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Optimum Nutrition – Serious Mass
Hi, my name is Dale Ellis. I’m here representing Optimum Nutrition on behalf of Sporty’s Health,
to talk to you about some of the different products. I’d like to talk to you now about
this particular one, Serious Mass. This is an ultra-high calorie, hard gainer
protein powder. This is for those people who have got super-fast metabolisms. Metabolisms
that, you’re burning off calories at a faster rate than you can possibly put them in. We
all know these people. Bastards. They’re in the respect that they can just eat chocolate
cake all day and nothing happens to them. Also very good for them in the respect that
they are less likely to put body fat on. In terms of training though, very, very difficult
for these people with those ‘ , to put muscle tissue on. I do find it’s
probably even hard for some people trying to lose body fat. So there’s a very small
portion of the population that this happens to, but this is the sort of product that can
definitely go a long way to addressing some of those requirements and those needs. And
it’s very high calorie shake as I said. To break that down for you you’re looking
a t fifty grams of protein per serve. Two hundred and fifty grams of carbohydrates that’s
backed up with as well, and you’re looking at two and a half grams of fat. The protein
matrix that’s in this particular protein is basically from medium digesting to slow digesting
proteins. Proteins like, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumin as well. So
you’re getting a slow, a medium to slow, digesting release of amino acids into the blood stream
over a prolonged period of time. Back that up with your medium digesting carbohydrates
in there as well. It’s very low in sugar as well, it’s also backed up with vitamins and
minerals. Twenty five different vitamins and minerals, plus some digestive enzymes in there
as well. Once again, this is ideal for that person
who struggles to put muscle on. You might be outside working with tools, you’re a tradesperson,
you’re on a roof all day lifting bricks. Whatever that need is and you’re finding that you’re
trying to put on muscle, you’re taking everything you possibly can, you’re most likely falling
short on your total calorie intake. So this is where a protein like this, at twelve hundred
and fifty calories per serve, one or two shakes a day, on top of your food, will go a long
way to getting you the muscle gains that you’re after. Providing you the correct building
blocks, increasing protein synthesis, along with that calorie support from […] (0:02:26)
retention in the muscles as well. So this one’s basically, mainly more male
dominated as a user, and this one here available at Sporty’s Health [dot] com [dot] au.

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