like this And it’s kind of like a crunch for your obliques. And I usually do about 50 reps on each side. The next exercise is called cherry pickers You’re start with your feet a little bit off of the ground and both hands on 1 side and you’re going to twist side to side. And once again, I usually do about 50 reps on each side. When I do side crunches I usually have my knees to 1 side and my upper body is still facing straight up and down and do crunches like this that focuses more on the serratus which are the finger like muscles between the ribs. But sometimes I’ll turn my upper body sideways too to focus more on the obliques.

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