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Yeah! EDDIE HALL: Let’s go, Obie. As soon as you picked
it up, you were shaking like a dog having a [bleep]. NICK BEST: I’m not
looking forward to this. This is going to be rough. BRIAN SHAW: Oh, wow. That’s way bigger than I
thought it was going to be. BRIAN SHAW: Yeah, totally. We want to investigate
the $15,000 silver dollar squat that Paul Anderson
did at the Mapes Casino. If we were to fill the boxes
completely filled with coins– what did it come out to? 4,209 pounds. Wow. There’s absolutely
no way that thing was all the way of silver dollars. EDDIE HALL: So we knew
there must have been a fake wall, then,
for those coins to come all the way to the top. BRIAN SHAW: Based
on our calculations, the actual setup that he
squatted was 720 pounds. Come on. Yeah! Let’s go, Obie. Pull! Stay where you are. Stay where you are. Let’s go, Obie. BRIAN SHAW: Picking up the
squat setup for the first time was pretty crazy. It was shaking, so
trying to stay stable was a very hard thing to do. Let’s go, Obie. You got this. Let’s go. Up. Good. Down. Set yourself. Set yourself. Big breath. Come on, Obie. And up! Easy. Great job, Obie. That a boy. Awesome, man. The boxes are so awkward,
it works our whole core. It was so wobbly. Oh, my god. It was the hardest squat
at that weight I’ve ever had in my entire life. EDDIE HALL: The squat
itself was a scary set up. It really was. Let’s go! Nothing. Nothing. Because we had all our weight
in the front of the boxes. Ease into it. Don’t jerk it up. Good. Down. Rack clear. As soon as you picked
it up, you were shaking like a dog having a [bleep]. Get up! Good squat. Rack. Rack! Good job. [shouting] It was just such
a scary thing to do. It’s like squatting
during an earthquake. The only way I can describe it. Let’s get this done, then. Come on. It’s only weight. I’m not looking forward to this. This is going to be rough. Come on. Nice and easy. Gentle into it. Come on. Good. Good! Stay where you are. Find the balance. Find the balance.
– I’ve got it. Come on. Come on. Let’s go, Nick! Sound it off. You’ve got it. You’ve got it. Easy. [shouting] [bleep] No, no, no. Do this. Do this. We’re good.
We’re good. Drop it. OK, drop it, drop it, drop it. I lost my balance squatting
the coins due to the bar being whippy.
– You’re all right? Everything OK? Yeah, I just gotta get
these knee rests off. Yeah, just breathe. That was probably the shakiest
bar I’ve ever put on my back. I couldn’t stay stable with it. And as I started to squat
down, I just lost it forwards. There was nothing
I could do, and it just slammed me right down. Do you want to
do it again, or no? I wouldn’t, man. That scared me, bro. And honestly, I
almost hurt myself trying to pick that up off you. Yeah. You don’t have
anything to prove, man. Yeah, but I’ve got
to prove it to me. It’s up to you, Nick. I want it. You want it. I want it. All right, buddy. All right. I can’t believe he’s
about to do this again. That doesn’t seem smart to me. Focus. Let’s go. Tight, tight. Come on. Step up. Let’s go! Plant your feet
and don’t move them. Do not move.
– Come on. Let’s go.
Come on, Nick. You’re right where
you need to be, Nick. Let’s go.
Come on! Ease into it. East into it. There.
Good. Free. Your weight. Go. And up! Good push. That a boy. All right. That’s better. Let me get some. Coming up with that, and
coming back and getting it was definitely one of the best
feelings I ever got in my life. I’m really glad I did this. I mean, I love
Paul Anderson, so– You do realize that Paul
Anderson was 24 years old when he did this lift, right? And so you are more
than double his age, which is a feat in itself, man. Yeah, that’s awesome, man. Well done, buddy. Really, really good. Thanks, guy. Yeah. Aw, come here, bro. Yeah. Come on, bud. Group hug. Bring it in.

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  1. When Paul Anderson did this lift the silver coins plus apparatus were said to weigh 1100 Lbs. not 700 Lbs. Paul floated between 320lbs and 360lbs in body weight at a height of around 5'10". He had a 58" chest. Thigh: 36", Arms: 22.5" and Calf: 20". I'm reminded of one thing that Paul wanted to be remembered for. And that is his commitment to Christ. He and his wife Glenda had a boy's home for troubled youth and Paul would do incredible feats of strength to bring money in. Hence squatting silver dollars and many other incredible feats of strength.

  2. These guys are living legends ….. true sportsmanship in times when they face each other and the goal is to WIN …….mad respect to all of them
    Hopefully history channel will release this series on DVD or blue-ray , I want to have a copy of it

  3. i mean he is lucky he got 3 strongman as his spotter, and also he himself is a strongman any normal shredded guy would already had broken spine lol

  4. Nick's mindset is way up there more than the physicality of it. Hat's off to all of you.. best and biggest group hug ever too! Haha

  5. Brian shaw is the nicest guy ever. It's weird to see Eddie being nice to people and acting humble, I feel like he doesn't open up usually but being around other giants like these guys really allows him to relax and humble himself

  6. Its really awesome to see how Nick looks at the boys. Almost as if their his own. Most people dont know what they have until its gone. Even though they compete so much, you can tell he loves them for who they are and wouldn't sell the world for them. Not even all their stregnth combined would tear that apart from him.

  7. I truly believe they only let him do it because they know they will be like him when they get there. Its like Rocky with Mason D. in the 6th one. You are one crazy old man…. You will get there.

  8. The second lift by Nick did not break parallel, so would not count as a full squat. Great effort, though, specially at his age.

  9. Paul Anderson silver dollar squat was already 1100 pounds who are you people trying to take away his record with your steroid use

  10. I'm so used to seeing these guys competing against each other, it's awesome to see them all hanging out and doing fun stuff like this together

  11. Well done Nick! 😎🤜🤛💪 this is one the best clips from the show. It shows real sportsmenship and friendship 🤜🤛

  12. never thought I'd teared up watching 4 strong men do a squat but i guess this is the first time.
    All my respect to Nick Best. A true Strongman.

  13. Very impressive and since this is what you do for a living I give you all the respect because no one being of any lower stature than any of you should ever attempt anything like this props gentleman

  14. I don't think a group of such silver back level lifters cute be anymore cute and empathetic on camera haha.
    That was a solid second effort and group moment.

  15. I thought from the title name he was gonna squat so low that he could pick up a silver dollar in between his buttcheeks.

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