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– You guys want to see him cry? (laughing) – Over the top, over the top! – Two men enter, one man leave! I’ve pulled two fire trucks, several different types of planes, squatted just under 1,000. My best dead lift on record is 880 pounds. I’ve pressed the second highest weight, which was 217 kilo. – Today we have professional strong man Robert Oberst here to lift us up, like lift us up. Like us up in the air. (laughing) – I’m excited about that. I’m a big guy, so nobody
ever really lifts me up. I didn’t get lifted up at
my Bar Mitzvah in a chair. It just either got forgotten or they were all like no, we’re not gonna lift this
big kid up on a chair. – Normally, if anyone tries to lift me I just pull like a limp
baby and I just fall down. So steppin’ out of my own comfort zone. – My parent used to do the airplane thing where they would lift me up on their feet and I got so sad when
I got too old for that. So I’m going back to my childhood. (heavy metal music) – Before we get started,
I need to warm up. Justin volunteered so, here we go. – Holy shit (laughing) Alright cool, I’m all warmed up. Let’s bring out some more regular people. (grunting) Look no feet! Ready? – What! (screaming and laughing) – Stay straight, come on! – Okay! (laughing) – I told you to stay
straight, you’ll hurt me. – Holy crap. (screaming) (laughing) – So I’m gonna pick you up and I’m gonna lay you across
here, facing this way. Then I’m gonna reach under,
I’m gonna grab ahold of you right there, and then I’ll tell you to cross your legs and all you gotta do is stay tight there, I’ll
put my other arm here. – Okay just walk me through the steps. – Yeah, for sure. – I have a short term memory. – For sure. – I already have a short term memory. Oh my God! – Remember what’s up for
two, back towards my face. – I don’t – Put your back towards my face. – Like this? – My face, your back. – Oh (laughing) – There you go, here he is. Just cross your feet, nice and tight. Let go in the front. – Oh my God dude. – You guys want to see him cry? (screaming) – Over the top, over the top! (laughing) – Two men enter, one man leaves. (yelling) (laughing) – Oh my God, man. (sighs) – Ready? (screaming) It’s not bad. But check this out, this is for you guys, look at her face. (screaming) (laughing) – Oh my God, I can’t, I’m not strong. (screaming) – I was so bummed to hear that Zach didn’t get picked up in the
chair at his Bar Mitzvah that I actually really
wanna do that today. – You’re a real mensch, you know that? That’s what they say, he’s a real mensch. – Thanks for inviting
us to your Bar Mitzvah. (laughing) – Thanks guys for coming, I appreciate it. – Oh I haven’t been to
a Bar Mitzvah for years. – One, two, up (yelling) (singing Hava Nagila tune) – I’m slipping! – Alright. Oh wow. – Now we’re gonna try
to power lift Robert. – Do it! – You grab a limb. (yelling) (groaning) (laughing)

98 thoughts on “People Get Bench Pressed By A Strongman

  1. this is my everyday journey… i'm 1.40mt tall (459ft 318in) and EVERYBODY wants to lift me always… and I always ask myself : what i'm gonna do if a men like him have a accident and i'm the only person with him??? I let him die i guess…

  2. in my bat mitzvah, when they tried to pick me up on a chair I ran to the corner of the hall and hugged a pole so thy cant pull me away from it to the chair. at the end thy gave up.

  3. Why have I woke up at 05:00? No seriouslt I've been sitting here whatcging things and it 05:30… Why did I wake up at 05:00!

  4. if you're maybe interested on wanting to know how much I can lift, this is as far as I am right now:
    -bench press: 40kgs/88lbs (I hate bench press lol)
    -shoulder press: 50kgs/110lbs (caused me a contracture on my lower back (bc of bad posture))
    -front squad: 75kgs/165lbs
    -Back squad: 80kgs/176lbs (my fave)
    -Deadlift: 90kgs/198lbs

    yeah… I'm trying to get there lmao

  5. That was amazing xD omg the part that shocked me he most was when he was curling the guy for a warm up that was crazy with ease too

  6. "Normally, if anyone ever tries to lift me I just pull like a limp baby and I just fall down."
    I don't think ANYONE can lift you besides world-class power lifters and MAYBE a hydraulic lift.

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    inverted chest press
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  8. I wish I could be lifted up like this but my boyfriend can only pick me up (facing him) in his arms

    He's also a foot and 3 inches taller then me, kinda lean, me being the same way. Rip

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