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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Well, apparently, I’ve been told
we’re testing out junk food? I’m a bit nervous, I’m expecting some big monster plate of something… … that’ll make me really fat all of a sudden Oh, no… Okay? Do you know when you die and you go to heaven, you’re probably greeted with one of these (laughs) It looks like…diabetes on a plate!! Don’t judge me, okay So much chocolate (laughs) It’s good, the chocolate is good My mouth is really enjoying it… …but my brain is kinda thinking about all the burpees I need to do to overcome this, I think Can I finish it? Put it… get it away from me I’ve done it. I can’t do it any more.
That is so good Doritos are my weak point, I have to say This I can do It even looks good, like d’you know? Mmhmm, I could eat the whole packet and probably most of that jar Oh my God (laughs)!!! What are you doing’ to me… I hope my clients aren’t watching What is this called? – Whopper It’s a whopper So good!! Tastes good but again, it’s like, is it worth it It depends what kinda training you’re doing but…
it’s worth it to me… How many burpees am I gonna have to do later? You’re talking like…48,500 calories just in this! It’s like all my cheat meals for the whole month…together If you’re trying to be healthy… …forget about it It’s like, everyone thinks personal trainers,
and they eat healthy.. …and you know, they never touch bad things,
but we’re human too. Once you start, you can’t stop I might take this with me I can definitely eat…so much of this That would be worth working off… The whole thing is probably like…
a thousand calories That’s no too easy to be burning off on a treadmill there If you’re gonna have a cheat meal…
do a proper cheat meal Don’t half-ass it (laughs) That’s a killer. That’s just mean Wouldn’t even go near Coke Yeah, I haven’t had real Coke in…
I think, a couple of years. 140 calories…for, like, a few sups of Coke You don’t want to drink…drink them to often
otherwise, yeah, you’ll be in the gym a lot. Carbs and sugar. Calories, carbs and sugar, that’s it. Definitely not worth it, if that’s what you’re about to ask. I feel really full now, kind of bloated. Yeah, I definitely need to add in a little bit of
metabolic conditioning… …to my program for the next few days to make up for it.
It’s not worth it! That’s why people don’t go out,
like, they need to put the work in to… …to then be able to afford to eat that kind of stuff
…now and again I wanna leave with a couple of words of wisdon …so, what are my final thoughts? …Erm… …Coca Cola…don’t bother!


  1. i dont know how to say in english but arent they supposed to have a day where they eat junk food? i mean this video makes me want to punch them in the face

  2. "Its diabeties on a plate"

    I ate donuts most Mondays when I missed the bus

    Also those food eating exactly that much food dosent make you that fat at all

  3. These fucking people are deranged, my god. First of all their bodies are extremely poor to average, and eating like this will do nothing to your body imao. You could eat a whopper everyday of your life and still be ripped, and I know dudes who eat donuts, burgers etc who are NATURAL who looks eons better then these people. That chick is so annoying my god. For sure putting on a show for the camera, bet she pounds the ice cream nightly cause her physique doesn't look impressive in the slightest

  4. So we gonna pretend now that "Personal Trainers" are a whole other species than normal human beings, and that they dont eat fast-food irl, right ? We need to have it being documented on tape. Alright.
    Next : "Teachers trying Alcohol".

  5. I have less body fat and muscle than these tools and I eat donuts burgers and pizzas daily.
    I'm not like.. hmmm shit I need to do 20,000 Burpees etc lol

  6. Pshhhhh. I eat that kinda of shit a lot. I have an active job so I burn it off. Life is too short to be on a squirrel diet. Enjoy!

  7. Two years I thought nothing of this but bro it deadass looks like they have an eating disorder it’s actually sad

  8. 0:27 at my school cafeteria they serve a sort of doughnut with maple frosting and all that stuff. Me and my best friend calls them the " diabetes on a plate ". And we take peach, because its the only thing that we can have for dessert without having diabetes.

  9. OMG! You guys probably workout every day, 8+ hours a day, seven days a week. FECKING EAT THE DONUT!

  10. The personal trainer in the cyan is the only one that I like because he’ll take a couple bites and describe the taste before he’s done with it while the others are like…like they take a bite then say it’s like “what the heck is dis??” jeez

  11. I think the girl has a little eating problem, like Is it worth it? YEEES! Just not every day, but sometimes! YOOOOLOOOO

  12. I hate the lady and the guy in blck shirt 🤦🏻‍♂️ man i cant imagine all the burpees i have to do to overcome it like lady just by eating some junk food wont make you gain 30 lbs instantly 🤦🏻‍♂️ stop exagerating …. it looks like diabetes on a plate …bruh people dont get diabetes by eating a simple donut

  13. Burpees. Burpees. I have to do all these Burpees.
    Burpees, Bees knees, wheel of cheese.
    what to do, if not all these Burpees.Sweet doughnut, come to me, youre delicious
    but I cant enjoy it cuz of all these burpees.
    -Thanks for enjoying my rap. I wont be doing another.

  14. For some reason this video makes me feel like crap i mean its funny but it makes me feel sad im nothing like them

  15. This made me just sad for them. Live a little bit. Don’t go crazy on either side. (A crazy health nut or super over eater) just live life in moderation

  16. them eating and thinking of how many calories are in the food meanwhile i will always buy a burger when i see mcdonalds or burger king smhh

  17. Girl: Eats burger king* “How many Burpees will I have to do later?”

    Me: eats burger King “How many burps am I gonna do later?

    I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’ll leave. 😂


  18. I would rather be lumpy and eat sweets then be like these people. I love food. Add vegables and fruits. And stfu. You make people end up having eating disorders because all you do is worry about calleries and carbs and all you do is excercise. Wait till you are no longer able to work out daily and you have to actually figure out how to eat right instead of pumping iron. I think all those extra muscles are gross looking

  19. My brother in law eats junk food in moderation. He's far more ripped than any of these people. They legitimately seem afraid of the damn donut.

  20. Jeez the calorie counting shits think”oh no if I eat one chip I’ll be fat” bitch it takes a lot more than one little chip to be fat so don’t say you’ll get fat unless you know that struggle of being fat and then later loosing all the weight

  21. They act like eating junk food is going to kill them, have you seen what Dwayne Johnson eats and he's still fit

  22. I dunno if it's cause I'm old, but after I quit sugary drinks, I tried them years later and it was like trying to chug syrup. It's so weird to think I'd never noticed that before, and maybe it is somehow an age thing, but it surprised me that they didn't seem to react like that. (also i'm not fit and don't avoid sugar normally!)

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