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You guys wonder why I’m so excited is because I finally get to start training for the Olympia. And I’ve pretty much said that I was going for 10 sandows. Whether you love me, hate me.. I’m that guy. I’m that guy they’re trying to beat. Pre-contest it’s like ZONED IN. Very intense, get in, get the hell out there. There’s no hanging out there.. People wanna ask ”how you feel about the Olympia”? Good, alright. LET’S GO. You know, there’s no screwing around. I think he’ll win 10. I feel that Phil has the mentality He has the drive, he has the vision And he has most importantly the physique. Currently I don’t eat as much red meat, I eat more white fish. That sucks and I hate it but you have to do what you have to do. You’re not eating for taste, you’re eating for function. He’s a very dangerous bodybuilder. What he needed to improve and he did was he needed to improve his BACK. He brought up his back, he brought up his chest, he brought up his legs.. I’m sure he’s gonna keep improving and keep getting better and better. It’s a combination of seperation, mass, ripped I mean your back-double-biceps was the best back double bi the sport has ever seen. I’m the one standing in their way. And continuesly driving them nuts. 9 months you have to see me, 9 months you have to do your job. I’ll do my job. When HARD WORK meets TALENT It’s f*cking over. I’m the f*cking dream killer. I wouldn’t be a champion if I didn’t have that mindset. Because you’re all trying to crush MY dreams.. If your dream is to be Mr. Olympia I’m here to CRUSH THAT SH*T. Guys are just born for this stuff sometimes. And Phil.. I said it from day one when I first saw Phil Heath. I said man this kid’s got all the tools and people thought I was crazy at the time. I think the anxiety builds up a little bit more I start to get kinda edgy like I wanna know what I look like every day so I’m posing like all the time. Talking to my trainer over the phone and send emails and pictures to get different perspectives as to why he thinks I should be working on more. I think he’s proven ground. I mean you can’t take away the fact that the guy has won 6 straight. It’s amazing that Phil Heath being off is still light years ahead of a lot of the other guys. He’s got the gas left and he’s so set on that record. I’m gonna kick the sh*t out of myself so I can be in the best position to kick the sh*t out of everybody else on friday and saturday night. BOTH NIGHTS. Some things are firing right there.. that means they’re READY. I will not be stopped. For all you competitors watching.. I’m f*cking coming. Let’s show the freaking world how great I am. I’m f*cking coming And I’m coming ready.

100 thoughts on “Phil Heath – MR. OLYMPIA 2017 MINDSET – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. New vid of The Gift. The olympia is coming closer so here's my tribute to him of his #RoadToMrOlympia2017
    ''I want people to say I won the damn show before I even hit a pose.'' -Phil Heath

  2. Phil is the Olympia champion and therefore the best bodybuilder on the planet but I prefur guys like Frank McGrath not Olympia calibre but great to watch and listen to….

  3. I was kinda dissappointed from your last videos (especially the kai-video) but i'm glad that this video has something of your old style again! Keep going bro you make great videos💪🙏

  4. Nick make a video about Lee Priest he is a legend but its not many new motivation videos with him

  5. Best double back Bi the sport has ever seen? dude doesnt even hold a candle to the dryness or development of dorian yates back pose. Not even close

  6. you can do it Phil Heath your a champion, and my idol. 10 Olympia's. you can do it. keep up the hard work and dedication, much love and respect man.

  7. I use to be anti Phil, pro Kai, but 3 years ago he just won me over and it has proven so right, Kai doesn't have the mindset to have multiple Mr.Os..too much whining, excuses…

  8. ye ye he got the tools this kid this kid, he is good, but some Olympia KAI GREENE WON!!!! ppl just favorite him thats how the world works!!!! fak'd up!!!!!

  9. So Arnold in his prime would've looked like a chicken in front of Phil. That's why he rants about aesthetics these days.

  10. look at your waist and stomach dude…yuk….you people have made bodybuilding a chemical warfare….and please don't talk shit about Arnold Schwarzenegger

  11. I wonder how long it's going to be before we hear about this guy dropping dead from all the juice he's had crashing into his brain. BTW, this guy has NO class at all!!! He's a mental midget!!!

  12. Someone may call it arrogance and maybe they have a point, but it is obvious that Phil uses these videos for self motivation to stay super focused, 'cause that's what i takes to stay on top of the game for so many years. There are a bunch of very talented, determined and hungry competitors out there who want his spot very badly. He obviously is the gift – BUT he is smart too.

  13. So glad you got none of that motivational talk kak like all these other vids. Also great to hear Jay in the bgd. Nice work!

  14. isn't it funny people watching this kind of videos and talking about steroids, that would be like watching NASCAR and saying is not fair cause they use fuel octane boosters.

  15. The real deal right there. Not a social media whore. No drama. No bullshit. True athlete, sportsman, champion.

  16. trill will I just notice something about phil and I thought phil have good genetics phil shoulders are very narrow but he creates. an illuugon Of 3d but still impressive

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