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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, welcome to a new voice over video I will show you my full workout and explain to you why I train how I train and share my thoughts with you This video will be about a pull training with a focus on oap that is also why I do this exercise here These are pulldowns with a resistance band I use this exercise for a preactivation for my lats because I can’t activate my lats enough when doing OAP this results in less power than I actually have and with the preactivation, this works better I did 3 sets of this Afterwards, I continued with the rest of the warm-up a little more pullup specific I did 3-4 sets of chest to bar pulls with a nice retraction to target my full back with this exercise, I really get a feeling for the pull ups and a nice warmed up back I continued with the first exercise I did assisted oap, 4 sets with 2 reps each arm I used a slightly different cadence to strengthen my sticking point in the top position because I am pretty weak on top but strong in the bottom position that means I tried to pause around 2s with the chin over the bar to generate more time under tension as you can see here Instead of a resistance band you can also use a towel, rings or whatever you want to assist yourself Now the same exercise in a more dynamical scene As you can see in the first pulling part I am pretty strong I almost need no support there but on top I need to extend the band a lot to be able to hold the chin on top In my plan, I recently replaced the OAP singles I replaced it with an assisted variation to get more oap volume with less intensity in this specific exercise Because working with singles always at 90-95% intensity didn’t let me progress so one step back and more volume. If we can talk about ‘more’ when it’s still only 4×2 reps The first oap assistance exercise Was weighted pull ups 4×5 reps with 45kg added to the belt Should have been a RIR3 that day weight moved pretty easy at least in the first couple sets I use weighted pulls here to not regress in weighted pulls and as a pull specific heavy assistance exercise for oap Afterwards, I continued with the first rowing exercise of the pull day I decided to go for front lever rows 3×5 reps on this day plus a short hold after every set I chose a pretty light tucked variation to work with a good technique & to pull higher. Before I often did these with advance tucked legs and lost a lot of pulling height due to this so also here: one step back. Next exercise: HAMMER row machine as a second rowing exercise What I really love about this machine is You have nearly no arm flexion when you do it unilaterally You can grab super close to your hips So you really can target your lats perfectly with this which is perfect for me because I still have problems targeting my lats But on this machine with almost no arm flexion, rowing close the hip and that little rotation at the end to get that final stretch in the lat I can feel it perfectly in my lats So this machine allows me to get more training volume for my lats I am not sure, will need to look it up but I think I did 3-4 sets of 12 reps I continued the training with facepulls I use it to target my rare delts & posterior shoulder muscles and as a counter-movement to all this internal rotation push & pull exercises to keep the shoulder healthy because I had problems there in the past So I like to do a lot volume on the facepulls That is why I did 4 sets of around 15 reps at the end of almost every pull training I like to do an isolation exercise for the biceps to get a nice biceps pump and to target the biceps alone because the biceps participates in almost every pull movement and to eliminate possible biceps weakness I train it for 3 sets isolated at the end So, that was the voice-over pull training I hope you liked it, feel free to like & comment if you want of course, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel see you in the next video!

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