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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Today I go over week 18 of my fat loss
phase coached by my man Paul Revelia. If you want to master your metabolism and
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forget to click that Bell notification so you don’t miss anything. Alright so I
wanted to give you an update when we last left off I had told you I was doing a
diet break for the first time in 17 weeks of dieting we were gonna do a diet
break so we did that and in that time I ended up losing on average .6
pounds for the week so gotta love that doesn’t suck to lose some weight but
one of the things that I mentioned was I wasn’t sure how you would respond if I
lost weight or if we were to go back into a deficit my question was okay are we
gonna stick with a diet break are we gonna go back to the dieting or if we do
go back to dieting are you gonna make an adjustment down in calories cause I can
see it going different ways.So what he ended up doing it was saying okay you’re
in a good spot one of the things that I’m dealing with though is I’m doing
with a lot of injuries and feeling really rundown and tired
my shoulder’s been acting up I have this ab thing that’s been going on forever so
we have decided to kind of stop this block short and do a little bit of a
recovery block yeah and take some time to recover and feel a little bit
better and hopefully make this final push we’ve got about 10 weeks left
before the show so we want to make sure I’m in a decent spot so what did you
decide to do this week? Well essentially what we’re going to do is bring your
calories back to our deficit phase but we’re also going to basically deload
your training so that you’re going back to like 3 sets of 10 which for the bro
inside of us is hard to do at this point of the process because you feel like I’m
gonna lose muscle but we know better than that right? So the goal for me right now is to kind of reduce his inflammation, increase his
recovery, and also keep the weight loss coming because I would like to do a
couple more diet breaks through this process because as we get leaner the
frequency at which we can diet break I think increases and I see better
benefit the fact that you were down a little bit this week gives me tons of
confidence so we’re in August not competing until October but I like being
ahead yes because then we’re gonna bring calories up at the end so that’s really
the goal. So to answer the question of will you come back to the previous
macros that I was at or make a reduction in macros from the previous macros that
was like my big question he actually decided to go with the exact same macros
that we were doing prior to the diet break. So I was actually a little bit
surprised by that I thought one of the things that I like to do but I don’t
like most competitors for the most part sure one of the things that I really
find to be a powerful fat loss tactic is give somebody a diet break usually
especially you can do two weeks ok and then make an adjustment down from the
previous macros to really kind of just get things going again. Had you not
dropped weight that’s probably what I would have done okay but the fact that
you dropped weight and you’re sore and beat up I feel like there’s probably
more weight loss there yeah and seeing you in person
you’re leaner then I thought you would even be at this point okay so like that
we got down to 165 last year and you’re already under 170 pounds yeah and so I
know we don’t have that far to go we don’t have as many weeks as we have left
in prep we don’t we’re ahead of the curve so that’s my thinking as I’d
rather err on the side of having a little bit more food this week because I
know you’re gonna still see a 168 at some point this week. And that’s where
the benefit of having a coach comes in even if you are a coach yourself because
it’s so hard to be objective with yourself, well I had a coach last prep, exactly and to me I’m like okay
let’s err on the side of let’s make sure that we get that fat loss going again
and make sure that you know you say where you’re ahead of the game I’m like
looking at myself going yeah I know I’m lean and all that type of stuff but it
feels like there’s still so far to go yeah I’m like you get concerned you’re
not going to be ready in time so it’s nice to have you be have the confidence
to be like know what you’re good like yeah just continue to be patient and
things are in a good spot and with ten weeks to go and maybe you know we don’t
have 10 pounds to lose to be in position to to be completely shredded yeah that’s
that’s the decision and especially when a diet break goes well that’s when you
can go you know let’s just go back to what we were doing change your training
a little bit and you’re gonna see a big drop this
week yeah and I think the thing that I’m excited what the most is okay got the
diet break which actually end up being ten days because we had a little bit of
a yeah miscommunication but that’s not a necessary bad thing because I’ll
have ten days of time to have more calories making sure my hormones are in a good spot, well I
mean we could have honestly probably done a two week diet rate just because
you were down but I think the timing of it works out nice with the reduction in training volume?
