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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Translator: Sarah Braun
Reviewer: Denise RQ What if I told you
that I had a magic elixir? One that could prevent and reverse
almost every chronic disease? One that could solve
the health care crisis. One that would bring
more compassion into the world. What if I explained that my elixir
could help heal the planet’s devastation? That it could save billions of animals
a year and prevent their pain? That it could feed the hungry
throughout the world? That it encourages peace,
community, and benevolence? This potion, it’s free of cost,
and there’s plenty for everyone. Would you believe me that it exists? Would you be shocked at its simplicity? Mesmerized by its obviousness? Eager to try it? Would you be frustrated that nobody had
told you this information prior to now? Like I myself was. When as a teenager, I randomly stumbled
into this brilliant book by John Robbins called “Diet for a New America”. It changed my life for ever. Indeed, this elixir exists everywhere. It’s perhaps one of the sole commonalities
we share amongst all the living on earth. It is readily available to most,
and I know with confidence, that it is the most potent possibility
we have to save our future. That of our species, the planet,
and life as we know it. OK, granted, that may
seem a little hooky, I agree. At first glance, my proposal
may seem implausible. But hear me out. And then decide. Eating a whole food plant based diet
is this magic elixir. The secret ingredient
to all these extraordinary outcomes. Sustaining yourself on vegetables, fruits,
whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds can and will provide
all the aforementioned benefits. You are what you eat. At a cellular level,
an immunological level, in a holistic sense. You are also connected to nature,
and other humans, and even other species
via the food you consume. You are what you eat refers to food
once it has entered the body, so let’s break it down
to the cellular level. You are composed of approximately
10 to 50 trillion cells, give or take several trillion,
most of which regenerate. A constant state of dynamism,
flowing, moving, changing. Even the bones, we think of the bones
as dead, and stagnated hard, but even the bones
are in a constant state of flux. Exchanging, releasing, absorbing minerals. OK, a caveat, the brain, heart,
and kidneys do not, unfortunately, regenerate. But think of the possibilities if you are constantly reinventing
most of yourself all of the time. We now have an abundance
of irrefutable scientific data in the literature confirming
that a whole food, plant based diet is ideal for optimal health,
that eating plants can help your cells, your organs, your body,
stave off chronic disease, achieve, and maintain
your ideal body weight, enhance exercise performance,
and thrive throughout the life span. I’ve seen this in the last five years since I implemented this protocol
into my nutrition counseling practice. In the last year, I’ve had two very,
very special opportunities to see this on a larger scale. The first of which was last spring when, as Executive Director
of EarthSave International, we took 21 food bank clients,
that live in the middle of a food desert, and we’ve put them on a whole food,
plant based nutrition program. We taught them how to go shopping
and how to prepare their food, even how to exercise, but all of it
was in a very sustainable way. After 28 days, all the participants
finished the challenge, with enthusiasm, I might add,
and on average, they lost 17 pounds, their total cholesterol dropped 18%,
their LDL, bad cholesterol dropped 22%, blood pressure went from 138 over 83
to 121 over 77, without medications. In fact, we had an 84% reduction
in total prescription medication use. There was an increased sense of energy,
right, it’s exciting, it’s amazing! That doesn’t happen every day! They had a decrease in chronic
non specific complaints like abdominal discomfort, headaches,
heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, migraines, joint pain. The results were astounding. My second opportunity was in October when I was invited
to be on the Dr. Oz Show. There, we took three women who had
high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We put them on the “prehistoric diet”. They spent two days in a zoo
eating raw fruits and vegetables. And then, when they went home,
I added back cooked vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. In only four or five total days,
they lost an average of four pounds, they reduced their LDL,
the bad cholesterol, by 42 points. All three of them had high blood pressure
– it was normalized. Four or five days. (Applause) Yes. Thank you. You are indeed what you eat. But you are also how you eat. Let’s break that down in a logistical way. Most people consume about three meals
a day, give or take a snack or two. Thinking about food before we consume it
is not something most of us spend a lot of time doing
as we rush to grab a quick bite, as we eat on the run,
as we forget to chew well enough, as we eat larger than ever portions
hence the epidemic success of the fast and convenience
food industries. We tend to eat reactively. Contemplating perhaps
how delicious a meal was or complaining of feeling full
or having heartburn. Further down the line, you may end up
with high blood pressure, gout, type 2 diabetes, all of which
are food born illnesses. However, what if we ate proactively? Conscious eating, intentional eating,
thinking about everything that goes into the making of your food,
all the way from the seed to the plate. If you plan your meals and relish
your food as you prepare and consume it, you are eating proactively
instead of reactively. I argue that eating a whole food
plant based diet is innately, inherently proactive, and that it is the most powerful tool
we have to control so may variables, your health, the state of the planet,
the suffering of animals, and on and on. It’s something we can do
an average three times a day. Food. Food is culture, tradition, history, love, family, nourishment, comfort, medicine; essentially food
unifies mind, body and spirit. “I’m in the mood for,”
“I feel like having”, “I want”; but it is so much greater
and grander than just the self. Food also unifies the earth,
sun, water with you. The seed is planted, the sun,
the water helps it grow, it ends up on your plate, you consume it, it goes through
your gastro-intestinal tract and into your blood stream
where it becomes a part of you. And ultimately, it ends up
back in the earth in a beautifully, harmonious,
symbiotic and cyclical way. Food also unifies people. We enjoy meals together,
we make business deals over food, we teach our children social norms
and customs while feeding them. We celebrate holidays with festive foods,
we unite cultures with cuisine. Breaking bread. This term has many historical
and even biblical connotations, but simply put,
if you look it up in the dictionary, breaking bread is defined
as eating together. Dining together. Imagine breaking bread
with every bite you consume, knowing the multiple levels and layers to which you’re interconnecting
simply with your fork. I challenge you all to consider not only
what you eat but also how you eat. To eat with intention,
awareness, consciousness. Change your world
and your inter connectivity with others by basing your diet on whole plant foods. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Plant Based Nutrition: Julieanna Hever at TEDxConejo 2012

