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I recently met 2 very inspirational people i always try to bring you some really Inspirational stories from our fellow Indians some handpicked people who are doing something inspiring in their own field and we are unable to find them So i met Amit Tyagi & Rahul Rajpoot from Hapur Amit Tyagi was a powerlifter & a bodybuilder earlier and he is now a trainer with gym in Hapur & Rahul is a very special person He is an aspiring bodybuilder He met me at Wasim Classic Championship I will tell you their complete story in a different video Actually, why i picked Rahul is because earlier i thought he must be a normal gym going guy one day, i was going out of town i got stuck in traffic i was looking around waiting for the traffic to clear up i saw a guy standing on the side in black full sleeve Tshirt he kept wiping his sweat He looked familiar like Rahul from my own gym He was infact Rahul from my gym I kept looking at him thinking about his hard work then i went ahead to my work & told my friend that this guy is Truly hardworking Sir, i am from Hapur My name is Rahul (hinting Amit to not speak) What do you do in Hapur Sir, me… my name is Rahul and i am from Hapur In my family…. I don’t have my father anymore & my mother & 2 sisters & a brother we are 4… 5 of us I sell fruits on a cart on streets ok

100 thoughts on “Poor Bodybuilder with Big Dreams – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. India main itney badey bdaey paise waley log hai agar wo ek ek athelete ko sponsor karain to India sub say agay hoga sports main. Aisa talent India ko agay laykay ja sakta hai, bus karo Cricket.

  2. great awsome really great boy bhai kabhi dil mat chota krna agr mera yeah message apke takk punch ra ha to yad rakhna meri baat k hameshan jhokta drakht ko hi phaal lagta ha..
    or kuch ni kahoga baki God bless you…

  3. Bro aaap to mahanat karke pasa kamate ha or body bi banate ha bro dukh mat karo life me agey bado.fir sab thik ho jayega.inshallha

  4. Aapne india me youth jitna mahnat krta h aapne dream ke liye sayad hi koi or krte ho…..thanks sir to share this video

  5. some one give me this guy really facebook or phone number please i wanna help him he touch my heart.. please find this guy phone number for mee…or send me privet

  6. 🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Keep Making these types of video

  7. Love u yaar.
    Yr asy haal m b tm n haar n mani, or hm choti choti baton s discourage ho jaty hai..
    God Bless u in every moment of life.
    From Pakistan ..🇵🇰

  8. He is such an inspiration to all the one who are drug addict in our society
    Rahul Rajpoot as a hater (from Pakistan:() I just wanna salute you boi✌👏💖

  9. Inspirational video. One advice. They truth does not need any 'dressing'. It has the same impact. The background music wasn't needed or the camera work me feel a slight bit of nausea. Pls take this as a positive criticism. If ur content is human interest, shoot it like a short documentary, with lots of info. Instead of showing the roads, I would hv taken a shot of his house, his family, his pic before joining gym, his transformation. How he manages to pay for diet & his struggles, his aspirations, his family responsibilities, what drove him to take up bodybuilding,a shot of him with his real clothes he wears while working & lastly the people who see him daily & if they are inspired to lead a better life. I thought all these out for you while writing the message, of course, I'm not a film maker, I'm a doctor but I can appreciate perfection. Gd luck

  10. kam to kam he kam chae koi ho jab jid pakd hi lie to purie to karni he hogi ye bhai to fir bhe thela lgata he mene to gym ke liye issse bhe hard kam kiya hua he jisse kuch log to karkaer bistra dhodne ke krte the par me free hokar gym ki or bgata hu

  11. Yrr such ye Hn asli body builder yr gorvment ko in jese mehenti bhaio ki help or support krni chiyew game K liyew

  12. Sir muje body banani h Sir.. Bht kosish karta hu.. Bt Sir peso ko wjh se zim or diet ni le pata Sir help m sir

  13. Your the reall dedicated good bodybuilder .definitely you achieve your dream😊👍don't worry.difficult roads often to beautiful destination

  14. i searched this video coz m quitting bodybuilding today i looses lots of money now cant effort it sorry my steel i ll miss u

  15. BhAi emotional kR Dia yR muJe tuMne AaSu aA gYa is video m Heart TouCh video oR video ka back sound woOw

  16. aaj khud se ghin aa rha khud pe ki itni facility ke baawjud bhi kuch ni kiya mai….aaj se khud ko badlunga

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