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– Hi friends, welcome
back to another video. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa and if this is your first video watching then you might not feel like this scene or this background is different, but if you are not new
here and you have seen some of my other sit-down videos, this is going to be the
new normal around here because I’m going to be traveling and I’m going to be in different locations like pretty much every single week for the next couple months. So, videos are gonna look
different every single time and I hope that the audio quality is good, the video quality is
good, just let me know. So, today we are gonna be
talking about the things that I am bringing food-wise
and supplement-wise to Europe. So, if you don’t already know, I am going to Europe for four 1/2 months, link to a video down below
that explains everything. I’m not gonna dive into that now, but you guys also know
that I am fairly particular about some of my things, so I am bringing some specific food items as well as some supplements and I thought it would be
helpful for me to share. I’m also gonna be doing
a whole packing video that will talk about how I’m
physically packing clothing, shoes, everything like that. So, that will be next week,
keep your eyes peeled for that. So, without further ado, let’s
start talking about my food. If you already know me, then you know I’m obsessed with matcha and one of the things that I’m making sure to have with me is my matcha ingredients, so coconut butter, matcha powder,
and my monk fruit extract. I’m gonna be making my own
matcha every single morning and the reason I’m doing is, one, I don’t really drink coffee
and it’s gonna save me money. So I guess that’s number
two, it’s gonna save me money and number three is matcha is just a really important
part of my daily ritual and I feel like having it
every single day over there is kind of gonna help
ground me a little bit and help me feel like I’m
in more of a stable routine while we’re moving around
and traveling so much. So, the thing that I’m bringing is three, maybe four containers of
this little Ippodo Matcha. I love this matcha, I’ll
link it down below for you. It’s awesome, it’s really high quality. It’s what I use every
single time and, again, this is the matcha and this
is what I’ll be bringing. So this will probably
last me at least a month, probably, one of these, so that’s why I’m gonna
bring probably four and then I’m gonna have my cousin, who’s gonna come visit me in October, bring me probably my last container. To go along with that I’m
bringing coconut butter. You guys are gonna think I’m nuts. I think I have enough
supply of coconut butter for the entire time
we’re over there in here. These are individual packets and I basically break these
packets into two or three. So, one packet lasts
me usually three days. So, I should have enough in here and they’re all individually wrapped, they are my favorite
brand of coconut butter and if you don’t know why
I have coconut butter, it adds healthy fats,
makes it really creamy, and it’s so delicious. So, this is in a Stasher bag. I actually have a few of these with me, and I’ll link these down
below for you as well as well as the coconut butter. I got this on Thrive, highly recommend it. It’s awesome for travel,
so matcha ingredients and then my monk fruit extract which is just in a little container and you guys have already seen that, so I’m not gonna show you that. In addition to matcha stuff I am bringing some Four Sigmatic packets. I love Four Sigmatic because
they not only have matcha so if I run out, it’s like back-up stash but they also have
little mushroom coffees. I’m gonna bring some hot chocolate and these are just really nice to have with you and they don’t take up much room, so Four Sigmatic, I’m gonna
bring a bunch of these. I’m also gonna bring some protein bars. I’m not quite sure exactly what kind, but I have a few different ones here. I’m probably only gonna
bring maybe five or six just to kind of tide me
over with the travel stuff ’cause I’m sure I can get
this kind of stuff over there, so I don’t know which exactly, but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sure to let you know. Here I have some Garden of Life ones, I have my favorite Raw Rev
bars, I have some R.E.D.D. bars, so a mixture of those. And then the only other two things that I’m bringing food-wise
is some green juice powder and some protein powder. So, I have some of this Organifi. I’m gonna show you it up close,
this is what it looks like. So, it’s Organifi’s Green Juice Powder and it is really high quality. It tastes really good, and this is basically I’m gonna use this as a supplement if I can’t
find a green smoothie in the morning or if I’m
just feel like I need a boost of green, so I’m gonna bring this with me and I think I have 60 of those. I might only have 30, 30
or 60, I can’t remember. And then the other thing that I’m bringing is I’m only bring 10 packets
of this protein powder. I actually might not end up bringing it. I might just have this with me to take back to the east coast which I’m doing today actually. So, I’m gonna bring these I think, and this is just good
to have if I feel like I’m not getting enough protein. Maybe I’m just feeling like I wanna be completely vegan for a day, and I’m not getting enough protein in, I could mix that with
water or almond milk, maybe I could add it to a smoothie at a local smoothie shop, not really sure, but that is pretty much
all I’m bringing food-wise, otherwise, I’m feeling
like I can get everything that I need and want
over there hopefully and, if not, I’ll just maybe order it. So, everything that you guys see in this video will be linked down below, so I’ll link all these bags
and all of the ingredients and everything like that, that I’m using, so that’s
pretty much it food-wise. For my supplements I’m bringing
a few additional supplements that I don’t normally take just to mostly support my digestive system. So number one is this Pure
Encapsulation Digestive Enzyme. So digestive enzymes are amazing for me when I go out to eat. So I’m feeling like I’m gonna have a, not really sure what the
restaurant’s gonna be, I like to take one of these
and this one is 180 capsules, so it should last me a good long while which I’m excited about. So, these are a must. I’m also gonna be
bringing some probiotics. These are Ortho Biotics
and I take them at night, and they’re really just good for boosting your digestive system and helping the good bacteria and everything thrive in there. This one only has 60 capsules, so I’m probably not gonna
take these everyday. I might take it every other day or maybe even every three days and just hope that, that’s enough because I don’t have enough
room to bring multiple of these. The next thing I’m
bringing is electrolytes. I am bringing this
Hi-Lyte Electrolyte water, and this is great for flying. It’s also great for just when you’re feeling super dehydrated which I’m actually feeling right being in this hot weather in Colorado, but this stuff is made with a really high-quality
sea mineral base, so it’s kind of salty,
it doesn’t taste awesome, but it’s really, really hydrating and I feel really good drinking it, so since we’re gonna be traveling a lot, I feel like this is
gonna be really helpful and I’m hoping that it lasts a fair amount of time for us, we’ll see, but yeah. This is electrolyte water. And then the final two
things that I’m bringing are B12 spray, I always take B12 spray because I’m mostly plant-based
and B12 is just one of those things that
you should try to take, and then I’m also gonna
bring this sleep well spray which is also from Garden of Life. It’s from their mykind Organics line, and this is a relax and
recharge spray I think, it’s called R&R and it’s just a spray that if we’re taking an overnight flight or I’m having trouble sleeping, I’m hoping that this will just help me sleep a
little better, we’ll see. And otherwise, that’s pretty much it. I am trying to pack light,
I’m trying to not overdo it with my supplements or anything like that, but I feel like I am just
bringing a few things that are gonna be really helpful for me and really support making
sure that I am feeling good while I’m over there. This all might change,
so if it does change and I’m feeling like I need new
things or maybe other things that I’m not using, I’ll
definitely film another video and let you know. If you have any questions for me, don’t forget that you can
always use the comment box. I read all of your comments and if you any specific
questions about this, any of the products I mentioned or if there’s any other
travel-related things that you wanna see, definitely
let me know down below. So, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much for watching. I know this is kind of short and sweet, but hopefully it was still helpful and I think it’s just interesting to see what people to choose pack. So, that’s what I’m choosing
to pack for four 1/2 months. The next video that I
will have about travel, like I said, is my packing
video and then, other than that, I don’t really have any
specific travel content planned. I think I’ll do some food
hauls while I’m over there. I’ll definitely do some
what I eat in a day videos, but if you have specific
travel-related content that you’re interested in
learning about, let me know, and if it doesn’t maybe
necessarily warrant a full video, I will at least try to
write a blog post on it. So, thank you guys so
much, you guys are amazing, I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe
by hitting the red button right below this video, give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, use that comment box if you need and all the products that I mentioned in today’s video are down
in the description box. So I hope you have an
awesome rest of your day. Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in the next video, byes guys! (upbeat music)

