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Hello friends of competitive sports, it’s me Calli (Rainer Callmund) today from cologne. Hello friends of competitive sports welcome back on my YouTube channel
today from cologne… amazing cologne at the strong move club
and next to me and standing upside down my Good friend Leon famous from radio and television the moving monkey. Great to have you here or better said that I am here
what are we doing today? I often get the question, what can I do for my mobility? Do you want to intervene? Yes of course mobility is something that the most people are missing out on!
strength is more easy to train! For 200 kg squat I have to train a lot but what is missing is the mobility! therefore we are here today I already showed you a few exercises and you already recognize that it is something completely different from what You train usually you can also tell us about your experience actually I just want to give you the definition, before we start with the exercise right away What helps you getting better with weightlifting
mostly There is a stagnation when you reach a certain plateau it is not only the strength you need. More the active shortening, the maximal tension and more the active extension! what I mean by that let me give you an example of what mobility is! lots of people think mobility is to be flexible so per example a split! but to have the strength to get up from it means to have strength in the full range of motion that’s what you need when you are under 140 150 160 kg I just wanted to say that I can do that too I am just injured at the moment! Yes so for those reasons we won’t do that so you need a higher range of motion in your shoulder in your hip and your spine you need to be flexible and stable and that defines mobility and we will start with the shoulders because that is where most people have problems in the rotation looks like this with most people because there is lots of tension in the front the muscles like latissimus chest and shoulders limit the motion so that’s where we are going to start! The point is I am not really mobile myself and I want you to see that even I am a professional weightlifter who can move a few kilos is not as mobile as Leon. Therefore I think it is going to be a pretty funny construction today because Leon will give me exercises they I should use for myself and now you show them to me and I try my best but for them like you because this thing I don’t do often! We will improve that now mobility means to have strength within the full range of motion
strength and coordination that is what you should always remember
forget stretching especially only one position that is something a lot of people like to do but has nothing to do with the activation of your neuromuscular system you want to improve movements then train movements
that is the keyword we start off with. Point 1 I start with Is the isolation can you move your shoulder without weighed in the full range of motion? What I mean by that? Controlled particular rotations. Stand sideways with your feet together next to me that is the start position. Should I take the shoes off or can they stay on? You can keep them on they are so nice. I wear nice socks as well That’s right matching the outfit. Feet together! That is something you can do as well raise your arm in a 90° angle the arms fully extended and the hand forms a easy fist no hard grip, just lose. what you trying now is to just get a feeling for your shoulder doing movements just out of your shoulder blade pushing forward and backwards and take care that the arm stays parallel to the ground focus on keeping the elbow extended, the full range of motion is Performed and there is no movement in the chest. you say elbow as well? Yes to keep the elbow ”extended put some tension on your triceps that will be more important when you start circling in a moment Great, pull it a bit more backwards Great, wonderfull. you already recognized there is a limit extend your arm again this detail is very important because you only achieve the maximal tension in this full range of motion that way that way push it forward and push me out Great — Very good. And back. Hold the tension! yes and how you see it can always be extended a bit more. Max:That’s right it’s sags a bit Leon: And that is the point Relax for a moment. To put this in the context of weightlifting that is only one level of motion and we can change the angle in a lot of variations. And your level of motion is here that is the usual position for you. Like this and a bit more near. and you should be able to rotate everything in this position. But we are building that up. Step by step up what happens when you start to sag because you can’t maintain stable in this position? you lose the tension to keep the weight stable. So that is the point you can start to implement especially when you start having problems at a certain weight. OK forward and backward That was Point number one. Number two is to the ear and back! yes very good. When you are coming down you can feel the latissimus here – Wonderfull yes its under tension. Very good. Downwards, a bit more. See See can you see how much more is still possible there? Max:I don’t want to show everything right away Leon:You want to give your people a chance as well Great that is enough to get the feeling for forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards Max: That is a control of motion exercise right? Leon: yes when you have the control of it, you can stabilize The maximal weight.
