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Hey ! What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and welcome to Body weight Beast Mode’s Paneer cheese sandwich’s recipe we have three slices of whole wheat bread If near your house , there is no availability of whole wheat bread then you can eat brown brown bread in this program If you are eating white bread , then you can eat white bread once a week If chapati is available in your house then you can eat chapati instead, you can eat three chapati No problem As you know nowadays, there is so much food adulteration specially everything , I don’t have words to express what is adulterated and what is not. Specially if we talk in this matter we have whole wheat bread you can see the color of whole wheat bread Whole wheat bread is brown in color right and If your whole wheat bread contains some whitish powder or looks slight whitish Then that bread is adulterated and may contain white flour So it’s your responsibility and it’s up-to you now Prefer to choose whole wheat bread from renown brand or market Whole wheat bread is the source of carbohydrates and fibers in this meal The advantage of having fiber in your diet is Food will be easily digested at the same time it is also beneficial to heart’s health Along with this we have tofu or low fat paneer In some places low fat paneer is not available. So you can use tofu instead I have already boiled tofu for ten to fifteen minutes Because as you all know in dinner recipe too we will consume tofu or low fat paneer So what you can do is In a day , at once you can boil or grill tofu or low fat paneer your daily requirement In this way you are not only saving time but also save your money in terms of electricity Next we have two slices of low fat cheese. You have to use low fat cheese in this recipe If low fat cheese is unavailable then you can use normal cheese no problem In market, you will find cheese in the form of slices or cubes Prefer slices of cheese of it is available near your house. Because in this meal we have cheese , so that’s why I am getting super hungry after seeing cheese slices Along with this we will consume tomato Tomato is the source of vitamin C Which contains anti-oxidants anti-oxidants fights against diseases in our body along with this we will consume Cucumber which contains anti-oxidants as well as contains Vitamin K when we get injured then what happens is the wound healing process so in this matter Vitamin K helps you to recover from wounds faster Please download workout and recipe document whose links are below in description box Onion too has many benefits specially for your skin for your hairs and even for proper digestion of food Please avoid onion if you are going for a date otherwise you know things can go wrong Along with this we will consume tomato ketchup which is optional Tomato ketchup will improve the taste. Let’s now prepare the meal This recipe is super tasty and super healthy Lunch is ready, tofu cheese sandwich which you can carry along with you in your office or college you can carry the meal in lunchbox I am going to eat tofu cheese sandwich now because I am very hungry I am quickly going to consume the meal . I am not going to waste my time Stay tuned with me Let’s meet in supper recipe , peace This is Amit , signing off

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