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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You want to keep those muscles growing all
summer long? I’m going to show you today how you can do
just that with the perfect summer protein shake, The AthleanRX Mojito. What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So today we’re going to do something a little
bit different. I’m going to put on my best chef hat without
actually doing that, to try to show you guys how to make a great tasting protein shake
that maybe is even a little bit summer inspired here. We’re going to make a Mojito Protein Shake. So how do we do that? First and foremost the base of which AthleanRX
2, this is our Post Workout Supplement Powder. Now we could use our RX 3 because, again similarly
it is a protein-based shake. Again, for me, I’m not really going to be
making Mojito’s before I go to bed, but here, perfect Post Workout. I’m going to show you a really cool way to
do it. What we need is just some milk, some yogurt,
some mint, a lime, and we’re almost already there. So the yogurt, Yoplait Greek Yogurt. What’s cool about this is, this itself, you
can get at any supermarket for the most part, has 13 grams of protein in it as well. And there’s only 7 grams of sugar. So this itself is pretty good. So how do we do it? We start with our skim milk. Guys, I am not big into measuring, so yes,
this has the measurements on it, but a cup, cup and a half, it depends on how thick you
want this to be. Then we start with our XLR8 One scoop. Now, you guys know XLR8 is much more than
a protein powder. It’s got our kre-alkalyn in it. It’s got our branched chain amino acids in
it. It is, as I’ve said to you guys before, the best one that’s on the market now, not
just because I created it, but because I truly know what went into this. And I feel comfortable recommending it to
you. Another protein shake might give you the same
taste, but this is about more than just taste guys, this is about quality as well. So we’re going with XLR8. We take our yogurt, I could be scooping this
out a little bit better. As you guys see, I am no genius when it comes
to the kitchen. But you don’t need to be, I promise you, you
don’t. Get our lime, so what if it’s got yogurt on
the top, that’s fine it’s all going to the same place. We’re going to squeeze a full lime into here. Get it all in there as much as you can. Ok. And then lastly some fresh mint. Don’t go crazy guys, but a couple of leaves. Drop them in. And then, last thing, some ice. Again depending upon how thick you want this
to be. You can play around. If it’s not thick enough, add a little water
later on but for now, about 5 ice cubes. Drop them in and we’re ready to go. There you go, Why not, right. Throw that in the top. There is your Mojito Protein Shake. Guys, I am telling you this stuff, it’s incredible. I swear to God, you feel like you’re cheating. So there you have it guys. If you like the fact that we might mix in
a few recipe videos from time to time, I’ll give you the good ones. I don’t believe in torturing yourself when
it comes to taking your supplements. I think I’ve got this all over my mouth. I don’t believe in torturing yourself when
you’re taking your supplements. Your supplements should taste good. AthleanRX comes in vanilla to allow you to
create your own, you know, recipes, make your own flavors. This is killer. If you want and you haven’t already tried
AthleanRX guys, I’ve said it before, the best on the market right now for building muscle
and doing it safely. Alright. We’ve talked all about in other videos why
we went to such great extremes to make sure that what we put in here is exactly what we
said, and to make sure that it was safe and to the
world anti-doping recommendations and regulations. All because we’re going to have these approved
for Major League Baseball use. So we want to make sure that the best of the
best goes in here. Guys, if you haven’t already, head over to, grab your AthleanRX bundle, and in the meantime, I’m going to drink this. I’ll see you guys back in the gym next week. If you like these videos, thumb it up. Let me know, and we’ll put more of them maybe
in the midweek we’ll throw more recipes in. I’ll see you guys back here next week.

100 thoughts on “Post Workout Protein Shake – INSANE FLAVOR!

  1. Guys you should chill with all this protein info and focus on what's important — this week is that Jeff's hair has changed color.

  2. You just said it yourself. "there are people who don't follow that". That means that there are people who DO follow that and GET results. Everyone is different. Nothing is the same for anyone.

    I have a friend of mine who maintains his weight of 170lbs at 550C, 250P and 80F. He's been eating like this for months and maintained his weight. I am 180lb and I maintain my weight at 300C, 220P and 65F.

