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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

welcome to the vlog good morning is Wednesday August 14th
and I’m actually very tired this morning so I texted coach I was like can I have
a sparkling energy drink or is that really gonna suck the way that I look
and he’s like no it’s fine just don’t have one Friday or Saturday so i’m going to go get an energy drink is the last glute day before my show what how did we get
here how did we get here there’s a lot of glute days between February and now
when I decided to prep so Wow oh my gosh oh my gosh my heart literally stopped
inside I hope you guys saw that on camera my heart literally stopped inside
like I’m not showing you and I don’t like react outwardly but inside it was
just like oh my gosh anyway so I was telling them I texted coach this morning
after I go get on the scale and I’m like weights not your only measure of
progress it’s okay if it didn’t go down I’m like talking myself already and I’m
like it’s fine I’m so tired I step on the scale and then it look I’m like what
in the actual hell and I text him and I was like this is magic at this point I’m
meeting like more carbs like no cardio my weight keeps going down no it’s
literal magic yeah it’s good thing and I look better it’s not just the weight somehow we always go for a handshake or
high five in it as close as we are somehow it always ends up the opposite
okay got it mmm yeah and like my body looks even
better like I didn’t think it could look better it looks better yeah
it literally sucks from the very first set needs to go damn hard and like
wouldn’t use the word fun but I would use the word effective starting with
this we’re doing who did two sets back-to-back two-part half full half
full pausing at each and then we’re going on to that one next yeah that’s gonna be perfect said I think that was the best maybe the
last five would then stop I like at a park one do it that’s how I won –
don’t touch the one four five volts there we go
by prepare yourself good now headstock down hey now hey now hey
let’s go gentlemen one seven drive one more you’re breathing heavy like what intensify a little bit 5×5 detention the
hospital come up all the way back down your time a nested totally stable these soft a fall be strong what are you doing I saw that
all right last grocery haul before my trip I got some beautiful organic
zucchini and some beautiful thick asparagus I’m definitely a team thick
asparagus if it’s a super skinny string asparagus I just don’t even buy it so
really happy they went to the good grocery store I got those some
unsweetened vanilla almond milk for my coffee and my protein shakes and then
actually picked up this instant grits that you guys saw a few blogs ago I have
been using cream of rice but the problem is I’m not hitting my sodium goal right
now so this has a 310 milligrams of sodium per packet which is a good thing
because all of my food is fresh and not much sodium in it besides a little
seasonings that I add so this will help get my sodium intake up a little bit
which should normalize it because it would spend a little lower since I’ve
been doing super like clean-ish foods so that will be very helpful meal one for
today or after training gluts is going to be steak and rice from Icahn meals
they custom make whatever portion sizes I need so steak rice and some I’m gonna
do a zucchini for this meal and then I’m actually gonna do some grits as well
the final product is some rice tea zucchini
grits and an omelet latte mmm eating so good today little midday random pump for
no reason things you’re looking crazy I just finished a bunch of work I’ve
been working all day long and I need to go run a few errands so I’m gonna go
ahead and do that now before traffic and then come back and do a little later
half of my work before tonight so you know if any but this is the awfully
cropped tee and then the new shorts that are really seeing which I love they’re
so cute and fit everything just ripped because I have two back-to-back peak
weeks I went ahead and ordered a head for next week so that I didn’t run out
of food and I’m keeping it really simple even more simple than last time
I just have bison and rice steak and rice and then a custom breakfast egg
whites steak and a protein pancake so this will be just the best breakfast
ever I’m so excited about this and that way I can just I can pair this with any
fresh vegetable that I need to and I’ll have you know egg whites maybe a protein
shake and chicken and other meals I already have chicken meals so we’re good
to go on that but yeah super easy and simple I call meals order I always
recommend ordering ahead and then you can just throw everything in the freezer
and when you pop it in the microwave usually about three to four minutes is
gone how cute do I look right now what is what’s on my hair right now can you
talk right now you have a boss okay gonna make it really rich and shiny and
get her stage ready thank you so guys this is Mikey he actually has followed
the channel and he’s a competitor himself yeah so I’m really excited to
get my hair done by him today because and he’s like I know exactly what we
need to do doing conditioning treatment we need something to make it nice and
like shiny and glossy for the stage so I promise I looked a little better when
we’re done thank you there is done it looks amazing I’m so
happy with it seriously thank you so much to both Mikey and Aaron for making
me look and feel beautiful I am finished just in time so I have to go to my nail
appointment but I stopped at a 7-eleven yours already know how I do because I
have all my meals with me I have bison and rice next and honestly
being at the hair salon was more than just getting my hair done it was like
