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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Do you want to learn the secrets to fast and
effective muscle growth from 7 times Mr Olympia – Phil Heath? Well today we’ll be looking at how to build
muscle like a champion! I’m Laurent from Origym who qualify thousands
of fitness professionals each year and you’re watching… “How To Build Muscle”
– Mr Olympia Bodybuilding Tips. Phil Heath is tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger
for the third all-time number of Mr Olympia wins. He is known for his impressive mass
and definition. In this video we’re going to break down
exactly how Phil Heath trains throughout the week. what exercises he uses and his secrets
and tips for building muscle fast! Phil Heath’s first tip is to: Devise an
effective training split. It’s important to go to the gym with a plan… So devise a training slit that allows time
for your muscles to recover and grow. Phil Heath’s training split goes like this: He combines back and biceps because many back
exercises engage the biceps and the same occurs when you’re training with chest and triceps. Therefore, it works well to group these body
parts into the same training days. He assigns separate days for both legs and
shoulders, stating that: Heath describes shoulders as “a lost art in bodybuilding”. And stresses the importance of working: The front, side and rear delts, to create
full rounded shoulders. Later in this video we’ll be taking a look
at some of the exercises Phil Heath performs… To give him his full rounded shoulder definition. Now let’s take a look at Phil Heath’s
weekly workout schedule. Nutrition plays an essential role in muscle
growth. Here’s Phil Heath’s advice how how to
eat to achieve better results. It’s important to eat enough quality calories
before your training day… Rather than on the day of training To ensure you have proper muscle glycogen
storage to power you through your workout and get the best out of your training sessions. Phil Heath recommends eating fewer carbohydrates
in preparation for your stronger days and having higher carbs in preparation for
your weaker body parts. For example – if legs are one of your strong
points, eat fewer carbs on Monday (the day before leg day) And if arms are one of your weaker points,
eat more carbs on Tuesday (the day before arm day) Now let’s break this schedule down and take
a look at some of the exercises That Phil Heath performs throughout his training week. First up it’s Shoulders Phil Heath built his impressive shoulders
using a variety of exercises including: Next up is Legs Phil Heath’s leg workout consists of exercises
including: Then it’s Back and Biceps, which include: For Back And
for Biceps And finally Chest and Triceps For Chest He performs And for
triceps Give yourself goals and be consistent. Phil Heath recommends setting yourself goals
and sticking to a set workout for at least 4-6 weeks before changing it up. This way you can ensure you see progression And allow yourself the opportunity to achieve
goals and increase your strength. When preparing for a competition, he also
performs a daily cardio workout using a stepmill or treadmill for at least 30-60 minutes. He aims to keep his heart rate between 145-150bpm
to keep his body in a fat burning zone. And finally – When asked what are the 3
most essential lifts for any workout… Phil Heath replied; first of all, with: Pull-ups. Stating that He then suggests bench press… and squats
to build a good foundation. That was our bodybuilding tips from 7 time Mr
Olympia Phil Heath! So what’s your favourite training day? Do you
prefer chest day or leg day? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you liked this video and want to learn
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  1. What’s your training day? Do you prefer chest day or leg day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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