    See how everyone is different? He is 10lb lighter but eats more than me. Everyone. is. different.

  3. Based on your experiences. We have both decreased our protein and we have lost weight in a week so clearly everyone is different. Stop trying to deny that. People respond to macros differently.

    Same with carbs. Everyone handles food different. So if I have noticed that If i get less than 200P I start losing muscle and size then I will keep eating a bit more than that.

    I have came to the realization that what you might say is right for certain people but what I say is right too for certain ppl

  4. I do know how food AFFECTS the body. I eat plenty of fresh vegetables for your information and I do that simply for a healthy body, not to help me bulk up. I like the fiber and the minerals/vitamins aid in the assurance of healthy intestinal functions.

    And that isn't "old school". Thinking that eggs are bad for you is old school.

    And what workout question?

  5. Why are you talking about veggies? You are all over the place. Veggies are not directly used for muscle building. What you stated about enzymes and flora is correct….but it's on a different subject than the usage of protein. Anyways!

    Um, I would have to know more about the individual who did that workout. That seems like a VERY basic workout. Also, did they take Glutamine and BCAA"s during the workout and after to aid recovery?

    And 6 sets of chest? That's like 2 exercises…that's my warm-up

  6. And to add onto your pointless rant about veggies ->>

    I stated "I like the fiber and the minerals/vitamins aid in the assurance of healthy intestinal functions."

    You stated "you realize your body must break down the protein to proper utilize it? You realize that to do that you must have enzymes and friendly flora working within your system. You realize you get that from veggies…lot's of veggies."

    What you stated is exactly what I said. "healthy intestinal functions" = enzymes, flora.

  7. That's wrong my friend. If you won't take glutamine or BCAA's then you better make sure you have enough protein to repair and sustain that muscle.

    And I meant 6 sets of warm-up in the whole chest workout. And over-training ?! CLEARLY you don't know who Layne Norton is! Your body will adapt to training high volume and even training bodyparts TWICE! Your body WILL ADAPT.

    I do 1-2 sets of warm up for a pressing exercise, 1-2 sets of warmup for a flye exercise. That's what I meant.

  8. People should not be scared of over-training at all. Your body will learn to recover faster if you train it more. Simple as that. Your body is smarter than you think.

    Same with "recovery". If someone doesn't do squats for months, they go in the gym and do a leg workout including squats and they will be sore for days! maybe even a week!

    However, a person who works legs once a week won't be as sore from each workout cuz the body is smart at recovering. You can't trick the body

  9. Theres a difference between results and optimal results. You say that much is not needed which is true for a normal person but for someone lifting and trying to get the best results possible that much protein is going to yield better results then 50% of it. Its that simple…

  10. Dude stop wasting your time with this guy. He is one of those people who is so stubborn and refuses to believe something because it differs from what he teaches and has known for his whole life. Science doesnt mean shit to him, he will always have some way to try and refute it. After reading through the convo I can tell he wants to stay blissfully ignorant. Even if jeff told him what you are he wouldnt believe it. Those who refuse to adapt and learn will never succeed. Well stated arguments!

  11. If you've done research then you would understand that what you think you know as over training is not actually true. You say you are a trainer but so many things you say are so debatable that it makes it seem that you don't really know what you are talking about. 95% of the people you think are over training are most likely not anywhere close. Getting to the point of over training is an area that most never hit yet theres the myth that has people thinking they are

  12. And its hard to believe anything you say when theres research and studies backing the 1-2 grams/lb of protein per day for optimal muscle gains yet you have this notion of 100g per day being fine. Just because theres vegans who are ripped doesnt mean that optimal results are gained with less protein. You seem to base your opinion on your experiences and not what has been proven for a hundred years in millions of people compared to your 20 clients. What you are teaching is bro-science…

  13. You seem to have a definition of over training that is foreign to everyone in the fitness world. Over training as already explained to you by David Pavel is the point where performance decreases as well as a lack of drive to train. So the fact that you want a workout that isnt considered over training is not even a valid question. Over training is reached not after one 2 hour workout or 30 set day. And it doesnt matter what you consider over training…we have physiologic definitions for that