When we have no control of the motion you can’t stabilize it. We saw it with this exercise you can’t control the movement backwards because of the elbow and the needed further extension and that is the point where you lose strength and where is even more potential That was only forwards and backwards and now we want to perform the whole movements Feets together, elbow extended, arms forwards and a loose fist. Now try to circle backwards, so we combine all directions together now. Great! Very focused! Very good! keep it extended! Great! Now try to get a bit more up. Come! Come! Get it in behind! Behind! keep the arm extended. yes this little bit forwards, forwards Up, up, up! keep the arm down! Still parallel not making the motion with the arm but with your shoulder blade . yes, ok! Forwards! Push it a bit more out! Good, very good! No rotation in the Spine,that looks good. Forwards and now back in here. Put it under tension. Down here Good, very good! And forwards, the same thing now backwards. extent extent extent Max: it is! It is! Leon: I torture you a bit. Forwards, forwards, forwards. why am I on his shoulder blade the whole time
it’s for a reason I give him a stimuli to fully concentrate on this spot. As you can tell, forward is a bit more difficult. “KNACK” very good shoulder is broken. Down, down , down. See there? Max: yeah yeah yeah Leon: extend, not towards me! Max: I wasn’t concentrated for a moment. Leon:No pressure against my hand. Up, up, up. And forwards, forwards,forwards. good
and one more time backwards yes that is the part stay here
stay here! Up! and you can see on Max facial expressions when he is in the down position, relax! very good. Great! Max: Of course the whole thing for the left side as well Leon: Of course the whole thing for the left side as well Max:OK this was point number one what is point number two? Leon: Point number two is the exercise you love and when you did it for the first time…. Max: the swimmer. Right… Leon: The swimmer Therefore we already prepared something professional A mat! You don’t really need it it’s just a bit more comfortable on the floor Because your forehead will touch the floor. I will show it first in real time before I’ll explain all the different steps therefore I have to get rid of the cap or just turn it around. Because, as I said forehead on the ground I show it first and explain later OK that was one repetition I will explain the whole thing now please lay down in the start position prone position forehead on the ground. Great! Feet together. we start with the hands on your lower back on each other
and loose now you pull your elbows upwards and your shoulders together , so as you try to fix a ball in between. in the next step you lift your hands up, yes that is a special thing
try to let the hands let go of each other great
very good don’t cheat now extend your forearms and just how I explain it, I do it on purpose letting Max wait a little Max: I can tell Leon: just how I explain it in every single step is how you proceed
not fast and as one movement you want the maximum motion and the maximal strength impact OK
we turn the thumbs outwards
this is often done the wrong way you can see you doing it right as seen on Max shoulder, they go backwards. go one more time back into this internal rotation the shoulders Tending to go forwards As to be seen on the way back. so you see that you turned your thumbs correct
turn backward in outer rotation
when the shoulders come together behind with extended arms over the head please use the full range of motion with this part possible through moving your arms up a bit up if you like to, you can open up as well Through turning your hands till you reach the overhead position now the hands come back together
that means you bring your arms together first hands over the head a little bit like Bomb alarm great , shoulder blades together
Elbows towards the roof and relax , relax only shortly therefore we start right again
upwards Elbows up, shoulder blades together , now we extend the forearms.
Great ! now we reach the opposite position from what I just explained about the thumbs The thumbs move inward towards the ground that means the shoulders rotate forward and now we move the extended arms backwards over your behind that means over your behind.
up up try to breathe within I explain why after afterwards then move your arms inward very good hands over each other and here the same again hold it for a moment it’s about the inner rotation what is the big problem for a lot of you and then as Max already did make a break that would’ve been the last step Max: ughhh

Leon:Thank you Max: My nose is messed up now. Leon Please take a look at Max red head, That is what I mean by training! Max: It is only training I promise the first attempts were pretty difficult but after a few times that works out just fine Leon:You can even do this exercise with additional weights and how does your shoulder feel now in comparison to before Max: warm Leon: warm there you go This makes a great warm up Mobility is a great way to warm up instead of stretching it is good to bring the heart frequency up before with a little cardio Just like in the team Andro video where you rode the bike a little, before you started,with a few exercises in between. This would be a great warm up I said another thing, it was a little difficult to breathe in between. That is because you’re neurological system is working pretty hard
it is not an easy task But this will eventually get easier for example if you do a handstand and you can still talk than it is because you own this movement And that is the same with the swimmer when you can’t breathe in that position or it is really difficult than you don’t own that exercise But you want to dominate this position same as you want to dominate the barbell Second exercise we just finished Last exercise
