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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello my Strong Strong Friends! I showed you some shots of like my morning
routine. Let me show you guys this. I’ve been struggling with getting the things
that I want to get done and achieving my administrative goals on the daily. I don’t know if you guys noticed but for a
few weeks there, I was like uploading once a week, which I don’t like that because I
really… of all the social media platforms, I enjoy making, creating YouTube content the
most and I feel like it helps you the most because I get to explain more in depth what
I’m doing and how I’m doing it. So, I’m not gonna apologize because I don’t
believe in doing that, but I’m trying to be better just for my personal goals. I want to create more YouTube videos. So, I’m trying to establish a regular morning
and night routine. I work from home, I’m my own boss for the
most part right now, and sometimes ya girl just sleeps in. And it ends up being, you would think like,
“Oh yeah, you wanna sleep a lot so that you can keep progressing” I think I’ve been oversleeping,
like sleeping too much some days. I’ve been better about it this week because
I’ve been trying to establish a morning routine. I’m working this out. Pretty much, this is my morning routine. I wake up, I put on music and do the aromatherapy
that you guys saw and then I try to do some yoga. For the past 3 days I feel like it’s really
helped. I keep waking up really stiff, I think that’s
a result of oversleeping. I’m trying to get better about that. You know. We’re all just trying to be better people. Today I want to talk about how close I am
to weighing in, what I’ve been doing to weigh in at 63kg. You saw on the scale, I weighed in this morning
and I am just in the 65s, barely into the 65s I don’t want to hit 66kg until after the meet
again, so I want to stay in the 65s this entire time. That scale that you guys saw, I have talked
about this before. I care about how much muscle I’m retaining
and I want to make sure that I don’t lose much muscle during this cut. I’m using the body analyzer scale. I’ve talked about it in a video before, I’ll
link that below. This is a scale that I’m using to get me into
Nationals. It’s important that you have an accurate scale,
like most important thing. So make sure that your scale is accurate,
I use the Body Analyzer scale. It also tests and measures your body fat. You can enter in your information and have
a profile and keep track of everything there. If you want, I have a discount code. I think it’s 60% off still. You can get that in the link below. Okay, so I’m gonna show you like a physique
update. I don’t know how much my body has changed. I don’t fully analyze progress pictures or
anything like that physique wise. I did take before pictures recently. Well, obviously not too recently. I’m not really flexing in this picture but,
do I look different? Yeah. I think you can, I mean, this is better clothes
probably and, yeah. I’m starting to notice a little bit of definition
in my stomach. I definitely feel bigger here, in my lats. You can see I’m spilling over in every piece
of sports bra that I have. My back is just too wide for it now. So. This, I don’t know if you can tell. That’s my physique update. I’m gonna try to drink all of this before
like noon. Aaah. In the morning I take an Omega-3. You can buy these from and little
gummy multivitamins. It’s like a nice little treat! The postlady wouldn’t give me my package because
it says it’s delivered to MegSquats. And I’m like “Well…” She was like, “Are you Megan Gallagher or
are you MegSquats?” I’m like, “Well I’m both obviously.” I need a legal document stating. Name change! Here it comes. It’s not… I don’t mean to, I don’t ever, it’s just sometimes
when I give people my address to send something, I don’t think to say “Oh, by the way, my name
isn’t actually MegSquats.” So they wouldn’t let me pick up the package. I think it’s the Position USA shoes. But I got the MyProtein package! Which is good because I need a cookie. Haven’t eaten anything today. Nope. That’s how you do it! So we got a fun exciting box. Cookies, cookies, cookies. Two double chocolate and one chocolate orange. And jerky, jerky, jerky. Which will be good for my trip, I’m going
to D.C. this weekend. Explosive! Grape flavour. You know UK company, “o-u-r.” That’s how you spell it too, don’t you, ya
Canadian? Is that how Canadians spell it? Everything with o-u? Yeah, correctly. It’s a MyProtein haul! I don’t normally talk too much about makeup
stuff. I will show you guys. What I order from Sephora is stuff that I
know I love and can’t do without. So, I alway use Makeup Forever HD, Nars concealer
under my eyes. I think it’s, yeah Kat Von D liquid eyeliner. As I said, I usually don’t talk about makeup
but… I’ve been tryna stay on fleek doe. Hah. Can I just say that the Alpha hoodies, these,
are like life. Life! There are so many fitness brands and they
just… a lot of them just don’t compare to like the likes of Nike or the big fitness
brands. I’m talking about like other brands that I
see that are maybe smaller, more popular with the YouTube community. No knock to them, but just like totally not
my style. I like things very minimal. I do not want like your logo, like here. I feel like a lot of… some brands, like
they make really nice clothes or, ok. They get blanks from really nice companies,
but then they just ruin it by like plastering their logo! Look how nice. This is very New York. All black, pop of white. My style. I just got off my bike. I bike, try to bike, every time I come to
S&S. There and back. Today’s my squat day, we’ll see if I end up
biking back. But, it takes me, took me 34 minutes. My legs were feeling like complete jello the
entire time, so we’ll see how squats go. I’m back home! I didn’t record any talking points during
that entire session because sometimes, you just gotta put down the camera and do the
work, son! This was my hardest- was that my hardest squat
session til Nationals? Yeah. Uh, sorry, I squatted 10 sets of 3 for 250lbs
and I squatted up to 280lbs before that. Yeah. It was just heavy and hard, although things
were moving. Today I didn’t talk too much to the camera
at all, but I had new SPDs size Medium. It took some effort getting those on and off
but I think those definitely helped getting a little bit of bounce out of the hole. What do you think, babe? Definitely. Definitely good purchase. My loving boyfriend got me sushi! Look at all that. That’s yours, these are mine. What?! Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope
you enjoy this video! We’re 2 and a half weeks out from Nationals. Are you ready for it? Are you guys ready? I think we’re setting ourselves up to just
tiny, small PRs on each lift. Which will be a lot of pounds added to my
total, so that’s good. Hopefully all goes well! Only a couple more weeks of training left. Damn son! I’ve been watching so many videos of that. Just where the guy, someone has a sick burn,
and they’re like “Damn son!” and I’m like “ahhh!” Anyway. I’ll see you guys in the next video, thank
you so much for watching! Bye! Set goals for nationals, the only thing I’m
trying to keep in my mind is to do better than what I did in the last meet. Now, when I’m competing against a bunch of
people, and you’re competing on a national stage, you’re going to want to beat some people
and you’re gonna want to do the best you can compared to all the girls, but that’s really
out of my control. So I try to, as hard as I can and it’s pretty
difficult because…

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    Do you have any help for someone who is one year post-bulimia and has been building at the gym a year.

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