yeah so I will go back to my previous macros and we’ll see where
things go from there I’m excited because I feel like this is gonna give me that
ability to make the final push yeah I was getting to a spot where I was
feeling really rundown really tired I started getting like super agitated with
little things in life but just you know me I don’t get bothered by a lot of
stuff (that’s gonna get worse)I was finding like and I hate to even say it but even like my son
he was just like trying to have a regular conversation with me he was like
hey daddy and I didn’t say that loud thankfully but in my mind it was just
like I was getting really agitated and I was in a spot where I was just tired all
the time and felt like I couldn’t do like just
normal tasks like it’s being struggle the desire to overeat was there I
certainly didn’t do it but it was there so to take that time now to recover to
get my hormones back into a better spot to get my metabolism back up a little
bit I feel like that’s gonna make a big difference to be able to get to that
next level of conditioning and I think that’s one of things that I really
wanted to relay to you is don’t be afraid to take these breaks I think so
often people are afraid to take that breaks they almost view it as a step
backwards instead of a step forward but it really can be a huge it might be the
very thing that gets you to reach your goal by taking those breaks rather than trying to pound it. Learning from years of my experience with competitors doing
back-to-back shows and I kept thinking why are my competitors getting leaner
after their shows why don’t we do that before the shows and sure enough the way
we would peak is we would pull out cardio up the calories they get leaner
they’d feel better well it took me a little while but I figured out that that
was actually essentially a diet break yes you know going into a show so now
that we have that experience and you know luckily my clients buy into what
I’m preaching it’s hard to get buy in sometimes from someone that wants to get
leaner and you’re like no no eat more and do less right but when you can
document it and I try to document on Instagram and YouTube when you have the
confidence to do it and it’s a game-changer it almost feels like
cheating yeah I mean it really does because it just goes so well if you if
you really stick to it yeah so that’s one things you have to make sure the
word break can be a little misleading you’re not it’s not a free-for-all
you’re literally just raising calories up a little bit bringing cardio down and that’s that’s just a little bit of a break what do you typically
raise calories to roughly when somebody’s doing a diet break is just
basically refeed macros for them? Well what I’ll basically do is it’s about the
calories of a refeed but I like to bring the fats up higher and bring the carbs
down a little. Okay so yeah it just depends on what the person’s numbers are
but refeeds are typically a little more carb based I like to bring the fats up a
little bit and just bring the carbs down to balance out those calories, now
assuming that’s for a competitor right? Yes, what would you do if it was a
lifestyle person who’s just taking a bit of a break do you give them a little bit
more freedom to interchange or no no because I find that
if you give an inch they take a mile if you put someone on the diet break and
express to them then hey yeah you can have a little bit of freedom well I’ll
be honest, one day can ruin a diet break what I mean by freedom is maybe
you can do a little bit more fat in a little bit less carbs if you want to
interchange carbs and fats to still match calories yeah not freedom as in
just go eat whatever you want if you know your client well enough to trust
them to do that yeah absolutely but that’s why I bring the fats up because
yes fats give you a little bit more variety in food selection I feel it’s a
little bit better for some hormone support you know with cardio going down
you know carbohydrates come down a little bit
not going to be as necessary yes okay One last thing, I’m gonna put you on the
spot, uh-oh, so far we are 18 weeks in now what would
you say has gone really well and what would you say I could have done better
at this point? You know what’s going really well is the fact that last year
we’ve pre-planned this whole thing we dieted you down we’ve got to see what
your body looked like at a leaner body composition we got to spend time
building you back up and so we’re in a position now where you have more muscle
less body fat and you’re in such a great place going into this show so the idea
that you plan this ahead and didn’t just say I’m gonna do a 12-week prep and get
on stage which is very common not a bad thing but you’re so well thought out
that you’re in a position that very few people get into you’re ahead you’re
eating well your body composition is phenomenal so that’s phenomenal what
could you have done better not got hurt. Like I don’t know what caused your shoulder
strain or your core strain but those are concerns because it’s really hard to
recover in prep you can’t stop training you don’t want to lose muscle you know
we can kind of tinker with you know your frequencies and stuff like that but you
know I don’t know what causes injuries well I mean I think you can rationalize
some of that like I want to make sure you do the best I can perhaps i pushed it a little bit too hard and let form break down more than I should have, I don’t
know yeah I don’t think they were acute injuries I think they were more yes accrued
and you just woke up one day like ow this is hurting yeah so there might not
have been a moment where you could go yeah shouldn’t go for that extra rep
right but that would be the thing is like you know I’m over 40 you’re
approaching 40 and I think learning from that experience like you know when you
know that felt a little funny I’m done for the day versus ten years ago it was
like that felt a little funny I’m still doing yeah and that’s that’s the big
learning lesson and that just goes back to the whole patience thing and being
smart and not forcing it if it’s not there whether we’re talking diet breaks
or anything else you know I took a day off the other day just because I was
like if I go I’m going to wreck my shoulder yeah I wouldn’t have done that before yeah
I’m not afraid to back off on the nutrition though I need a little bit
more because I know it’s for the greater good we don’t always want to think short
term all the time yeah so good stuff thank you know if you were not already
subscribed Paul I will have his channel in the description below make sure you
go check him out he actually just did a video with me talking about my
transformation kind of over the last 11 years so make sure you go check that out
and we will talk to you next time

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  1. So in order to get shredded you basically have to burn off your stored fat or stored energy by performing a lot of movement or activity in the form of weight training and cardio plus engage in reducing your caloric intake so low that you are basically starving yourself. How can this be healthy? Look at Colin’s calorie chart and you’ll notice he dropped his calories by 900 on week 18 and notice how he mentions how miserable he was and not himself at 4:45 on the video. This is not healthy at all. I thought bodybuilding or exercising and eating healthy was about health and strength not about starving yourselves, injuries and trying to balance your hormones and taking diet, re-feed breaks. I’m not bagging on Colin; I think you look great but I think a lot of people trying to lose fat can get discouraged because fitness experts always say you just need to be in a caloric deficit and make it all sound so easy and really telling the truth of what it takes to try and get a six pack. It is a 24/7 effort and it overtakes your life and will power. Thank you for letting me share and good luck to you Colin. I do enjoy your content. Peace, Daniel.

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