  14. You are the person refusing to open your eyes and do proper research to find the most proven information. And jeff trains athletes so his methods are obviously going to differ for someone looking to gain muscle mass without the functionality. You seem to be extremely stubborn and close minded to new ideas with valid research and facts. It seems that your way is the best way when the fitness world is ever changing with proven facts that you just brush them off and take as it as fiction

  15. I'm not giving an example because over training is not achieved through 1 workout…Over training is a state that your body is in after a period of time of training too intensely. And what you consider over training is irrelevant and honestly a load of bull. You do not have a PhD and don't have the right to define any fitness term. I never stated that 2 hour 30 set workouts are efficient. Fact is that you believe most people are over training when in reality they are not, proven by physiology

  16. If you kept up with the science you would understand the difference between over training and overreaching. You seem to be making up your own definitions when they already exist. I never disagreed that Jeff's workouts aren't great. But theres different ways to train for different goals. The problem I have is with you creating definitions and myths on over training when you do not have the right to. Theres scientific studies and research for that…

  17. So you go to the gym and diagnose people with OTS(Overtraining syndrome) by how they are lifting and not by what the true symptoms of over training? You keep going on the fact that you are allowed to have your own definition of over training when we already have the Scientifically proven TRUE definition. I'm not telling you what you see just that how you diagnose people isn't factual in any aspect. And I am 100% confident that if Jeff read through this conv he would explain to you the same thing

  18. Plus the fact that you asked for me to give you a workout that wouldnt be over training yet now are saying "Did I say over training is achieved by 1 workout" just shows how illogical your argument for the case is. Why would you ask me for 1 workout if that had nothing to do with how over training is caused. If you asked for a month of workouts that would make sense but one specifically has no correlation to what the second workout could be.

  19. I have no issue with how you train your clients and applaud you for getting them results. The issue for the 20th time is that you believe you can diagnose over training just because you see people lift. Poor performance could be caused by many other factors with over training being at the bottom of the list. Theres countless studies on over training and fact is that they show that rarely do common lifters ever reach that point. Endurance runners are most common running 150 mile weeks…

  20. But the issue is that just because one day I did 30 sets for chest the next day I could do 12 sets the next week. Are you going to tell me that because I did 30 sets one week that I am over training? Of course not. So dont ask for one workout and try to correlate to every other workout someone would do. You wouldnt make generalizations on that basis if you knew what you were talking about…

  21. Ummm no thats not diagnosing over training. How many sets/reps you do does not have an exact correlation to over training. You continue to be forgetting that how ones body reacts to the training is how you diagnose over training and not by how their workout routines are. The definition of over training does not detail specific sets/reps because over training is the bodies reaction. If it can handle 24 sets per week without fatigue then theres no issue with it. And never have I yet to say optimal

  22. Why to you have the notion that there is predetermined sets/reps that are considered over training? Do you still not understand that the body will tell you if you are over training with symptoms of fatigue, lack of strength, ect. You believe that theres some predetermined # of set/reps that equals over training when in FACT theres not. Every individual will respond differently and for people with different genetics 24 sets per week is optimal compared to 12. Thats been proven yet you disagree

  23. That remains to be proven as you have supplied no studies or scientific results that support or refute lifting each muscle group either once or twice per week. You can prove me wrong with factual evidence otherwise your opinion isnt exactly valid as you are not an expert in exercise physiology with a degree to prove your knowledge. Certified personal trainers have no qualifications in scientific effectiveness of any set/rep or exercises

  24. By stating proof is in the results is just blatant bro-science. Results are good but optimal results are better. And its obvious you are not an expert in exercise physiology because you have this notion that almost everyone is over training when 95% never come close to that mark of true over training. And why do you have the belief that everyone with gains training 2x muscles per week is on steroids when millions of people train that way and achieve better results than you and your clients

