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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

alright what’s up people I’m here in the wood I’m not so today going to be a special video I think it’s fresh I know it’s precious I hope it’s text you am i doing it so basically you gotta admit you’re always going to do some pull-ups and if everywhere you want today is the day I’m in awkwardly public place to record this video it’s pretty easy to set up though I think it is but you know still me this up alright that’s been done that lady there there I know where she went she asked me if I was from the government and I was like no I’m here just to make a video order to get people active you know let’s make a video you know it’s a place a little higher because when you will hang it will go down a little bit but I fix this you know what let’s do it here are 20 exercises you can do with the pool up in the bar [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] no that’s completely understandable [Music] [Applause] [Music] alright at work 21st exercises on the bull opened a bar I really enjoyed it and the man you saw at last he thought it was a really cool thing and I just you listen or look at the people looking at me or something like that and I was like yeah you got spirit all right as always this bar will be in description below make sure to check it out will be the first link in the description it’s it’s a crazy bar make sure to check it out oh yeah – thanks 1 tuning that thing down putting it down and put in my back literally do one minute second thing about shipping people in Germany you’re lucky shipping is free in whole Germany so make sure to use that if you buy it make sure to use the link they all know it’s me now you can get these benchvue subscribe [Music]

100 thoughts on “Portable Pullup & Dip BAR! (20 BEST EXERCISES)

  1. Yo man, dag pull up ding vind ik echt heel vet alleen hij is wel aan de dure kant, 250 euro als ik het goed heb, heb je misschien een goedkoper alternatief ? Gewoon voor mijn kamer

  2. Great Video 👍
    I started to train last week in a gym but you motivate me to also do cathletic exercises. But im really bad in these. Hope I get stronger 😂

  3. Bro, i want to have your body shape but idk with which exercices i have to begin to get results (Home workouts).

  4. I'm 13 and I'm training right now what kind of protein powder should I take. What do you take. I want to get buff for football. BROWNEY PLZ RESPOND

  5. Nice vid! You've motivated me to get up earlier in the mornings and start doing workouts! Thanks mate keep up the good vids!

  6. idk why you remind me of PewDiePie even though you both have completely different types of videos…..maybe cause of accent

  7. Browney, I live in Austria and I was so motivated by your Body Transformation Video that I decided to make the same.
    I started 2 Months ago and I will go on. 🙂
    PS: Your 50K Subscribers were well-deserved, Congratulations 🎉🎉🎊

  8. Loving it bro! Honestly I love the amount of effort you put in these videos, I can tell you have a passion for it.
    Keep it up brother! #SALUTE

  9. after 10 months of lifting, i thought i made no progress. after seeing your videos, i'm way bigger than you haha


  11. What food do you recommend me to eat? To get big. I'm 111lbs, and 13, but I work out every 2 days 160 pushups, and 100 curls. But skinny. I need ta get thick.

  12. Another thing that makes you such a good YouTube is your charisma! You lost the weight but not your humbleness or your personality! You're still that happy and funny person and you didn't turn in too a douchebag like others almost always do. Keep up the good work I could see you reaching one million subscribers someday with the way you wow people! Cheers 🙂

  13. I subscribed!!!! I'm from Mexico and I got to admit that you've motivated me to workout !!! hope you reply this comment!!!

  14. Hey! Got a quick question for ya. When you did the muscle ups( and some other excersises) you inserted straight bars, do they come standard when you order the system? Thanks a lot!

  15. How much is this thing in US Dollars?Plus how much weight can it handle?Im looking for a portable Pull Up set up that can handle up to 350lbs?

  16. Nice video dude 👊 I'm 53 nearly 54, beginner calisthenics and want to purchase this.
    I'm unlikely here in UK to use outdoor attachment. Can you explain more about the bracket that attaches to indoor or outdoor wall?
    What height does it need to be set at to attain full use for pull ups? And what type of fixings are required? For a cavity wall fixing thanks.

  17. Browney nice video. I like this product.
    Let me know the cost of this product.
    Is this product available in India?

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