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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Weightsnbeats logo Today’s video guys, on post-workout nutrition just got done training arms so the best thing to do after trained because your muscle fibers have been torn down and you want to replenish them and kick-start your recovery as best as you can so you want to kick-start your recovery as quick as you can so that’s why a protein shake after the gym is the best way to do it because it absorbs quickly so I usually do about two scoops which will give you roughly 50 grams of protein so what happens is when you train in the gym you’re breaking down your muscle fibers so what you want to do it as quick as you can replenish those stores because you lose your glycogen stores in the gym and you want to replenish that so you have a protein shake that keeps up your recovery keep photosynthesis going and obviously because it absorbs quickly it’s going to have some straightaway and then also post-workout meal you want to have that roughly 45 minutes to an hour after you’re safe five icing the carbs are great for post-workout nutrition like white rice potatoes and then a protein of your choice those really matter too much more about the carbs after you train along thinking again already 50 grams of protein from your shake so and then your meal obviously you have protein but you want us more or less have more carbs because that’s when your body is more more vulnerable to absorbing carbohydrates after you train because it views your glycogen store so you want to replenish it smash the card up into your muscle so that’s the best way to do it I will talk a little bit about pre-workout nutrition which is essentially just your pre-workout supplementation so you can have that nitric acid booster which can pass the focus off like that I put a scoop of creatine before I train as well I think that’s a good way to stop them to do it and also I put ask if the glutamine as well for recovery purposes and the key aim image into not to break down your muscles you want to prevent them from breaking down as much as you possibly can reason being so they recover faster so you want to strict us and breaking down as much as you can pre-workout meal I like to have the meal roughly an hour to two hours before the gym you don’t want to have a meal 15s later go and train is what happens is your body’s digesting that it’s in your stomach so all but most of the blood is going to be in your stomach so say if you workout once you’ve had a meal 15 minutes after it’s going to be not very successful workout intense because you live in your stomach it’s not going to be pumped around your body so you got to wait through that food is broken down and stored in your muscles as glycogen as fuel that’s your fuel for your workout so that’s a little bit of background on pre-workout and post-workout nutrition just a few little pointers there just the basics you know in duster go to in depth about it so we did a video with climbing on cardio basically if you want to check it out click the eye here I’m going to take you straight to the video about cardio a few little tips a bit of information for myself climbing and fresh as well climbing um partner training partner great video it just gives you an insight about cardio what it’s used for what it’s good for and how it improves your training we also did a supplement video just the basics on supplements so if you want to check out that video click the I up here I’m going to take you searching the video give us a thumbs up and the like and tell us what you guys think alright guys so yeah that was just basically just a small video to give you guys a bit of insight on pre and post-workout nutrition bit of a breakdown you know pre-workout you know you want to have your pre-workout roughly 15 minutes before you train and then I like to be a bit of cardia beforehand just to get you know the blood pumping and focus going post-workout nutrition pretty much spread after you train and have a shake to replenish those some replenish your glycogen stores and also kickstart recovery which is the main reason you have a protein shake but yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video and got something from it and stay tuned for more videos in the future thanks for watching we need to write offs we whites and beat and that could be a blue

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