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I´m so curious who will take it today… I´m Jirka Orsag, 27 years old, Oly lifter
and I´m in preparation for the Olympics… My strengths are my legs so I think I will
dominate there…maybe pressing exercises are my advantage but… my back is weak. It could be a problem… I´m Lukas Zigmund, 29 years old, powerlifter
and sometimes I´m strongman too but I am definitely a powerlifter. My strength is always my bench press and now I have some progress in deadlift
too. But let´s say that a bench press and
deadlift are my top exercises. The battle today will be hardcore I think. There are disciplines that I can take, I
WILL take… and there are disciplines that I will struggle
with. So I will have to rely on my strengths. It will be huge! And I know I want to win
this! This battle will be quite a challenge for me. I´m definitely looking forward. It will be
hardcore ´cause heavy weights… I think I will take the deadlifts at least but it
can change… I think it is a good experience for me. Todays battle will be about oly lifting vs.
powerlifting. Here we have an oly lifter – Jirka Orsag.
An elite Czech lifter who will compete in Rio. And powerlifter – Lukas Zigmund. Who performs
really really great these days. And I´m so curious who will win today. I think it won´t be easy at all ´cause the
disciplines and weights. That they are quite heavy for a Czech strength wars. So
I´m looking forward. It will be battle as fuck! Jirka will win ´cause we are in preparation
for Rio and we are finishing the volume phase So he is very strong. I think Jirka will win ´cause of his endurance. I think Lukas is strong opponent. I know
who he is, his performance I watch his performance a little but not
everyday so it is possible that he got improved. I don´t know anything about any circumstances
that may aggravate or improve his performance. I think that I know who am I standing against
but I think there will be a difference in preparation. So…let´s see… Lukas is great warrior and he showed us that
impossible is possible. He crushed all strongmen and today he will crush Jirka too. I agree…What can Lukas do not everybody
is able to do it. I met a lot of people but a few are as psycho as Lukas. So he will
use it and win today. I respect him for sure. He is a great lifter.
Not everybody is will make it on Olympics. But I work as hard as he do. I work for
150%. So I think it will be quite even… Todays battle will be about brutal disciplines.
We start with king of exercises -Squat with a huge weight – 250kgs With time limit 2 minutes. This weight is not even max for many people. And guys will do a few reps to exhaust the
body. They have two minutes. I´m curious myself how many reps will
they perform. Then they will have 20s break and then
push press with 120kgs. As many reps as possible in two minutes. I´m curious myself who will push more, who will
dominate. I think Jirka has a very strong opponent. And the last test will be deadlift. That will drain the last bits of strength. It will crush them with 240kgs of weight. Two minutes of brutality again. I´m curious who will throw up today. Hey Lukas. I hope you are ready ´cause I´m
ready for 100%. I´m warhorse now. So it won´t be easy at all. Give me your
best. Jirka, I know you work for 100% but I will
give much more. I hate to lose. And believe me that the Zigmund
era is coming. So let´s see… And hail the guns! And it is there! Are you horny to see it as
me? Here we have a battle of Jirka Orsag vs.
Lukas Zigmund. Guys…are you ready? So let´s do it! 3…2…1…GO! Let´s do this! 250kgs on a barbell… Jirka has one now! Lukas has one! Great thats it! Jirka has four! You´re killing it! 30s gone… Lukas has five! Jirka come on! Eight reps! Lukas has five. How much time left? 1:20 left! Breathe! Come on! Hold your back Lukas! One minute left! Come on! Powerlifting vs. Oly lifting! On your heels come on! Lukas has six! Jirka has nine! Watch out! Watch out! Great! Eleven reps! 30s left! Great! Twelve reps! Great! Let´s decrease the weight! 120kgs… And let´s work some shoulders! 120kgs on a barbell… Breathe… 10s left… Let´s get ready… ´Cause there will be
the second countdown… 3…2…1… second countdown…Push press. I´m so curious who do better after the brutal
squats! Stretch the arms! Come on Jirka! That´s it! Watch out! Watch out! 30s are gone! Thats it! Have a little rest! Use your legs guys! It is a brutal
battle! It is going heavy! Guys are pretty fucked
up yet… I´m pretty curious about the deadlift… How much time left? One minute! Lukas…how many reps? 10!
And Jirka? 10! It is even! Come on Lukas! I´m curious! Come on let´s do it! 60s left! You can rest at home! Come on! Come on let´s do it! Come on! Rage up! Eleven! Twelve! 20s left! 10s left! Stop! Great! Now we have 20s break! And then
deadlifts… Get ready the magnesium… Get ready for deadlifts! I think that Jirka is in the lead! Lukas…10s left… Let´s do it! Come on! 5s left! …1…GO! 240kgs deadlifts for two minutes! It will be a brutal right after the squats
and push presses! But you chose it you have it! Come on Lukas! Let´s scream!!! One! 30s gone! Second rep! Great! Third rep! First one! One minute left! It will be over soon! Then you will rest! Second one! 30s left! Thats it! Come on! 15s left! 10s left! …2…1…STOP! It is over! It was quite a brutality. Lukas got
crashed down… And Jirka almost too. Let´s see Jirka. How do you feel? I don´t feel at all… “He is fucked up…” Great performance! We still don´t know who got it… It was
quite even… Are you alive? “He isn´t..” He is…He is moving… It was disgusting…250kgs squats, 120kgs
push press, 240kgs deadlift It was a nice mix to blow your body up… They did very well. Nobody got hurt. But two heart attacks in the audience ´cause
of cheering… How many squats did Jirka? 12…And Lukas? 8… You are a beast! It is over! It was such a brutal and even at the same
time. The differnce was 1000kgs – the four
squats today… It the winner is Lukas…I´m kidding…
Jirka Orsag! Lukas it was great my friend! It is over today! Nobody got hurt… Thank you for watching. Thank you for
being with us. And I can´t wait for the next battle. It
will be the real PIG-OUT!

