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Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer
Dale: Hi, my name’s Dale Ellis, I’m here representing Optimum Nutrition on behalf of our good friends
Sporty’s Health to talk to you about some of our products.
First of all, talking to you about the Pro Complex Gainer. Now this product’s been around
for a very long time with Optimum Nutrition. It is a fantastic product, actually comes
under what we call a lean gainer, as a protein. That’s basically where the ratio between your
protein to carbs is a lot closer than some of the sort of higher weight gainers on the
market, so more of the hard gainers, comes under a bit of a lean gainer.
The protein matrix is a unique blend from basically fast release proteins all the way
down to slow release proteins. SO things like hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, whey protein
isolate, glutamine peptides in there for your fast releasing proteins, down to your slow
digesting proteins of egg albumin and then your micellar casein in there as well.
So, per serve this particular protein is actually giving you sixty grams of protein, it’s giving
you eighty five grams of carbohydrates. So massive calories there, your fat content’s
at eight grams. So six hundred and fifty calories per serve. So this is kind of ideal for those
people who might be expending a lot of energy through work, through their training needs,
or they’ve simply just got a fast metabolism as well.
Personally, I can take something like this around training, won’t put any body fat on
whatsoever pre and post training. I would probably at my age and my metabolism something
like the Serious Mass might be a little bit too high in calories for me. In this respect
the Pro Gainer for my age is a lot more suited to my needs.
So basically you’re also getting in this particular protein twenty four different vitamins and
minerals in there, plus your digestive enzyme breakdown as well.
So, an all-around fantastic protein with high calories, six hundred and fifty cals per serve,
as I said, and a great release of protein from fast to slow release. So it’s perfect
as something in between your meals, especially if you’re working outside with tools and you’re
expending a lot of energy. The idea is we’re trying to replace a lot
of calories into your body to make sure that when you go to train you’re not expending
what’s already saved inside your muscles, you’re not going to break down muscle tissue,
and then after training you’re putting it back in again to create the protein synthesis
process, start the muscle building pathway as well, and really help for recovery. So
day in, day out, we need to make sure we’re getting enough nutrients in to make sure we’re
getting, we’re primed for our next training session and we’re getting the maximum results
we possibly can. So, that’s basically a bit of a wrap-up on
the Pro Gainer and all available at sportys health [dot] com [dot] au.

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