  1. Bravo!! This is exactly my story… I read Diet for a New America after being vegetarian for a year, and immediately went vegan. 21 years later, I am still vegan! Anyway, I really appreciate you Julieanna… you are awesome!!

  2. I eat a plant based diet after watching forks over knives. Thank god I didnt see this ted talk first or it might have turned me away from it. I know she means well and has a great message, but the salesman like tone is really off putting.

  3. The way she talks about eating with intention is the way I eat. And she's 100% right that it's a pro-active way of eating. I never used to pay attention. I always had complaints about how I felt after eating. Now I love food in a totally different way. I thoroughly enjoy cooking. I look forward to creating something new. I don't feel poorly after eating anymore either.

  4. I can show you the world
    Shining, shimmering splendid
    Tell me, princess, now when did
    You last let your diet decide!
    I can open your eyes
    Take you bean by tofu
    Over sideways and under
    On a magic vegan ride
    A whole new world
    A new fantastic point of view
    No one to eat dead meat
    Just some beets
    Or say we're only dreaming

  5. nobody would listen and nothing ever changes but i hear you and appreciate you for trying to reach a bunch of mentally ill people fucked up on dope

  6. Love her energy!
    She doesn't just preach this, she has embraced and is living it with all she is.
    More people like this would make the world a better place!

  7. you are never going to meet your objective of a plant-based eating agenda as long as you keep talking about animal suffering….I love animals…PERIOD….i also know how this planet works….PERIOD….every animal on this planet knows what the cycle of life is except for staggering amounts of uneducated emotion based thinking humans…somehow the facts of life eludes them….there are animals on this planet that eat other animals…PERIOD…homo sapiens are one of them…PERIOD….your agenda is to stop the killing and consuming animals because you are an emotional cripple. isn't the reason to do anything…PERIOD…..if you choose to talk about the dietary impact of eating too much fatty meat with our modern calorie and fat requirements, now you are on the path of reason….get the big fish to stop eating the little fish then I'm on board……I assure you if you stop eating junk food, energy drinks, sugar, gluten, processed meat products, smoking and drinking in excess and stick to a vegetable based lean meat diet you will be in great health….grow up learn and reason…….FREE….THINKERS….QUESTION….EVERYTHING.


  9. Excellent and SO fact and science based. The vegan movement is gigantic,….and getting sexier and more colorful and delicious

  10. I've recently switched to a vegan diet and I feel good. But it always makes me nervous when I hear advocates talk about vegans who've lost all kinds of weight and lowered their blood pressure because I'm already skinny and have low blood pressure, I'm much more inclined to achieve the opposite. I've been trying to eat a lot of almonds and tofu but if I start losing weight that's bad news for my new diet choice.

  11. Totally agree! I'm 42 now, and have been plant based for the last 2 years. This year I have just got a new PR in my half marathon (1hr 16min 20sec) 20 years after my last PR. I'm now only training 6-8 hrs a week compared to 15-18 hrs when I was in my 20's. You can follow my journey on a plant based journey on Instagram @everfitcoach.

