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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You got this Markus, you got this You gotta put in the work, are you ready? Are you ready to do this? Come on bro, this is big lift time, come on come come on Whats up everybody? Volume 2 of the Olympia prep Transformation video series Im psyched to get to this today This couple weeks has been phenominal I’m filming this right now at the end of it, I can’t wait to show you guys how much I have transformed in the last two weeks I’m gonna show you guys, we went like this with the diet a little bit Upped the cardio a bit, got way more of my team involved So I’m excited to introduce you to a whole bunch of new people We are going to be talking this week about Accountability Having you accountability team with you Your own accountability We got so many other… what else did we talk about? Dedication? No, but did we talk about it? Wei’ll be going into dedication, I love that Dedication is such a critical, critical component of getting real results Motivation is one thing, Dedication is a very different thing Dedication is what is going to get you up early, consistently So here we are, the next 2 weeks, we are down to 6 weeks by the end of this video These next couple weeks are going to be insane Okay were 8 weeks out I’m feeling phenomenal, this is still so early in process That you should still feel fired up, you should still be looking forward to your workouts You should still be loving the challenges that you are putting your body through I haven’t added any new supplements this week But next week I am getting pretty excited, I’m gonna be back on stims And I expect most of my videos will look like this We’re gonna have fun with Heat® and After Burner® Two killer burners that I always use for tightening up And calories drop this week, nothing too significant, I’ll put them up on the screen Yeah I’m just feeling so amazing This week, you need to really make sure everything is in place for you to carry on The 2 weeks coming up, are possibly going to be your most challenging… Well they will be your most challenging to date So your going to need all those systems in place Your accountability team, you gotta just start loving watching them workout Watching them get results, so you feel inspired to do it yourself If you need that motivation, you come to me. I’m here to help you with that as well And uh, frick, lets just keep this sweat going I’m so psyched for this week This is the week we start supps We start After Burner® and I’m gonna start Mimic® I’m telling you Mimic® is what your gonna start seeing some crazy vascularity on me every single video, it’s gonna get deeper and deeper Plus, I’m just in that spot I’m feeling it, I’m feeling hungry, I’m feeling like I’m burning, I’m feeling like I’m getting tighter, I feel like I’m seeing new lines every day This is where it starts to get really good So if you’ve been doing it right, this is where your going to start feeling those things, you have go to watch for those things They’re not gonna knock you over the head, you’re not gonna know for certain You gotta start reading your body, you’ve gotta start listening That little bit of hunger, that’s a great thing, that’s your metabolism getting fired up Are you warmer than normally? Do you find yourself saying frick are you warm? and everybody else is saying they’re cold? that’s a good thing Let’s not slow that down, don’t squash that with a fast food burger This is the time to double down, getting deep! Well hello Markus, this is Heidi boom boom Cannon Just smashed out my leg workout today, it was unreal I got 3 weeks till WBFF Worlds, and then 7 weeks till Olympia Which I am going to continue getting more shredded and more shredded So I am so excited to push you through this journey because my friend, you’re going to have your work cut out for you What up Markus, this is Mikey, here in Oklahoma City Man, I had an extremely crazy busy day I moved today, probably took 6 or 7 hours. One thing I did not want to do today, I didn’t want to workout I just wasn’t feeling it today, you know? So I just sat on my couch, and decided I wasn’t gonna go and I started looking through instagram and saw all the other Magnum athletes that were working out today, killing it, going all this I said alright no and I just left the gym, killed it, and I felt freaking amazing because I had a fire lit under me Markus, my friend. Got in my morning leg day just about to go mow the lawn, and then I’m heading back to the gym a little later to get my cardio in I hope you have an amazing day, and it’s game on brother. Let’s get it Okay, you might have noticed, I am a little higher energy today JJ, my brilliant coach, has got me on a high carb week We’ve lowered the protein a bit, increased the carbs And I’m just feeling full, I feel amazing, I feel full of life And I’m still stimulant free, stimulants kick in next week which I’m psyched about We just changed it, less protein, more carbs My suspicion is, I’m not gonna drop any weight, or maybe a pound this week That’s okay, following the process And if I had to guess, he’s doing this to test to see how my body looks ’cause my suspicion is, this is exactly what we’re gonna be doing the week of the shoot Gonna just start filling out the glycogen stores in my body I’ve got great energy, I’ve got great mental focus This is a great week I want to talk to you today about Internal vs. External Accountability This is the difference between External, this accountability team that I’ve got pushing me every single day and Internal, this is my accountability to myself I hope you guys are loving this accountability team I have introduced you to, And your seeing new faces on this video, You’re going to keep on seeing more and more faces because now that they’ve seen how awesome this accountability crew is, they want in and I love that I want more people watching and pushing me, and have you noticed? this is all positive This is not negative, this is not aw tiny arms how you doin’ this week Ah Markus, you’re looking fat, forget that Anybody thats doing that to you, get them out of your life This is just building each other up, I’m not competing against any of those people I’m competing against myself I’m gonna show you photos of the guy I need to beat, this is the guy This is the guy I’m staring at, saying I gotta beat this guy There’s the difference between Internal and External Accountability I’ve got my crew, I’ve got my external crew around me, pushing me hard, giving me messages, driving me everyday And I’m doing the same for them, and I hope they feel that But internally, I’m doing it for myself Not only do I have to beat myself, this is for my internal reasons You need to have a big why inside, why are you doing this? If you don’t have that why, you’re gonna quit so quickly This is not an easy road, this is tough stuff To transform your body takes real work, real dedication You’ve gotta keep it going, your why has to be huge I’m trying to achieve something amazing here, I’m trying to be the best version of myself the healthiest version of myself, and I want it to ooze out of me I want people to see that, just by a photo they go Wow This guy is healthy, this guy looks amazing I can learn from this guy

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  1. You speak the truth when it comes to accountability! Your 'why' is soo important and will drive you closer to your goal. You can totally tell that you are focused and feeling good!! Keep it up! πŸ’ͺ🏻

  2. Great job Markus! Them pearly whites beautiful! …I never noticed it before but you had earrings on? Well besides that loved the video the motivation from yourself and the fitfam! See all ya guys ripped shredded healthy and happy real soon β™₯️

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