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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. It’s Washboard Wednesday. That means we’ve
got another ab workout for you here today. But guess what? This one’s not going to focus on those visible
washboard abs that you may be looking for, but maybe the most important thing to help
to show them. Yes, we know that diet should come first and
foremost because if your diet’s shit, you’re not going to see anything underneath that
level of fat that you’ve got there. But, if you’ve got your diet in check, you
better make sure you’ve got some impressive looking obliques because the obliques are
going to help. Because of their shape and the direction that
they run, they’re going to help to taper down your waist. Even if you have abs, you could have a blocky
looking midsection if you don’t have killer obliques that come in and etch out and frame
out that 6-Pack. Today, I’m going to show you an oblique routine
that you can do to help to start getting those obliques to show. OBLIQUE WORKOUT CRUSHER CYCLONE LEG RAISES OBLIQUE TWISTS REVERSE CORKSCREWS THREAD THE NEEDLE 1 LEG PLANK HOP TWIST FLOATING SCISSORS HI-LO WOODCHOPPERS So, there you have it guys. There’s an oblique
routine that you can start doing right now to help those abs start looking better. Remember the importance of the obliques in
framing out those abs, you’re going to want to make sure that you incorporate oblique
work in everything you do. Guys, we already have you covered here at
ATHLEANX. The obliques are a part of every single ab workout that we do in our Training
System because they’re 1 of the 3 major functions
that we have here for the abs in our 6-Pack Progression. So every single ab workout that you do, and
there’s over 120 different ab exercises in our program, every single one that you do
will include some work for your obliques. And of course, we know that in order to show
them guys, you’re going to have to have your nutrition in check but I’ve got you covered
there as well. ur ATHLEAN X-FACTOR Meal Plan is included
in our ATHLEANX Training System. That’s going to help you get that body fat
level down to where it needs to be so that you can see the results of all your hard work. If you found this video helpful, make sure
you leave your comments and thumb’s up below, and in the meantime, if you’re looking for
a training program to help you to get them to show, not just for a short period of time, but 365
days a year, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now. And I’ll see you guys back here again in just
a couple days.

100 thoughts on “Oblique Workout for Ripped Obliques (7 EXERCISES!!)

  1. Dom mazzetti: “anything that looks hard, heavy, or draws a lot of attention – that’s the best way to hit abs”
    I guess he was right

  2. I just realized I'm a huge pussy. Wtf. Usually I tap out like 40 seconds into the 4th set, then finish 5 minutes later. I literally can't even do a minute of the first one. I dont even think I can do the 6th one period.

    Just realized this wasn't the a 7 minute abs video. Now I feel a bit better.

  3. For the wood chopper, do you want the pulley to be above you, like in your demonstration, or should the cable be about hip height? I've seen both ways.

  4. the pull up bar in my gym is right next to the fountain. people in the gym have to dodge when i do the floating scissor kick

  5. Hi Jeff.

    I have a naturally slim waist of only 28 inches. My chest is 37.5. I am gaining weight and muscle in other areas but despite my size increasing, my waist is staying the same. I am currently on 3200 calories a day and I train 5 days a week of heavy training. What can I do to widen my waist???

    Many thanks


  6. I was doing the floating scissors at the gym, people stated throwing old documents at me and I was shredding them up.

  7. 0:56 cyclone leg raises
    1:24 reverse corkscrews
    1:31 thread the needle
    1:44 1 Leg plank hop twists
    2:00 floating scissors

  8. I like how Athlean arranges his exercises. Executing exercises that emphasize movement,with exetcises that are more static and challenge stability,are what worked best for me. And I love that his exercises help improve functional movement as well.

  9. FLoating scissor, becomes shoe flying off foot and a girl yelling at me, "WTF DUDE!". I wont be going back to that gym again.

  10. If i do that Floating Scissor kick in the gym, ill end up on Barstools video with the caption "superhero training" no ty.

  11. First exercise— i thought that was hard enough. Then comes floating scissors— oh well, guess these love handles are staying.

  12. i would deffenetly love to do floating scissors but i might kick someone in the face when im at the gym

  13. I look shredded, but because of the stretch marks 😂, its like I have been pregnant for 15 years

  14. The floating scissors look like what we used to do in elementary school on the monkey bars playing "king/queen of the monkeys" and we would fight to pull the other person down with only our legs. A game we made up lmfao

  15. I don't even have enough core strength to do any of the hanging exercises more than 5 times 😂😂😂

  16. I've got one to add: how about a crawl, dragging dumbbells! Crawling is how I built my obliques, but it took me the better part of two decades to do. The added weight should be a lot harder, and help to build them faster!

  17. Steps unclear. My only pitchfork decided he wanted to walk today, so I took him on a hike to Canada.

  18. What makes you think I am capable of something like that? I can barely do 10 pushups lol. This is something to work up to. Love it.

  19. that floating scissors got the game fucked up lmao..

    i was hyped like yeah i'ma be in the gym hitting this shit damn near film it.

    & then i see that, i'm like ohh damn i'm not there yet!

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