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What’s up you guys in this video we’re gonna look at the perfect multi-gym doorway pull-up bar review specifically the elite version so this is the one with the patented handles So we’re gonna take a look at this today and I’m gonna open it up for you use it and show you around So let’s go ahead and look at this Alright as you see on the box here this is meant for pull-ups, but you can actually also turn it So you can actually also turn it into a push up push up bar You can Lodge it in between the doors and do sit-ups and then you can do dips. So that’s the cool thing about this It’s not only for pull-ups like some other pull-up bars that just go in between the doorframe You can actually do a couple of other things. So let’s go ahead and look at that So this is everything you get in the pull-up bar Boxing oh I was actually looking at this this handle looks really nice This is the handle that goes on the doorway. And so this is what’s going on the door and It’s very sturdy. Like this is this is hard like this is not going to ruin your door. It’s very sturdy. So that’s pretty cool Alright, so this is a big mess. I’m going to clean this all up, but essentially that’s everything in it You have all the pull-up attachments for the pull-up bar and then the tools essentially so let’s go ahead and organize it All right, so I’ve essentially set everything up I haven’t put any screws in I just put the pieces together So this is basically what it looks like So none of the screws are in as you can see But everything in there is pretty much set up how it’s going to look. So, let’s go ahead and assemble it really quickly Alright, so one quick tip when you are assembling this thing Make sure to read the directions Clearly cuz I did not at first and I just started screwing things in I was like, okay Whatever and I definitely messed up by to take it all apart like twice. So make sure you read the directions The two side things are supposed to go in before you put the screw in you’ll know what I mean if you did do decide to purchase this but Besides that the assembly is pretty easy if you decide to read the directions clearly, it’s pretty straightforward. There’s nothing really Like you have to do you don’t have to bring your own screwdriver. It does provide its own tools So that’s pretty cool about this thing that it’s easy to assemble. Unless you’re like me But yeah, you should definitely You should not have any problems assembling this when you do so that’s one good thing. At least it’s not a damn mission to to put this thing together So I put it up on my door after Assembling it and everything and what’s cool is that it comes with its own little like door stopper thing That you can put in the door, so it doesn’t fall off when you pull it off. So it’s really safe what’s also cool is if you see where that arrows pointing you can put your little Tools that they give you and you can store them there also, but yeah So here’s me trying it out It does like bend a little bit but it is essentially very sturdy when you try to do a pull-up So here’s another angle showing you How I trying to put a little stress on the pull-up bar See how it responds and everything and so far. It’s really good The rubber handles that go on the door the red part. Those are really nice. Those are the super sturdy ones. They do not Mess up the door as far as I’m concerned a lot of pull-up bars. I’ve had in the past They leave black marks or they just ruin the door. They make a lot of indents So this one it’s really refreshing to find one. That doesn’t mess up your door hauled away. So that’s pretty cool All right. So the second thing I tried out was the sit-up portion of the pull-up bar so on the box It says that you can basically Lodge this between the doors the door and do sit-ups maybe it was because I was on a hardwood floor, but it was pretty slippery so I couldn’t get my feet in and If I put it the other way, it wouldn’t I couldn’t Put it there cuz the door is actually there. So this was the only way I can try it. It does work It’s just it was a little slippery. So Yeah, but it’s also cool cuz the door Rubber pads are there so it’s not gonna ruin your door either, but that one that one passed the test the last thing I tried was the push up in the dips, so Push ups I basically tried a couple on there. It was very sturdy on this last one I just tried to put all my weight on it to see what would happen and yeah, it looks kind of funny but yeah, nothing really happened it it’s Really sturdy. It’s a well built. So you can still you can you can definitely do push ups on these and Definitely make it harder. If you’re on an incline and everything. The next one is dips now This is where I what I don’t like about this If you do use end up using this for dips is that there’s a horrible range of motion It’s not too far up off the ground if you put your feet up like I am right now you can go a little deeper but It’s not really that big of a range of motion alright, so for the perfect multi-gym Doorway pull-up bar. So here’s what I think about it. I think it’s the the build quality is amazing Like it’s the elite version. So everything in here is like precise the the rubber padding for the doorways Those are really nice compared to the the middle tier version I used to have the middle tier version of this pull-up bar, and it would always come apart It’s it’s just glued on so it wasn’t as good This one this it’s like on there it’s screwed in so it’s like not it’s not glued in or anything like that So that one’s really nice Alright, so for pull-ups, I feel sturdy whenever I do pull-ups I feel sturdy whether I’m doing the neutral grip the wide neutral grip. It feels nice. When I do the chin-ups. It feels great So that’s a good thing The push ups it feels sturdy as well the dips I don’t like doing the dips on there cuz you can barely there’s barely any range of motion You’re like going from you’re like going from here to here like it’s not maybe it’s better for smaller people For me, I can’t go like all the way out. So that’s a little con for me the sit ups I Mean, I don’t know how much I’m gonna use the sit-up portion of it But you can do it as you can see I was doing them, but I don’t know how much I’m really gonna use it I mainly bought this for the pull-up bar and for the build quality for 40 bucks, I think what you’re getting compared to the other mid tier one, it’s definitely worth it because the handles Eventually will come off on the mid tier one They’re just glued on like I said the padding’s and that’s the most important part. You want to keep your doors You want to keep them nice looking nice and everything you want to damage your door? So it’s like the most important thing about these things. So I Think it’s pretty cool. That’s portable You can bring it wherever and if you’re like, I’m at a hotel or something You can bring it and just knock out some push-ups and pull-ups with this But as a pull-up bar for its main function for pull-ups, I give it a 9 out of 10 Everything else is like 8 7 out of 10 Dips I would give it like a 5 because you can’t really go down for at least for me push-ups work fine. It’s really sturdy Sit-ups, I’m not gonna use it that much. It didn’t feel less sturdy for me, but maybe that’s just how my knees were set up But yeah But what you also get in the box is this little thing so you can download a free workout chart From this website that you get here And they have other products apparently so like they have a push-up thing. You also get a one-year limited limited warranty So that’s pretty cool. The assembly is pretty quick There’s nothing really you have to do other than just tighten some bolts and figure it out Just make sure you read the instructions either take mine apart because I was just not really instructions. So Make sure to pick this up if you like it Um another quick thing. If you don’t know how to do pull-ups or you want to learn how to do pull-ups I do have a post on that on my on my website So when I first started my fitness journey, I wasn’t even able to do one pull-up and now I can do multiple So if you want to learn how to do more pull-ups Make sure to click the link in the description below and read that article but that’s gonna be it for this video you guys Again, this is the perfect multi-gym doorway pull-up bar the elites version not the mid-tier one This is the elite version that costs 40 bucks. I believe the other one is $35 For five more dollars. I think this is a complete steal. So make sure to check that out for $5 extra you can get this bad boy. So alright, this is Christian. I’ll see you guys on the next one

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  1. Hello pal,
    There is no gap between my door and its frame.
    What do you think about using the pull up bar without the safety clip?

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