99 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifter VS Powerlifter – Czech Strength Wars #3

  1. jiri slayed the powerlifter-anihilation-none of the powerlifters squats were anywhere near parallel-rather pathetic actually-but as we all know every single squat record-unequipped-i.e. actual squatting-fuck the triple ply suits of sarmour shite-would be broken by olympic weightlifters-male and female of equal bodyweight-omg-ive seen olympic lifters front squat more than the powerlifting back squat records-ive seen female olympic lifters squat for reps raw what the womens equipped single rep record is!!!

  2. lol at the squats. The powerlifter was probably not even to depth by IPF standards and he has wraps on as well. Considering that these movements favoured the powerlifter, he was owned, although that guy is an Olympic standard weightlifter.

  3. Both strong, but the olympic lifter is by far superior to the powerlifter. Powerlifter barely got to parallel on squat, id give him a couple of reps on a good day. On the shoulder press, the powerlifter used so much more momentum and didn't lock any of them out, zero reps. When it came to deadlift, your supposed to hold onto the bar on the way down too for it to count as a rep, the powerlifter didn't do it once, zero reps. Olympic lifter is the best lifter. no questions asked.

  4. That is some of the CRAZIEST weight I've seen on strength wars. 551 lb squats for 2 minutes would make me throw in the towel right there.

    Respect to the Czechs! 🙂

  5. they should take into account the technique and depth. Powerlifter did very few push-presses (almost 0) and he didn't retain the lift in deadlift

  6. There is a noticeable cultural/mindset difference between the two sports, and it manifests during competition.

  7. Those are some half assed squats from the powerlifter. As part of the powerlifting community, we reject his squats and pass them on to crossfit.

  8. The powerlifter definitely hurt his spine in that push press every time he slammed the bar on his neck. The olympic lifter made him look like a novice all the way.

  9. The powerlifter was doing some real nice bodybuilding type push presses, basically a joke. Surprising that they allowed him to do that.

  10. Lukáš Žigmund  186cm a 105kg!! 😀 tomu nevěřim 😀 vždyt je to hora jak svině 😀 ja mam 180cm a 101kg a vypadám, jak když jsem nikdy necvičil 😀 ikdyž je pravda, že Phil Heat vyhrál první Olympii se 109kg 😀

  11. Not a single squat by the steroid using jerk.

    He not only lost. He just learned a huge lesson …

  12. The Powerlifter didn´t squat below parralel and instead of a push press he did jerks, but he didn´t stand up after each rep, so that´s "no reps". You guys should define the standard of ROM before and the judges should make sure, everyone keeps the standards.But still: Great job by both of them. Thumbs up

  13. Quite even?!?!?! Lol it wasn’t even close. The power lifter was out matched in all 3 events and didn’t lift clean reps at all.

  14. As much as I know, olympic weightlifting means to get 250 kg overhead… I don't think that its fair to take someone like that against an average powerlifter.

  15. All the people dissing the powerlifter so much.
    Now how about they included bench press.
    Rows of some sort.
    And a biceps curl maybe.
    And you'll see the Olympic lifter get destroyed.

  16. You shouldn't be allowed to drop the weight… You should lockout in the push-press… The weightlifters squats had a little bounce…

  17. 13:25 these quads 😍😍 I love watching how perfect technique the weightlifter have in every rep. Its amazing battle. 🙂

  18. Lukas had some serious flaws in his technique compared to Jirka. I mean really…who in their right mind still does behind the head push presses? He'll be physically handicapped before he ever makes it to his championships.

  19. Damn, this powerlifter looks amateur at best. Barely stronger than me (I am a "casual" powerlifter btw) and has shit form. Plus all the marks and acne on his upperback/traps scream steroids.

    Makes me think he was carried by the steroids to reach this level.

    On the other hand, that Olympic lifter is really good. Clean form, going extra deep on the squats, doing more reps and looking much less exhausted after the contest.

    I have a lot of respect for Oly lifters. This is the only sport where perfect form is mandatory if you want to perform.

  20. Why did they count those presses for the powerlifter? he didn't lock so he could go faster, did a half assed crossfitter move, could have injured himself.

  21. I didnt have to watch, I knew the WL would smash him. The powerlifter couldnt even out squat him with knee wraps 🤣🤣

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