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hello and welcome on enjoying & dieting in the same plate today we will cook together a brownie but a healthy brownie that contains only 225kcal 35gr of carbs, 5gr of fat and 8gr of protein this brownie is interesting because it is very quick to make. let’s see the ingredients for this recipe first you’ll need of 2 weetabix 10gr of sweetener cocoa & milk (of choice) first we’ll break in pieces the weetabix so it will be easier to mix now we’ll add the milk and mix until it becomes a kind of paste now we will add the cocoa and mix. be careful not to add all the cocoa. add 2/3 of the bowl make sure that the cocoa is well mixed so it’ll look like a brownie batter this brownie is an uncooked one now we’ll add the sweetener and mix a last time now break the bubbles by kicking the bowl on the table now place it in the fridge for at least 2 hours now we’ll make the cocoa sludge we’ll mix a bit of water with the rest of the cocoa do it step by step because you can’t take away water you can always add more mix then add, mix, add,… when you have a texture of chocolate paste it’s all right now let it cool down in the fridge when it’s cooled, add the cocoa on top of the brownie be careful, if the cocoa is too thick add a bit more water and mix spread it on top now, let’s try it you can see that the brownie is fixed after 2 hours in the fridge you can eat it like this cheers !! and I hope you liked it see you soon for another video and a new recipe

2 thoughts on “Plaisir & Diète – BROWNIE AUX WEETABIX (sans sucre)

  1. Très bonnes vidéos pour l'instant, continue comme ça. Je recommande à tous tes vidéos ! +1 abonné et j'espère que tu iras très loin avec ta chaîne!

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