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Okay, so how do we calculate linear acceleration between points A and B? Flash. It’s the product of sine of the angle and gravity divided by the mass. Nope. Peter! You’re still with us? Uh…uh…yeah! yeah. Uh… Uh..mass cancels out, so it’s just gravity times sine. Right. See Flash, being the fastest isn’t always the best, if you are wrong. You’re dead. Move to the next question… What is the heaviest naturally occurring element? Hydrogen’s the lightest. That’s not the question. Okay, yeah. Uranium! That is correct. Thank you, Abraham. Please open your books to page ten. Peter, it’s Nationals. Is there no way you could take one weekend off? I can’t go to Washington because if Mr. Stark needs me, then I have to make sure that I’m here. You’ve never even been in the same room as Tony Stark. Wait, what’s happening? Peter’s not going to Washington.
– No…nonononono. No. No! Why not? Really? Right before Nationals? He already quit Marching Band and Robotics Lab. I’m not obsessed with him. Just very observant. Flash, you’re in for Peter. Oof, I don’t know. I gotta check my calendar first. I got a hot date with Black Widow coming up. That is false. What’d I tell you about using the bell for comedic purposes? Peter knows Spider-Man! Eh–No, I don’t! No! I mean… They’re friends. Yeah, like coach Wilson and Captain America are friends. I’ve met him. Yeah… couple times, but it’s um… through the Stark Internship. Mm-hmm yeah, well, I’m not really supposed to talk about it. Well, that’s awesome. Hey, you know what? Maybe you should invite him to Liz’s party, right? Yeah! Um… I’m having people over tonight. You’re more than welcome to come. Having a party? Yeah, it’s gonna be dope. You should totally invite your personal friend Spider-Man. Um… It’s okay… I know Peter’s way too busy for parties anyway, so… Ah, come on. He’ll be there. Right, Parker? What are you doing? Penis Parker! What’s up! So where’s your pal Spider-Man? Let me guess, in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend? That’s not Spider-Man, that’s just Ned in a red shirt. Actually, I was calling to say maybe you shouldn’t come…Listen to this. When I say Penis, you say Parker! Penis! Parker! Penis! Parker! Hey! It’s Peter! Guys! Peter? Yeah, I was hoping, maybe I could rejoin the team? No! No way, you can’t just quit on us, stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone. Hey! Welcome back, Peter! Flash, you’re back to first alternate.
– What? He’s taking your place! Uh…excuse me can we go already? Because I was hoping to get into some light protesting, in front of one of the embassies, before dinner. So… Protesting is patriotic. Let’s get on the bus! Focus up everyone. Our next topic is the moons of Saturn. The second law of thermodynamics!
– Frank Sinatra Fort Sumter. Flash is wrong. Woah! Thank you! Are you really friends with Peter Parker!? I’m sorry about dinner, but… I know when Bronzino is fresh, and that was not fresh, okay? So– Aaaah! Flash! I need to your car and your phone. Uh…sir technically, this is my dad’s car, sir– so I can’t–

100 thoughts on “Peter Parker & Flash All Funny Scene Together | Spider Man Homecoming | Tom Holland

  1. im not in love with Flash…
    im not in love with Flash…
    im not in love with Flash…

  2. First off, the guy playing flash is a good actor. He does a good job of playing a bully that you can hate. Now my problem with this, how is he not being picked on? Like seriously he is on the debate club, he isn't a good dj, and is spoiled. Went to private school and this kind of idiot gets beaten up. Money wise, can see some of this happening, but no way he doesn't get picked on. I knew one kid in HS who is exactly this kid, the only reason he wasn't picked on for his 3 years of HS was his sister died as she finished HS. But man I wanted to fuck him up when he was given 3 cars (truck, cameo, and a regular car, all new), and had license plates with his name with a number, we all kept our mouths shut and fists in pockets because how awesome his sister was to us all. Sorry went on a tangent, just I am having a hard time seeing how this guy doesn't get bullied as much as he is giving it to peter.

