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Today I am going to be showing you the four styles of plates that we have. And how to pick the perfect one for your gym. So first I’m going to talk to you about our two styles and bumper plates. So you have this one which is the competition plate and this one which is just a standard. high density virgin rubber bumper plate. So the core differences between this two is first off the quality and the style material you use to produce them. So, You can see here, this one is actually a heavier weight than this one, but it’s thinner, and it’s denser, it’s harder, so it balances even less. This is a minimal bounce bumper plate. So, It doesn’t bounce much either. But if you compare these two this one bounces higher, and the reason why that would be important. I certainly don’t advise buying, crumb bumpers. I’m not a big fan of them. They have really high recoil which is if you drop them, it’ll bounce a bit high and they can bounce back into your body or face or whatever. Plus there are encouraged. Damage to your bar. Cause these ones. Do a little demo. Of. little or no bounce. The other big difference between the two, is the hop so you can see this hop is actually built in. We’ll show you the other side. Bolted in hop. That’s going to lead to less cracks over time you can also tighten them up over time. Plus they look. Fantastic. Where is this bumper. It’s just your standard. Steel ring. Over time that can lead to cracks in the bumper, as well as Mostly other cosmetic damages. I haven’t had too many these ones fully break down. I’ve had zero of these ones fully break down. The core difference between the calibrated competition plate and the other plate. In addition the accuracy. So these the weight tolerance you call it. So how much weight is off, Buyers just weight. So that’s forty fiv pounds. It’ll be you know maybe. Forty five point two or forty four point eight or forty one point nine. This one is more accurate. So if it’s twenty five KG It’s going to be plus or minus very close to 25KG, and the reason that puts the price up is A. you gotta keep your moulds more up to date. And B. The selection process. So. These pass lower quality control process than this. So this was off by, you know by point, whatever pounds. Maybe it’s acceptable for this but for this one. It would take it over the production line. And scrap it. So that adds to the overall cost. So yeah. That’s the difference between. The two bumper plate styles. Now I’m going to show you the difference between our two Iron plates. These are not a bounce plate those plates are bumper plates. You can drop them from heights you know when doing your clean and jerk or snatch you can drop those plates overhead no problem, these plates you drop them from overhead they might break or your floor might break or your bar. So you don’t wanna drop these plates from overhead. The primary difference between these two. This is actually a strong arm plate. Company would work very powerlifting specific with these plates the specs of the IPF regulations they are not IPF certified however you can’t use it for competition but they meet All the specs, and these are just your standard you know weight plates that hold up on your bar and the core difference between them is going to be precision of the weight. These are a lot more precise so that companies against the plates from the moulds and from taking out discarding any plates plus or minus tolerance also the paint job of course is much better wheraeas this forks and codes is a lot easier view to you quickly whereas this is you know its colored it’s got white lettering which is done by hand. That adds to the cost. These plates. These are an original design, this is personally designed by me and the next one here. Industrial designer iron. We’ve got to have a unique look. Some people argue that plates are plates but if it’s gonna be part of the overall aesthetic. It looks fantastic. You know your standard plates out there and again strongarm plates. Well the other thing I’ll mention is much like the bumper calibrated plates. These are much thinner. So this is the exact same weight. And you will see in quite a few meters for thinner as well. Since it’s more thin you can fit more to a bar, Of course for powerlifting competitions when this are used, Because some guys will filled up the whole bar. Can we get them. There’s a few advantages of these. Costs. Fraction cost of this is very expensive but it off course. Their specs and Size this also have a handle on screen loading plates. These don’t have a handle. And yeah those are the core difference between our iron plates and all of our plates.

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