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ON 100% Gold Standard Whey Vs BSN Syntha6
Todd: Hi, my name’s Todd from Sporty’s Health [dot] com [dot] au and I’m here today with
Dale from Optimum Nutrition. Two of our better selling protein powders, and certainly two
of the best-selling protein powders in the industry in general are Optimum Nutrition’s
100% Whey Gold Standard and BSN’s Synth6 protein. With the two of them they are very different
proteins in that this one’s a whey protein isolate and a whey protein concentrate. Syntha6
is a blended protein. Dale can you just point out the differences between the two and how
you would choose one or the other or if you could use the two together?
Dale: Most certainly. Both very, very good products and good products in their own right.
The Syntha6 is a fantastic protein. As the name suggests, Syntha6 is six different forms
of protein, basically from very fast releasing to slow digesting. It does have a low to moderate
carb level in there. There’s fourteen grams of carbs per serve whereas you’re talking
three grams of carbs on the ON. The sort of user that would go for something like Syntha6
over the Gold Standard would basically come down to a person’s day to day needs. So this
fantastic for any time of day. A person can increase the total protein content. It may
even replace one of your smaller meals. Mid-morning, mid-afternoon. The taste on this is spectacular.
Taste on this is also spectacular with so many flavors and options to choose from. Two
kind of completely different users. The Gold Standard is probably associated with that
person that’s probably a little bit maybe more serious about their training results
and they’re going to be having that sort of throughout the day and possibly before and
after training. And plus because of the low carb content that is there, that’s probably
how I’d differentiate it. Both very good products taste spectacular and both just comes down
to I suppose the individual, what that person’s requirements are.
Todd: Great. Thanks very much for clearing that up for us.
Dale: No problem.

12 thoughts on “ON 100% Gold Standard Whey Vs BSN Syntha 6

  1. It's been a long time since I had ON…I'm currently trying Syntha-6…I just wish it didn't have any artificial sweeteners…but other than that it seems great so far! πŸ˜€

  2. Made by the same company but for different markets. ON is crafted for Strong Man/ strength intensive forms & BSN is crafted more for Body Builders.

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