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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

“Plant-Based Bodybuilding” We know excess cellular growth isn’t
so good when we’re fully grown adults, since budding tumors may end up being
the main beneficiaries of higher levels of circulating growth hormones. But in some circumstances, a little
extra growth is sought after, particularly for men in this
culture — though not exclusively. The growth hormone IGF-1 is the
reason some dogs look like this, and others like this. What about those who strive
to be the big dog? Yes, lower circulating levels of IGF-1
in vegans lowers cancer risk, but might that interfere with their
accumulation of muscle mass? There certainly are lots of
plant-based body builders, but maybe they’re the exception. To look like this, does one
have to risk looking like this? True or false: Lower IGF-1 levels
in vegans likely interferes with muscle accumulation. Is this fact, or is this fiction? Well, there’s a couple ways
you attack that question. For example, what’s the skeletal
muscle mass like in acromegaly? People afflicted with giantism — where
they have an IGF overload in the body. If IGF bulks up muscle, you’d think
they’d be musclebound; but no, they don’t have any more muscle,
on average, than anyone else. What if you inject people with IGF-1? They injected women for a year, and
found no increase in lean body mass or grip, bench or leg press strength. What about men? Basically, same thing. They had about a dozen 22-year-olds
flex for 15 weeks under different hormonal milieus, and concluded that
elevations in ostensibly anabolic hormones, like IGF-1,
with resistance exercise, enhances neither training-induced
muscle bulk, nor strength. “Thus it seems that outside of
[genetically engineered mice or a cell culture dish or other
animal models] that the search for the true role of the growth
potential for IGF-1 in adult muscle hypertrophy is a vain one.” So, although it’s never been
directly tested, probably fiction.

48 thoughts on “Plant-Based Bodybuilding

  1. I call it laziness. There is a hoard of free information available at their fingertips, but still, those that need advice on food and its effects on their health don't really seem to seek it.

  2. please talk more about gaining mass with a more healthy lifestyle hmm maybe even for an extremely organic lifestyle which i wish to partake in once im ready. i jus started weight lifting jeeez im so soar aha

  3. Not sure if I agree with this logic. It is my personal opinion that it's the IGF1, directly or resultantly, in whey protein that body builders use to see accelerated gains, as we all know nobody really needs all that protein.

  4. As a bodybuilder, I've been wondering this for a long time since going vegan so it's great that you guys are covering this study. I guess that would help explain why I put on much more muscle after going vegan although there were other factors like improvements in my workout routine and quantity of calories. I was a skinny long distance runner and never thought I'd be squatting over 300 lbs easily.

  5. Check out my channel on vegan bodybuilding. I know there isn't much information on vegan bodybuilding so I have started a YouTube channel which will go through all the basics and even cover topics such as these. Phytoestrogens, isoflavones, testosterone, shgb, igf-1 etc etc.

  6. Me too, I was an unhealthy runner went vegan then lost a whopping 15lbs I didn't know I could lose of fat. Now that I look like your average marathon runner I've decided to start strength training. Since I haven't always been skinny I have a feeling I should be able to pack on some lean muscle. I've shown family and friends what a vegan diet can do to my running now I'll show em I can be even more fit looking with some muscles. Sounds stupid but to them I'm the only vegan they know, gotta rep it

  7. 2:20 "so, although its never been directed tested…" Isn't that whole point of scientific studies? To either prove, or in this case, disprove a hypothesis? Don't get wrong, I love this channel, but I'm just not yet convinced that body builders can get by with as little protein as suggested, especially when there's countless studies that indicate the contrary. Yes, I know this is an ongoing debate, and yes I know there are many veggies that calorie for calorie are more protein dense than meat, but the problem is, but because meat is so much more calorie dense, you'd have to ingest 5,6, maybe 7 times as many veggies to get the same amount of protein as meat.

    Please note: I don't want to start another carnivore v. vegan debate. 

  8. I'm purchasing two bags of pine bark mulch two or three times a week and laying it in the perimeter garden by my house. I call that a plant based workout.

  9. Why IGF-1 blamed for causing cancer? Even injecting IGF-1 into subjects proved no muscle gain, what about causing cancer? Those underwent the IGF-1 trial must be very brave to allow themselves to be injected with cancer causing hormone.

  10. If your true or false question were true, I'd be small and weak 🙂 Most vegans who are not on steroids seem to be a little smaller, but it is usually because of less intramyocellular lipids. But don't be fooled, a trained, smaller vegan will out press any meathead of similar size and without steroids.

  11. I think there are other issues which could have been discussed.

    For example: creatine. Some bodybuilders swear that plant based diets are no good for gaining muscle because plants do not have creatine.

  12. what about link between low fat high carb vegan diet. alot of ppl say if u eat too little fat u will have low testosterone .

  13. At our plant-based gyms all our clients build muscle and lose fat on a wholefood plant-based diet. The case studies and results every day speak for themselves.

  14. from my experience eating meat helps to add strength and size. after going vegan I've lost 25lbs of muscle mass but it's okay I would rather be healthy than to be strong and big

  15. Sadly its proved by real life 1000s of bodybuilders its true.

    IGF1 is the most anabolic hormone in the body.

    But if you dont train your not gonna grow big muscle. Unless you have myostatin mutation.

  16. Reducing muslce building to one single varibale that you know has very little to do with it and making a video about it is as stupid
    as debunking that the water is not dry

  17. When you talk so fast I listen faster. Same ,Same and shame. who are you? Trusted why? Pass a relevant thought or slide on one prospective present facts. please your going on a roll. Nothing proved by accusation. Your sucks factor is rising.

  18. Charles Atlas was alive when I was a teenager. I am 71 now. He was a bodybuilder who did not rely on free weights to bulk up and look muscular. I followed his routine and when I joined the Marine Corps in 1964 I could outperform most other recruits in the physical fitness tests we went through. His method of fitness has been lost to free weights and Nautilus machines.

  19. 🎬 1 📹 🎞 🗣 🎙⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Outstanding thank you for sharing❗️

  20. Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl became a vegetarian at age 39 and is the best-known vegetarian bodybuilder. Bill's diet is lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means he eats eggs and dairy products. He's still alive (89) and last I saw he looks fantastic.
    I know I can't "quit" meat but I really appreciate the information here as I add more plant based stuff.

  21. 'what mrs obama got 2 do with this- this woman is a former harvard professor!!! u can call her" whatever " "BUT she is the smartest first lady EVVVVVVER"!!! AN U PPL CAN -TAKE THAT AWAY!!!!

  22. I have a question:
    My boyfriend believes that in order to grow muscle faster and more efficiently, he needs to eat chicken.
    He says this is due to the very specific composition of it in terms of protein density versus calorie density, like it's high in protein and very low in calories. And also he mentioned something about aminoacid composition or something.

    Anyway, my question is whether or not I can prove him wrong, that he can gain just as quickly on a plant based diet and that the specific composition in chicken can be replaced by something else. He is currently on a diet of 200g carbs, 200g protein and 80g fats per day. In terms of the plant based diet he is especially concerned about hormonal levels and soy.

    Can you please help me out with proving him wrong and helping him get a plant based alternative to reach his goals as "quickly".

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