  3. No me gusta el actor de Flash
    Flash es el bravucรณn gigante del equipo de lacroos o Americano
    No este loco no intimida a nadie

  4. I get the vibe that Flash might lowkey have a crush on Peter. The numerous Penis Parker references and the scene where he slaps Peter's ass at the hotel just read really homoerotic to me.

  5. What the actual fuck is flash in MCU spiderman? He needs depth, more meanness. You guys have made him a lame, whiny overachiever.

  6. I love how Flash is not the like the other "Flash's" cause (credits to: TheUserFamily) he's the perfect modern day interpretation of a modern-day bully.

  7. Itโ€™s funny how he went from ultra strong kid beating peters ass and Peter beating his ass to not doing any

  8. Why are people assuming flash is indian. He is American. He was born in California. Get that straight in your head people

  9. The box checking in this movie is insane.

    "Shit, there's too many white extras in the background… We need someone non white for flash thompson."

  10. This is bullshit –– why flash is black –– and why spider man loves black girls? Wth is going on ๐Ÿ˜ก that isn't normal that is real garbage ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–• every know flash isn't black and spider man don't love a black girl

  11. Flash was awesome and funny in the movie perfect comedic timing in far from home he was great but obsessed with Spider-Man which was funny

  12. Penis Parker!
    Penis Parker!
    Penis Parker!
    Fucking Fake Flash!
    Fucking Fake Flash!

    Okay I'm Joking I Know There Actors

  13. Out of curiosity how is it the rich Persian kid is the bully here? Its the same in American Dad where the fat spotty ginger kid is the bully. I'm from the UK and both dudes would have had the shit ripped out of them here. Just curious, is it different in America?

  14. Iโ€™m just happy we didnโ€™t see another stereotypical jock that wouldnโ€™t make it out of high school

  15. This movie was so bad… Whyd they make Flash a dorky, small, Indian boy? Nothing against Indians, but that wasnt what Flash's character is supposed to be?

  16. Dafuq –– flash is black :/ spider Man love black girl and his best Friend is black too –– that is bullshit ๐Ÿ–•

  17. Lots of people who are complaining about this Flash being a nerd donโ€™t seem to realize that most school bullies nowadays donโ€™t beat you up, but just insult you (modern bullies are much worse imo)

  18. Although Tony Revolori did a good job portraying Flash, I think he should have portrayed Charlie Weiderman:
    -Charlie Weiderman was a nerd in Midtown and was even more bullied than Peter Parker, even Peter himself picking on him to score some points with the popular kids, although he apologized to Charlie and became friends. But Charlie, beaten by his father at home and bullied at school only sought revenge:
    -First he tried doing a home made Captain America super serum and ended up with him in the hospital. Then he brought a knife to school and was stopped by Peter. And Charlie slashed one of the tires of one the bullies' car and lied about the incident to Uncle Ben, who saw through it and forbid Peter to associate with Charlie.
    -Years later, he contacted Peter again to build an armor and he needed money, whom Peter could get as Spidey was associated with Iron Man, Tony Stark's bodyguard….it was a success, until Charlie shortcutted the process to prove himself and literally blew him up on the face, giving him powers by accident.
    It would be interesting since Charlie is what Peter could have become if he didn't have Aunt May and Uncle Ben at his side(and in the MCU, if he didn't have Tony Stark at his side), because while both Charlie and Peter were physically unimpressive nerds who were bullied at school and dreamt of the day they would make their tormentors sorry, Peter had Aunt May and Uncle Ben to instill on him a sense of responsibility, whereas Charlie had little support from uninvolved and sometimes abusive parents, thus blaming others for his troubles, a trend he continued into adulthood. Thus Peter would have a moral obstacle to overcome in the form of Charlie.

  19. I do t get flash Thompson. In the comics and cartoons he was a big blonde jock football star. In Spiderman homecoming he is a pipsqueak. How is he a bully. Iโ€™m now an adult but when I was in high school, no little pipsqueak would be able to bully me. I was a nerd but even I could kick his ass.

  20. I feel like this whole movies problem of Peter not being able to get with liz could be solved by him just taking off his shirt lmao

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