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Hello everybody neco slayer of dragons.Thhis method was imvented byCarles Atlas. But I want to teach you today it’s the method That reduce by the iconic by the bodybuilding Idol Charles Atlas Here’s the man the Place des congrès The back covers and many of comic books But yet kind of very serious to see and who I want I’m going to do another Was Talent the best-built man in the world the entire world Yes, Charles out of it not him to seek that will see envy of many back in the days before TV And how did he get us to see well the guy Introduced something called dynamic tension Why do they do that amateur why did Charles Silas choose dynamic tension To further an attention over weights. They can only speculate About that, but I will tell you that one of the benefits that Dynamic tension has all the weights it’s that it strengthens the muscles and provides endurance In the Position step Learning natural to the body not only natural to the body but actually strengthen your posture And give you better better body awareness sometimes weights Can get wrong with alignment And what do you do? to perform All kinds of from corrective exercises so you can really say that the dynamic tension Introduced my chart elements. What’s it for with corrective exercises? Way before they become famous by physical therapists who want to reach into your pockets? They they want to reach Reach it to those pockets, but I have a poor they’re not going to get a lot on anybody Why because I know that have attention So, let me start by water though then dynamic tension movements that exercise the pectoral muscles because the gut third Of the exercise has started with the larger muscles and work their way to the smaller muscles So now we will start with the dynamic tension With a something called it or not dog shit these days Back, then it would be call the crab exercises the two ways you could do it and this is much harder Press the palms together and you can’t to turn one two three four five Six seven eight little chest bulge nine ten I’m gonna get another way you could do it. You want to tell the tale the pectorals you bring yours up? And squeeze the pugs together one two three four five six Seven eight nine ten Now gets the size two pack muscles Clasp your fingers together one over hand one on the head grip And put it race it behind your head And you pull your arm to pull trying to attempt to pull your hands apart Pull the elbows apart vote for content To make that more effective Oppressing the user to the ground which are activate the lower back muscles as well We have another exercise you want activate the lattices in score Seymour Okay here are access to live pull down, but this is a kind of having tension Exercise will you get your lats? Again one overhand one on a hand and you pull down one Two we look at that lap four five Six, you can raise your old seven Gracie army. We activate the lower lap. We bring it down You get the little one Look at the opposite One do it by the way it could shut us up before any shoulder issues because we’ll help them This will help mobilize to build the stability in the shoulders as well And gotta thank Charles Savitch many years ago ready 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I want to go out to shoulders famous can’t come exercise One wrist over the other Not gonna hands against each other already One try to press here back up your hands together partner pull your hands apart Counter ten and they don’t show this boat sign laterals, they’re gonna psyched us Hold for a count of 10 It’ll show this boat dynamic tension for the duck toys Great workout great work. They’ll go into the biceps hold The other couple flex knit or lower you can put three rings complete half or lower And when it calls in the middle go for count of ten Little spice it’s coach dynamic tension, baby Talk to the other one And I’m attention for biceps This is also great for the Lydians of tendons really strengthens before as well Go to the triceps forehand, press down those triceps poke do lower To a higher can do it outward have to be in the tresses You see long lord So that was the dynamic tension work on some cases skeptical of the effects, what do you think? My love for it Who was that few minutes of dynamic tension look at their look at the effects And most are about to explode just a few seconds few minutes of dynamic tension Just a few minutes with dynamic tension, thank you very much Charles Alice for your tremendous Dynamic touching work up Dynamic – dynamic tension Charles Silas, give it a try next time I’ll show you how to perform dynamic tension exercises for the legs and the abdominals

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  1. your youtube nickname account should be neco the extraordinary alpha male and i said everything. compliments for your amazing body. always better my friend.

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