  25. You do realize that under .0001% of people who lift are on roids…Yet you seem to want to label people with great gains lifting 2x muscles per week to only make those gains because of steroids…Lets not be ignorant and start thinking the ripped guys lifting 24 sets per week are all on steroids. Your not fooling anyone by trying to believe that

  26. Fact is that there are programs that use 24 sets per week that yield amazing results and others that use 8 reps per week that yield results. Thing is your limited training of clients doesnt give you the right or knowledge to say that this one program wont give results unless you are on steroids. Results have been seen in average Joe's that contradict what you believe and disprove what you believe as a fact so its ignorant to say blatantly that results arent going to happen using 24 reps per week

  27. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE STATED 'Dinastyman3'. Could not be more right!

    1. As you mentioned, the fact that J Bain is asking for a workout is simply illogical. Is he trying to tell us that we're overtraining? Probably. He is probably a fan of the whole "1 set per bodypart" kind of guy who was used in the 1960s but things have changed. Science has evolved.

    2. I am willing to agree with the progress that vegans make but it is NOWHERE near optimal results.

  28. Nice one, Jeff! Please keep posting recipes here in your channel. We all like your workout videos but there's room for this kind of stuff too. You bet a lot of guys are interested in recipes. We don't have your brand here in Brazil but I'll try to make something similar. One question: is it natural flavor whey or vanilla?

  29. Is this suitable for vegetarians? Kosher? Halal? Vegan?

    I need to know if your protein shakes are or not.

    Please respond

  30. Hi Jeff, gr8 recipe.Need some advice, I tried the rev. fly in your workout and my right shoulder pops when I push my elbow past back.It doesn't hurt but I wonder if my rotator calf muscles are imbalanced.B4 starting your program I used to do reverse curls with ez-bar but I think they are the cause of my current wrist pain and I am on a 2 week break from lifting. I am on anti-infl/ries but just wanted ur opinion on what I should do.The part that hurts is left side of right wrist, supinated grip.

  31. I am really interested in buying your program. You explanation and technique are fabulous!!! I have a knee problem and would like to know how I could modify the system to suit this injury… I am not allowed squats lunges etc.. Also is there a vegetarian option in your diet chief???

  32. In short, most skim milk is a highly processed food, it can contain powdered milk and synthetic vitamins, the natural fat-soluble vitamins (D, A, E, K) are destroyed. It's robbed from it's fat which is good for you. There is absolutely no reason ever to chose skimmed milk before full-fat milk. It's like saying use margarine instead of butter… Stop believing those stupid commercials saying it's fat free, so it won't make you fat. Yeah.. dream on.

  33. LOL, not scared of overtraining at all. you gotta be kidding me. Overtraining is an extremely real thing. I've dealt w/ pissing out a rusty brown urine. You have no clue what you are talking about

  34. No.. you are not wrong … Lime curdles milk only if the milk is hot or boiling… or else its fine… 🙂

  35. Skimmed milk isn't a 'highly processed food'. They literally remove the majority of the fat. They don't add milk powder (it's already milk after all). And no one says it won't make you fat. The benefit of skimmed milk is reduced sat fats making the milk less of a cardiovaslucar risk as part if a diet. Oh, and another good reason to choose skimmed over full is that there's more protein in skimmed milk.

  36. Do you need to drink these shakes to work out im a starter at working out .. or can i work out without shakes and get the same outcome

  37. Do you need to drink these shakes to work out im a starter at working out .. or can i work out without shakes and get the same outcome

  38. How can it be a post workout shake if you put milk and yogurt on it. After the workout you need the protein to be absorved as fast as possible, and the lactose in the milk and yogurt slow down the absorbing process.

  39. Damn it I was liking this guys reviews till I saw he is pushing out his own products. Makes it a little hard to buy into his take on what's good and what's not. I'm guessing those things that are not good are not products he is pushing. 🙁

  40. Does the lime not make the milk and yogurt curdle? I have made cheese before which was pretty much that recipe…add lemon to milk basically and extract the curds and press them.

  41. before this video i was forced to watch an ad for Hardee's Country Fried Steak Biscuits……….i feel so conflicted now…..

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