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[MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] -So, I was like, yeah. CHRIS: I’m like, Lord, tell me I’m not goin’ home the first night. I’ve gotta check out my competition. [MIKE LAUGHING] Mike, with all these muscles. There might be a little challenge. Alexx, bringin’ ladies drinks. He was a gentleman. CHRIS: Man, that’s amazing. See, you’re showin’ us up already, Alexx. Then, there’s Aaron. AARON: Hot out here today. [MUSIC PLAYING] CHRISTINA: That’s my boo. That’s mine! STORMY: That’s bae, that’s bae! CHRISTINA: Y’all can look, go ahead. Come on, bae! CHRIS: He’s runnin’ around pullin’ his shirt up. ASHLEE: Do it again! I didn’t really see it. CHRIS: Showin’ girls his six-pack. No, I ain’t got no six-pack to show these girls. I’ma talk to my friend right here. STORMY: Okay. CHRIS: I know in my heart I am an incredible guy. STORMY: Bye, y’all. CHRIS: But I don’t know if the women truly see what’s right in front of them.

16 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Sizes Up His (6-Pack-Sporting) Competition | Ready To Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. The women are mad thirsty and desperate by the way they are carrying on and the pastor need to jump out of the closet. I see you pastor.

  2. Aweeee Pastor Chris some women usually dont until its too late but if we can take our emotions out the six pack we can see clear as day….. In you I see a loving caring funny down to earth Man not Pastor….

  3. Pastor Chris is really making me laugh; talkin about Michael showin his six pack…lol. If a woman and this goes for men also, if that's all a person look at they have issues. The most important attribute should be, wha is their charter like. Why? we have to go for wha is lasting, and it's charter

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