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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and I
am on a fasting weight loss journey 2019 my mission is to lose 90 pounds and to
get off my blood pressure medicine which I’ve successfully gotten off one and now
I’m on the other one I haven’t been taking it while I was fasting I did take
my blood pressure at the gym some days ago and I realized I do need to still be
taking my one pill okay I’m gonna give you a quote from Michael
Jordan okay I’m gonna give you a shout-out and I’m gonna give you the
food I ate what exercise I did in omad 500 calories a day fasted cardio
challenge I took out the word snake diet because I have really failed during the
snake diet Omad dry fasting challenge the dry fast is going horrendous but the
500 calories and the two hours of cardio is going great and that’s still major
major extreme weight loss effort still happy with that okay first for the quick
know first for the title omad 500 calories results weight loss journey
2019 day 328 okay some people wanted to happen some wish it would happen
others make it happen Michael Jordan now I want to say that this is not easy
um it is kind of fun cuz it’s a challenge to get as much as I can on my
plate for 500 calories if you look every single video I give you an old mad meal
plan that I did for that day everything I ate um I’m making a lot of food happen
in my one meal a day okay I have to be strategic with it okay some people want
it to happen we all want to be healthy we all want to lose weight some wish it
would happen we always refer it to others make it happen like you have to
sack this is like I want to eat you guys no
that’s been following my journey I will do good for a little bit and then I want
to eat and I just go get what I want right now I’ve been having cravings for
the halo top birthday cake ice cream I was gonna get yesterday but it was $4.99
that’s outrageous but I still want it plus it’s more than half of the calories
I get for the day I was looking at that area of the grocery store for ten
minutes okay um anyway the shout-out goes to
Evan Carmichael who was my biggest YouTube mentor he has seven channels and
he’s a full-time youtuber and that’s what I want to do I want to be a
weight-loss entrepreneur a motivational speaker youtuber like that’s what I’m
gonna do instead right now I have to rush my son Lexus I know I’m ranting
my son left this computer home I had to drive so far to go take him his computer
and then go to work I don’t want to have to do that I want to be able to just go
taking this computer then maybe hit the gym make a video or vlog it or something
like that is my goal anyway Evan Carmichael is very motivational he
has all the top successful people in the world on his channel and the reason why
I’m giving him a shout-out is one if you are ambitious or like to see successful
people talk or give tips is mostly tips like their top 10 tips for whatever
success um or if you’re like if you hate your job and you’re an inspiring
entrepreneur or a youtuber like he’s a good one to follow
he doesn’t talk about making YouTube but that’s his goal he wants like 10 million
subscribers on his main channel he has 2 million ok but he says Michael everybody
has a Michael Jordan talent that’s one of the things he always says and I love
that because everyone has something special and unique to offer the world
and an ability ok I love that and I agree with it we all have Michael Jordan
talent in something that’s major so today’s quote was from Michael Jordan
I’m gonna hurry and I know I’m talking about ok so what I ate
I had spinach with shredded lettuce salad the spinach is three cups for like
15 or 20 calories you guys that is a whole plate of salad okay
the lettuce is like two cups for ten calories I had a big plate of salad then
I went to the salad bar I bought the bags of salad then I went to the salad
bar I got some peppers green onions some pico de gallo stuff I got a whole bunch
of little stuff some sprouts some alfalfa alfalfa sprouts some other kind
of sprouts and one piece of watermelon I put that all on my um salad and I put um
I made one egg one fried egg I didn’t use butter or anything because I’m not
wasting calories then I put a 1/4 cup of pepper jack cheese some of it was on the
salad some of it was on the egg I got a spicy Thai chili tuna package that was
90 calories very tasty good protein um then what you don’t want to hear I had
three fudgesicle thingies two is a servant that’s why I bought it I was so
happy to those things Blue Bunny things that there’s gonna be a picture then has
70 calories I had three of them so that I think is 105 calories for three when
if I would have got the halo it would have been 280 calories like I wanted the
halo so bad but this was way better and I had to Hershey cookies and cream
kisses okay there was my food yesterday I’m happy with it
and even with the Hershey’s kiss um with everything I had it was still low carb I
was probably 50 or less I’m happy with that I’m not counting the corpse I’m
just trying to get as much as I can on my plate and I’m attempting to get
protein that’s my kind of my goal okay exercise if my client was late I did a
20-minute walk outside while she was late I did my one hour I did one hour in
the lift to go one hour of five minutes on the elliptical and I
did one-hour treadmill I don’t know why I wasn’t filming livestream that was it
yesterday so omad 500 calories results are to 20.6 that’s minus 1.2 I’m losing
a pound a day I’m very happy with that you guys know I wanted to but I’m very
happy with this I like all these minuses okay oh that’s it please like comment
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