the best conversation ever and it was just such good vibes and good energy
that I feel better than when I walked in so thank you guys I’m just very happy
right now so okay I’m right right on time and I don’t wanna be late so I
gotta go wayland over there getting my nails done next all the peak week things
so I think I’m just gonna do my toes and I’ll show you guys what I would do for
my nails later I couldn’t figure out why amy was laughing I was like what do you
what do you laughing you both because everything that I’m doing is very normal
to me I have my bison and rice and I would really have like garlic you can
see salt and Honey BBQ sees me at the nail salon so you’re like what
could she be laughing about there’s nothing record going off and that’s why
it was a simple white all right my hair is done my toes are done and I have an
event in Beverly Hills so I’m going to go to that event
I love how flowy this hair is it’s perfect and then come back and hopefully
get to relax at some point today I’m Wes and I have been going going going since
5:00 a.m. non-stop and it’s almost 3 p.m. so really hoping to get back early
so that I can get some rest before my flight tomorrow morning so excited
excited always any hello everybody I just wanted to check in I’ve been going
for over 12 hours straight like just non-stop stuff all day long it’s been an
amazing day but I am so incredibly exhausted and I still have to completely
pack and I’m also gonna be tanning and I just have a lot to do before my flight
in the morning so note to self from now on I’m not
gonna buck anything the Wednesday before my show moving on just because it’s fine
it was a great day but like it’s just I should honestly be resting I was like
very much so nowhere near interesting and my body at this point needs rest so
I’m really hoping fingers crossed that tomorrow I get time to rest but yeah I
don’t foresee a lot of resting happening tomorrow either but lol at all those
peak week vlogs I thought I was gonna get out honestly I think I’ve done a
good job one two this will be the third one the peak week vlog where it shows
you everything I’m doing with like tan hair makeup bikini heels that’s gonna be
in the next peak week because there’s just there’s no humanly way that I will
get that out before my show on Saturday so thank you guys for understanding and
I’m gonna go ahead and pack I just had to update you guys
and all of my beauty is what I look like it’s two days before my show I’m trying
the space mask out for the first time so I will let you guys know what it feels
like and how it does I really like how it feels so far revealing my physique on youtube for the first time morning posing practice & conditioning check my show is literally tomorrow morning oh you guys we freaking did it hello hello
everything was packed up I have eaten my meal and I was gonna
leave for the airport but I have to get a podcast in for you guys so I don’t
miss Monday’s upload so I’m just gonna take 20 minutes I’m gonna record the
podcast and then get going so all my stuff right here I still haven’t woken
him up so I’m gonna have to wake him up and I have my coffee in here the podcast kind of sort of know what we’re gonna
talk about let’s see how it comes out hello hello and welcome to the Evolve
with Emily show I’m your host Emily Hayden and in today’s episode I am
standing up yet again but not necessarily because I’m fired up it’s
actually because it is about 24 hours before my contest before my competition
I’ve been preparing for since February and I have to make my flight everything
is packed up I’ve eaten breakfast I’ve done everything you need to do
everything worked out great and then I was like I have to bust out the podcast
because I haven’t done it yet and I don’t want to miss up I don’t wanna miss
Monday’s upload so it’s probably gonna be a little bit of a short and sweet one
I feel like I have one overriding topic that’s on my mind that I felt I wanted
to share with you guys but actually I want to take you through my morning
devotional because it is 6 a.m. at the moment I’m drinking my coffee as I sit
here and I’m in my closet right now recording this because it’s early and I
don’t want to be loud you know roommate roommate things but yeah so we’re here
we’re gonna do this thing hello everybody you know what this color
means it is officially the night before my show so I didn’t vlog today because
it was just it was a lot going on and honestly I just still have not rested so
I need to get off my feet but essentially Vinny and I made it from LA
to Oregon nice and safe we got to the hotel I went to LA Fitness and got a
quick lift in with coach and then came back I got my tan I went and helped with
the amateur NPC seminar was like a posing seminar with Sandy and then I
went and did the pro check-ins so we had our champions at 7:00 I got my number so
excited got a goodie bag and now it’s setting in that tomorrow I’m stepping on
stage it’s crazy like it just feels so good I don’t know I feel so good and so
natural and so I don’t feel nervous at all I just feel it’s weird actually it
almost doesn’t even feel like show day because it’s just like I’m just like
excited to like get up there and do my thing you know so okay I want to end the
vlog here because this is my like I think three days out or one day out vlog
so I’m gonna end the vlog here thank you guys so much for watching make sure to
stay tuned and tune in to the next vlog which will be my show day vlog
oh my goodness you guys it’s here I’m so happy thanks for watching thank you for
following this journey and I’ll see you guys in my show today vlog which I’m
gonna start right now bye

74 thoughts on “Physique Update | 1 DAY OUT | IFBB Bikini Peak Week | Undeniable S3 Ep12

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