are you ready? Very good. Max: Should I start or do you show it first? Leon: I show the version which gets done often and then we do the one with the band. Ok let’s get rid of the mat, we dont need this anymore. One thing that gets done very often is a shoulder dislocator, well it doesnt dislocate the shoulder, it is just called that way. often done with a PVC pipe. mostly this movement. I see that very often Even in a few ATG videos the shoulder gets warmed up like this. Max: Or with the 20 kg barbell, also seen very often. Max: Me personal I do the same. Leon: Sure it would be way to easy with a PVC pipe. In one of my last workshops I figured out, with the pipe, ther is not really a strenght impact. You rotate the shoulder, but that is possible without a pipe as well. Just by doing those things. We do the shoulder dislocates with a Deuser band now. We have a red and a black option, in the colors of the strong move club, where we are as guest. I think the red is too easy for you so we go with the black one. Why we do the whole thing with a band? Pretty easy, because you always have a strenght impact from different angles. With the pipe this is not given. There are a few things you can do towards the ground,with some weight on it,but thats it Therefore we take the band, pretty easy, lets go over here. We put it up here, or a bit nore from beneath. Then is a bit more resistence on it. In the height of your hip. Ok, take the band from the inside, that means that way. Right, one and two, with both hands. Why we take the band? Strenght impact in different motion angles. As already recognize with the swimmer, is this a great addition. And even more easy to scale, you can ga further away to make it harder or come coser to make it easier. Come that way, there is a cupboard. Max: That is IKEA I can see that straight away. Leon: The good BILLI cupboard. Max: Good purchase, I have the same. Leon: Ok for you we do it that way, you pull the band under tension, only a little, not so much. Just a bit wider than your hip. Than you elevate, that means make your way up. There is the tricky part, you continue the movement behind your back. Continue to pull it outwards and behind. Max: what if it snaps now? Leon: That doesnt snap! Max: Then I have it straight in my face. Leon: That is Deuser quality! Max: That broke before! Leon: Don’t take a corroded band, there is Max right. Max: Corroded, that would be pretty stupid. That would clap nice. Ok pull outwards, elevate the shoulders and when you are in the overhead position, you should turn the shoulders inwards. Inwards, inwards… Yes in here, try to pull your shoulders forwards. Out and turn outwards, great. Very good One more repetition. As you see, overhead it just gets a bit tight, therefore we have to pull more outwards. With this movement is always a strenght impact outwards. And , great. Grip from the inside Open your arms and try to stay stable and fixed in you core and glutes. Don’t do too much from your spine, dont over extend. This is a shoulder mobility exercise. A spine exercise will follow in the next video. Try to breathe within, the point aspiration. If it gets difficult, just exhale. That is not a Max strenght squat… Funny word combination, Max strenght squat 😉 Max: Sometimes when I do this Warm up, I am just too exhausted for the training session. Leon: Pretty good point there, knowing your limit or getting to know your body better. Because the Warm up is supposed to be a Warm up only. Therefore mobility is a great tool to experience your body and get a good feeling for your performance. How tired you are, or get. That means not by maximum repetitions till you can’t move, that is not the goal The goal is that you are getting warm, you feel how your shoulder feel that day, already to start transpirating of course As I can see you already got warm. Max: Stylist? Can the stylist please come? Leon : Stylist…Hello!!!! Max:A little powder… Max: Thank You Leon: And therefore, not doing too much, till you’re exhausted, that gets missunderstood quite often. When you warm up your shoulder, you will feel that you worked. But when you go under the barbell afterwards and do the movements you trained for so long and so often, you will feel more stable. You can try this too guys, start sweating. Feel the whole thing. Max: I asked myself, if it is possible to do too much mobility before training, because if you do so you get tired anyways. And it is difficult, especially when you do it right. And I think, correct me when I am wrong, you have done enough warm up, when you feel, the shoulder, in this case gets warm, right? Leon: Absolutley, let me just add something, a concept I like concepts, isolation first, integration last and then comes the improvisation. What do I mean by that? Max: Integration? Leon: Interpretation:-) The isolation is the control it doesnt have to be too long 2 min, 5 reps, circling forward and backwards. It’s enough when you concentrate on those points and movements. Point number two , integration. Rehearse those complexes of movements. More stability, more strenght, especially with the swimmer and the shoulder dislocator with the band. You feel that you are getting warm, dont do too much till your shoulders feel like pudding. Then you start with the improvisation, your regular exercises. That means, have those three concepts always in mind and in your warm up. And then continue with your training. Max: So basically, Control, Warm Up and apply. Leon: Yeah, pretty good! I am using that. Ok , cool! Max: This as the first video, but Leon already gave you the hint. I t is going to be more than just one video, a few are going to follow. But not now, but later ! So till then,till next time. Thank you Leon. Leon: You are welcome! Try everything out and leave me your feedback. And last but not least, if you like the video, thumbs up, if you don’t like the video…. Leon: Just click on the next one. Max: Tell you grandparents that they can do great mobility for their shoulders, they will be super happy. And Moving Monkey, even if it does’nt stand on his chest… Leon: It stands here on the cap. So Goodbye and back into the Headquarters,,,,,

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