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The world is connected from one person to another And yet those connections are all blurred and faded. Even if you call out towards them, on the other side of the screen They’ll be wearing somebody else’s smile So long those in the background of society keep doing what they’re supposed to do… …it’s a HAPPY MORNING But really, there’s no one to connect with We are all always… Creating new dreams! We’ve lost our way and still we continue forward. We extend our arms towards a distant light Today and tomorrow, into the great unknown we still go forward Those empty husks sing out REDO! REDO!REDO! By this point, we should have been shining brightly in seven colors. But so long as those in the background are doing what they’re supposed to… …that’s a “Happy Ending” We seem to be lost right now We are all always…. …creating new dreams! Since I realized that there are no real heroes of justice… I will shine your path each morning Even if I am also lost in the same great unknown… Even if the light is far and my legs are unsteady… I will surely grasp my dreams in this hand. WE ARE… YOU are not alone YOU are not alone Dandelion – By Sayaka Sato Art by CozyNakovich and Sunny3257 Series by Dr-Black-Jack

9 thoughts on “Plus Size – Dandelion (Miharu’s Theme)

  1. black-jack how do you get money to do this shit I'm legitimately concerned please don't let it be anything illegal.

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