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I’m gonna show you guys a fun easy way
to get a crazy reaction time like this guy how do you feel your chances are in
the a Elyse I mean I love our chances you know it’s been what is going on my
friends my name is mark from superhuman fitness and today we’re gonna be talking
about like a little fun trick game thing you could be doing like in the middle of
watching TV or playing video game and even in the gym really it’s a really fun
way that’s gonna improve your reaction time a lot so without further ado let’s
get into it grab a coin right you take your hand and you’ve probably seen this
before but I’m gonna show you has different variants to make it harder so
if this is too easy for you guys so you just have it on top of your hand and you
just drop it and catch it right and if you do this enough times it’ll improve
your reaction time when this starts getting easy you can start getting two
coins right and you can either do two coins on top of each other that’s a
little bit easier and you do it oh all right each other and then you do that or
if you want to make it even harder you can do two side by side right
there we go and you can do three to make it even harder I don’t know how many I
can do to be honest I’m probably not gonna be able to do this all right
you let’s do four all right we got four on there dude I’m a boy alright but yeah
that is one exercise that if you do enough times it’ll improve your reaction
time and your hand-eye coordination too alright I hope you guys did get
something out of this video you use this exercise to improve reaction time for
sports like tennis basketball if you’re a fighter you can use this you can use
this little trick to improve your extra time if you’re like a fighter if you
play volleyball tennis or if you play video games too like if you play for
night or csgo or like Rainbow six siege all these will help because you need to
be actually having almost everything in life so I hope you guys didn’t get
something from this video make sure you guys do share this video and drop a like
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