  12. I went vegan 2 months ago and feel great (at 67 yrs old). All she says is true: better health is yours, animal cruelty can be eliminated, and the environment can be helped tremendously. Such a small change by each of us can add up to a better tomorrow.

  13. Being vegan myself close to 20 years and love it !! Thank you for your message !! And yes there is a way to reverse lots of chronic Diseases DIABETES CHOLESTEROL AND CANCER TOO ALL PLANT BASED NUTRITION NO MORE MEAT AND NO MORE DAIRY TOO

  14. Pretty sure the sad fact is that this is well known, but not pushed as there isn't the organic whole food plants out there to feed 7 billion people. Also, side note, you said your "magic elixir" was free, when in fact eating this way is obscenely pricy.

  15. According to the science behind intermittent fasting, the brain can regenerate as new brain neurons grow during the fasting periods.

  16. Wow,another propaganda video about how great veganism is. LOL You people who buy into this are chumps, sorry. Notice how the elites are reeeeeeally pushing this vegan is better mantra? Just remember all thru out history, the priests and kings ate meat and fed the slaves grain. That's all this vegan thing is. They want you living in big cities crammed in like sardines eating your vegan GMO food while they enjoy the country and eat organic food—and that includes MEAT.

    But hey—if you think eating pesticides and grains will get you thru, go for it—MORE MEAT FOR ME.

  17. She is awesome, she radiates happiness, veganism is fantastic, I wish all women were this happy. She’s spot on as well, good on her!!!

  18. There is no one cure-all for anything. Are you aware of the long term effects on the ecosystem if everyone became a vegetarian? Do you know the symbiotic relationship be tween plants and grazing animals. Do you know what happens when the grazers are removed from a large area for a decade and what happens when they are returned with proper management? Obviously  you don't or you never would have made that speech.

  19. I,m all for eating plant based diet , but there is a big issue which I sometime feel I am all alone in fighting my campaign and that is stopping pesticides herbicides insecticides fungicides , I would advise you all to go organic you will feel so much better I use to suffer with stomach problem which was put down to poor old gluten but once I started eating organic bread I had no problems , it's not rocket science if you are vegans then you by nature going to eat more plant food than meat eaters so you will be exposed to much more poison , I just wish people who make these videos would tackle pesticides or at least give them a mention

  20. Julieanna is certainly passionate and believes what she is saying. Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence that an exclusive plant-based diet doesn't work for everyone.

  21. Wait, what, brain, kidney, and heart cells do not regenerate? So, are you saying that if damaged they are unable to repair themselves, or these cells never replace themselves throughout one’s life? WTF😳

  22. Thanks Julieanna Hever! I really enjoyed watching you share your intellect and passion on TedX. I totally agree with you. I had pain and chronic pain for years and had slept for the past 2-3 years. I decided to fight this ailment by changing what I ate. I relinquished all of the pain from my hands within a month. It's more complicated than this obviously but I just wanted to thank you for your outlook. I hope your plant based nutrition keeps healing people and prevents many more complications and deaths. 🙂

  23. I can't take her seriously she just sounds comical and cartoonish and I thought she was kidding.Moving on to another video but I did get a good chuckle!

  24. I want you and all the plant based docs on a daily show . On NBC ABC or CBS. I'm tired of the chew. In tired if the Drs. It's about time we have a show that has all of the best and brightest in the nutritional world. On daytime television. Dr Gregger. Dr McDougall Dr barnard Dr Goldhammar Dr Furman Dr Essylston. T collin campbell Yourself Chef Aj.. all of you. I need more and rotate the guests and COOK RECIPES. By the way.. who the heck put thumbs down on this.. that's just silly.

  25. Those plateau shoes look so ridiculous. Why try making yourself taller in a Ted talk recording? Ok, vibrams are even more laughable, but still.

  26. Oh the cringeworthy emotionality … this has nothing to do with science. Vegan religiosity, thanks, but no thanks.

  27. Right on! Plant based and whole food diet will heal us and the planet! I love your passion and message that I also love spreading across the world. We can be healthy and filled with joy and it's easier than we think!

  28. After being vegan for 6 months my blood pressure meds were halved cholesterol went from 4.4 to 2.2 lost 12 kilos so happy

  29. Wow love her intro 🤯👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 barley seeing this in 2018 but yes you can tell how passionate she is. I became passionate too when I opened my eyes & realized that what I decide to put on my plate 3 times a day really does have many effects on the planet, our health, etc.

  30. Vegan for eight years. Doing great. Less animal deaths, and minimal harm to Earth. Vegan is the future, but lab grown meat will be the immediate solution. Give the mob what they want.

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