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I am Jim Arrington from Venice Beach
California USA and my world record is that I’m the oldest competing
professional bodybuilder. I started bodybuilding when I was 15 years old and
that was in 1947 up to now my Penguin’s that now is just into bodybuilding and
entering contests as long as I possibly could before I fall apart or die or
something like that but now that’s about all I really aim for just to be the
world’s oldest bodybuilder and be recognized by Guinness World Records well my key to longevity is
that I really enjoy training. I want to go out to be like him.
Excellent. No thought you’re feeling good, still in here. You know it’s a great
feeling to be in the gym and get your muscles blood flowing through them and
kind of pumped up. I mean a four-year jump yet I mean with abs you know most
people that 84 are dead. I think I will keep going as long as I possibly can as
long as I enjoy it if I don’t enjoy some then I’ll quit but I’ve been enjoying
bodybuilding well almost 70 years and so I don’t think I’ll really tired you

100 thoughts on “Oldest Bodybuilder – Meet the Record Breakers

  1. Once nicknamed “Skinny Bones” when he was younger, Jim now gets a lot of attention for his physique. "My friends and family are all delighted. Everyone wants to be photographed with the [Guinness World Records] certificate!” >

  2. This eldery isn't like the eldery you see everyday..
    You know?
    • Kinda fat or skinny
    • Not very good looking
    • Sometimes short
    But this guy, maan!! He looks
    • Beautiful
    • Strong
    • Tall
    • Not so skinny nor fat

  3. ох мать моя, правильно Савельев говорил. больше я тренироваться не буду…

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