16 thoughts on “PACKING FOR EUROPE ‣‣ Vegan Food & Supplements

  1. I'd be careful with spirulina in your green juice powder, a lot of negative health effects associated with it – Dr Greger has a few videos on it ( I'd also make sure you know where you're getting your iodine as salt in the UK isn't iodised like it is in the US, although as you're not totally vegan, you may get some from animal products like fish and dairy but I would make sure you know where you're getting it. Spirulina can contain dangerously high levels of iodine which can cause thyroid disease so I would really stop taking it. Too much iodine is just as bad as not enough. I take a daily potassium iodide supplement which gives me the RDA of iodine. This link is a good place to start regarding iodine – All the best, enjoy your trip to Europe!

  2. I’m an expat and I live in Sweden 8 months of the year, and yes you can get a lot of these things in Europe but the brands are different and not always convenient to find. I always load up with my favorite things whenever I’m back in the States before I go back over to Europe 🙂 saves you money to spend on more exciting things too while you’re traveling!

  3. Please don't come to Europe. We don't want your second grade food contaminating our environment. You've had your matcha orders.

  4. if you are visiting germany, you can get coconut butter in every health food store or well organised supermarkets

  5. Nothing really simple or healthy about all these processed and overly packaged products. Esoteric and expensive. This is the kind of thing that turns people off from veganism.

  6. It is very easy to be vegan in European countries. Fresh fruits and veggies abound. I don't know about processed vegan foods. I do not use any. But fresh is amazing and delicious.

  7. I do agree with the comments regarding packing food and supplements. It's going to make your luggage too heavy I think just taking my clothes with me is enough and I don't mind spending money on foods because I will shop around wherever I stay and pay for the cheapest products and I prefer self catering accommodation which will help cut down costs because it's cheaper to make your own meals. It's hard enough to carry my luggage without adding items I feel aren't necessary.

  8. I travel to Europe all the time for work, and personally love to buy supplements there. They are usually not filled with all the junk that American supplements are. I also love to buy beauty products there ( especially 🇫🇷 France) You will be pleasantly surprised ☺️ Best of Luck and I will be following your journey 🍀🌸🌺

  9. I feel like we always over pack during travel. It will be interesting to see what you use and what you end up needing!! 🙂 have fun!

  10. Not sure why so many people are telling her not to bring this or that..the point is not that she can get coconut butter overseas…the point is that all of the supplements and matcha stuff are a comfort thing for her…She will be away from home and everything that gives her a sense of normalcy for 5 why not bring the stuff that's going to remind you of "home"…Also, if you follow the SQ channel, you know that Alyssa is super particular about what she ingests and all of this stuff are the brands that she loves and that taste good to her. I say all of this to say….You do not need to keep explaining yourself to anyone but it's your nature (that's why I love your channel 😊)so take all of your "home away from home" things and enjoy them in Europe…Can't wait for the first European video!!!🤗

  11. I totally understand you wanting to travel with some staples from home. Plus it will save you money and the hassle of trying to find a product that may or may not be available depending on where you are. I can't wait to see your future videos traveling ! Thank you, for sharing your food and travels with us, be safe!

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