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Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to do a supplement Review New Protein powder from optimum nutrition Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Isolate Which just arrived in the Indian market When ever we purchase any protein powder Then, first we should check how much protein content the protein powder is having also known as bio-availability I will later talk about the quality in this video how is the quality of protein and all etc first let me cover bio-availability or total protein content accordingly to label one scoop which contains around one hundred and ten calories which is thirty one gram scoop we are getting twenty five gram of protein this means that total protein is 25*100 /31 which is around 80 % approximately If you have watched my previous review videos When comes to whey isolate, 80% protein content is very less Now the interesting things starts, I am going to tell now why in spite of having 80% content why it’s still a good choice and why this protein is still best. Let’s figure out I will tell you later on in this video Stay tuned with me, this review is going to be very interesting Next is fat 0.5 gram Where Saturated Fat content is zero gram Carbohydrates is around one gram sugar present is around zero this means sugar and fats is very low in this protein powder. They are negligible Sodium is around 190 mg per serving which is neither too low nor too high which is again a good thing from the nutrition label it’s clear that it has everything which a perfect protein powder should have low fat , low sugar, low cholesterol , low sodium and high protein content this protein got everything covered next we will cover ingredients list We will now come to know about the protein quality and some interesting ingredients too we are going to cover which makes this whey protein isolate one the best selling protein powder The protein in this protein powder It’s of very good quality. How is that, let me explain The whey protein in this protein powder is very carefully filtered so that fat , cholesterol and sugar is separated out so that a high quality whey isolate is formed Now , again with this whey isolate whey isolate is hydrolyzed properly this means that the whey isolate is even broken down into smaller pieces of amino acids for faster absorption As you know that a protein is made up of amino acid The more smaller these amino acids will be the faster body absorbs the protein powder In this protein powder , around 47 % protein is from hydrolyzed whey around 46 % is coming from whey isolate If you have watched my previous review videos Hydrolyzed whey is world’s fastest digesting whey protein available next comes whey isolate in terms of digestion In this product, you are getting both whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey and both are fast digesting this makes this product one the best selling protein powder It is a very good protein athletes like bodybuilding or fitness model or any sort of sport activities a person is associated next is soy lecithin which acts as emulsifier or lubricant It protects the flavor from getting destroyed As you are aware that most protein powders available contains some flavor. Unflavored protein is also available But as far the function of soy lecithin goes, that’s it as mentioned next in the ingredient list we have cocoa, flavors and sweeteners sodium chloride which we call salt these ingredients are for taste The taste of gold standard isolate is because of these ingredients Now let’s talk about when this protein powder is ideal for consumption or the best time to consume this protein powder Since the product contains whey isolate or hydrolyzed whey which are both fast digesting that’s why so the best time is right after workout that is have this protein with post workout worst time to take this protein would probably be before going to bed at that time there is no use of this product since it’s fast digesting, if you consume before going to bed then you may enter catabolic state which will break down your muscles you will lose hard earned muscles so the best time is right after workout how much to take is the question If you are a beginner then consume one scoop If you are an advanced athlete like it’s been more than three years training in the gym Then consume 1.5 scoops Note that consuming more protein doesn’t mean that your fitness goals will be achieved fast etc or you will get fast results. These are all misconceptions Get the correct knowledge You should keep this in mind or you should be aware that all human body has it’s own digestion capability the power to absorb protein is different for different persons solely depends how mature your muscles are Now let’s speak whether gold standard isolate can be consumed by vegetarians or not if you check the ingredient list this product is made from milk and soy milk and soy both are vegetarian products This means that the source of protein powder is vegetarian so it’s a vegetarian product importer sticker contains green dot which is symbol of vegetarian products So vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian can consume this protein powder Follow me on my social media Facebook , twitter, Instagram at amiphysique Subscribe and press the bell icon Optimum nutrition gold standard isolate anyone can consume whether your goal is muscle building or fat loss this means that whether you want to gain weight or lose weight Remember that just by consuming supplements doesn’t fulfill your muscle building or fat loss goals you need balanced diet and a perfect workout plan even it’s mentioned in the protein powder too it’s written on optimum nutrition bottle diet is crucial for your fitness goals even the brand recommends that your diet should be perfect look at the right hand side corner of this video click the triangle symbol which opens the description box where you will find list of muscle building and fat loss programs which are designed by me all programs are with workout plan and diet meal by meal which has helped thousands of people reaching their fitness goals. I am sure will help you too kindly utilize the free programs and you can use gold standard isolate with those programs the price of optimum nutrition gold standard whey is as follows in India 1.6 lbs cost around Rs 3000 3 lbs cost around Rs 5000 which is fairly priced if you look at hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate category these products are of very high quality and because you are subscriber of this channel you can avail the protein powder at much cheaper price 1.6 lbs for Rs 2500 around 3 lbs for Rs 4500 around If you want the protein powder then kindly inbox at my Facebook or Instagram page now everyone’s dream will get fulfilled those who says that they can’t afford supplements don’t buy fake supplements fake supplements can damage your kidneys Shouldn’t be the case that just to save couple of bucks you end up buying a fake supplement that’s why always buy genuine supplements click the card notification above to check whether your gold standard isolate is original or fake Thank you so much for subscribing . Like the video if you found it useful comment next which video you want to see or which supplement review video you want to see Take care, peace , love you this is Amit , signing off

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