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What’s up, everybody? PJ Braun here,
president and CEO of Blackstone Labs, and I’m standing here with both of our
fantastic proteins, and I’m going to explain what the difference is. People keep
asking me. The first thing we did was come out with Isolation, and the reason
that we came out with Isolation first is because I have only used whey isolate
for the better part of my competitive career and my adult life.
The reasoning specifically behind this is a pure whey isolate digests far
easier than anything else. I do not really care for any of the study or
science behind caseins and things like that. I like the fact that it is absorbed
the best, so what I did was I simply tried every single manufacturer I could
think of until I found the best-tasting one, and we went with a company called
Milk Specialties, and we actually took the certificate of analysis of our
protein and put it right up on our website so you can see exactly what’s in
there. No spiking or anything shady like a lot of people were doing. I always like
to be fully transparent on things, so I’ve got your pure isolate. Now once that
was out for a while, and I proved that I wasn’t selling my soul to make a buck, we
decided to come out with 3-Whey. Now from a business side of things, the
reason that you would want to come out with a product like this is because it
is pretty much half the cost of that to make and you can actually make a little
bit of money on it. Why would you use it as a user? Well, it’s a blend, and when you
get into blends you can get into different digestion rates, different
qualities of the protein, and you can also get different flavors and tastes.
And the blends can get super, super, super tasty. So as far as isolates go, it’s a
little harder. I believe that we have the best tasting vanilla and chocolate on
the market. Now, when you get into blends, the limits are endless. This is strawberry
cheesecake, my newest flavor. Everybody loves it.We also have a vanilla peanut
butter, and we have a cinnamon swirl. It is delicious. Figure out which one is
best for, you do a little reading, do a little study on the science. Myself, I
will only use this one but this is a delicious product, and many people argue
that I am just being ridiculous. So, as always, I say: Peace out – bye

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  1. ''Peace out bye'' is a Jason quote, that will be 15 buck please

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