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I’m done. Let me go) Hello, everyone! The second part of this video will be devoted to stretching and rehabilitation after heavy training. Our guest today is the trainer with 20 years of experience – Anita Lutsenko. I am the presenter and coach of the world
version of “The biggest loser” or Ukrainian version “Zvazheni ta shaslivi”. where people lose about 100 kg in a few months and also stretch. They feel very bad and hurt. Accordingly, if my weight is 110 kg minus 100, it turns out at the end of training should be 10 kg. What are we going to do today? We’re going to stretch you today. I want to look at your back, massive legs, shoulders and what we can do about it. The first thing I want to ask you – stand by the wall, a short distance away. Move your heels away from the wall. A little more forward. Put your glutes on the wall. In fact, this exercise is called “roll down”,
it’s from Pilates. It allows determining very well what mobility is, how much all muscles are stretched or not, and how tight hands are. Slightly bend your knees. It’s a very cool exercise. For example, you are dying,
your back has started to hurt very much. By the way, does your back hurt? In principle, yes, we die all the time. That’s why if you die, in the morning or not, pull the top of the head up. Please, press your chin to yourself first. Then slowly drop down to touch the floor with your hands. Pay attention here, please, round only your back, tear your back from the wall one by one vertebra,
not at once. The stomach goes inside and breathe. Breathe and relax your arms. Go down. I was certainly hoping to hear
some crunch in your back. Oh, my God, what your muscles are. One can sleep between these muscles. May I get up? or on the knees?) Your head is down. By the way, you do it right. Some people usually clamp the back of the head. It provokes pain in the head, insomnia and so on. Your arms are relaxed. Excellent! Are you a gymnast in the past? Or did you talk to girls-gymnasts too much? I prepared. Now roll in reverse order: press the lower back, twist the tailbone forward,
place the stomach between your legs. Then press to the wall one by one vertebra. Stretch your lower back. Imagine if you had a tail, we’d be pulling for it. Straighten up, and the head rises last. Are you okay? Yes. It is a very simple exercise, just do it 5 times
and any pain passes away. Let’s go further. I like this thing very much, it’s a foam roller. Every training is with the foam roller. It’s from Pilates, they are big sizes.
I’ve brought you the big one, so we could use it with you after training. Please, sit down here. Hands behind your head in the lock. Go down so that the roller was under the blades. Lift the glutes above the floor. Now try to roll back and forth on your upper back. Back and forth. Put your head on your hands to make you comfortable. Try to find a point where you feel pain. Stop here, put your glutes down. Try to open up even more. Open your chest. Hands and elbows bring together and from this position pull your neck more. Very good and now you can get up. As far as I remember, you told that
your problem is arms. Yes, shoulders. It is important that arms move apart
but not everyone can do this. Our task is to put the bar by the head more. Accordingly, there should be more flexibility and mobility in the shoulder joints. I’ll show you one exercise not quite the usual way. Put your head and glutes on the roller. Sit first and lay down. Legs stand conveniently. Arms are up. You’re doing well. Shoulders are down. At first, just try to move your arms apart and back. It’s important that shoulders don’t climb up. The neck is long, the shoulders are lowered down
as much as possible. Thus we stretch the chest muscles well. Yes, I feel where it is stretching now. One more time. Let’s try another way. Turn the palms a little differently and
try to touch the floor with our elbows. Again arms are up. One more time. Try to keep your shoulders down as you get up them. Do you feel at the last point? Yes, I feel the blades set against the roller. Try at the lowest point to lower your hands more. One, two and up. One more time. Down and turn your arms and back. Arms are up again. Let’s do three circles on each side. The roller is ideal for this. Is it just a rotation? Yes, it is, and try not to kill me with your big arms. Is it good to do before or after training? I would do it after. One needs something more dynamic to warm up. So, I would leave it for the end to understand and touch where the imbalances are. The right blade may be wider and the left one is tighter. If talking about the front, I like one very sadomasochistic exercise. It’s rolling. On both legs. Yes, it is possible to complicate, I’ll show you. Turn your toes outside. The inside part works more here. Try to turn your toes inside as much as possible. I see that your outside part is more uptight. If you want to strengthen exercise, we are all tight, put one leg on the other one. Cross the legs. Put your legs in the middle of the roller. So I roll one leg more? One leg is in the middle, and the other one is up. Is it right? Yes. There’s still a volume of legs. Yes, you have. You’re trying to push the muscle along with the fascia between the roller and the bone. Try to relax the muscle. I feel that on one second you relaxed your muscle
and tightened it again. Try to relax. I feel like there ‘s a pain point. Good, and we will stop on it. Relax more. One can do this with the whole body. Is the lower back straight or can I bend it? Of course, not, tighten your press. It is like a continuation of exercise on the press. At the same time, try to relax the legs. Stop in this position and try to bend
and unbend the knee. Bend it and relax more. Difficulties begin. Bend, unbend and relax. Move on 2 cm and repeat again. So, on camera, I explain, leaning on an elbow and on the left leg By bending more or less, I give more load on the area that is now working with the roller. Lay down on your armpit and roll very well. I look at your big legs. Yes, I have them. They are two and you will have to strengthen them both. It’s a big plus. Put your knee to the wall and get up. In this case, the wall serves as a guarantee to us Support. Yes, the correctness of performance. Especially during stretching, the body tries to spin out in every possible way. So that what is flexible does not stretch, but stretches what already can. Put your knee back, to the wall. The front leg is ahead. Avoid an acute angle. A little bit more ahead. In this position try to get up. Is it working? It is my maximum now. Strain the muscles of the anterior thigh, as if you’re trying to push your foot. Okay. Push and as if you try to straighten your knee. Now relax. The front of the thigh begins to stretch. After we held the pressure 10 seconds, after that… Are you okay? Yeah, I am listening. After pressure, you feel relaxation very cool. We need to wait for 30 seconds. We need to hold from 30 to 60 seconds. After the 30th second of holding, the muscles begin to relax. Relax with an exhalation. Great! Not on pressure, but on relaxation I will tell you I’m done. Let me go. In this exercise, if you are lowering even more, the thigh flexor will stretch well. In this way, we will reduce pressure
from the lower back. If the bottom is tight, the lower back is tight. If we stretch the bottom,
the lower back stretches as well. Give me five. I will give you one bonus. There’s one position that if you do, good for you. In this position, everything stretches. Make both pelvic bones on the same line. Like this? Put your leg a little lower. You are good! Put one buttock down. Do you feel like both the back and front hamstrings are stretching? One arm up. You are the best! Put me on the knees. Be honest, I am impressed by cool flexibility. It’s fantastic. I told that I like post-isometric relaxation. This is the case when you have something jammed or you want something to stretch. We will work on the principle near the wall:
first push, and then stretch. You can do it by yourself, but I will help you. Those who are watching can do it together. Right? In the evening, before going to bed. Push your head on my hand. Try to hold your head as vertically as possible. Don’t try to push aside, but pull up. Push on my hand harder. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 After pressure, our muscles relax well. Extend your neck and push one more time. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Stretch with an exhalation. Bonus from me: turn your head around. Good. Now other side. We are not going to hold it 30 seconds, but remember that it is better to hold longer. You can do it by yourself. One more exercise: put your hands over your head. Stretch up your top. It is important that the backbone is not curved, but has a straight line. The tailbone is slightly forward. Push your hands with your head. Hands press forward, head – back. Hold 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grasp the head with hands and extend the muscles well from the base of the skull to the sacrum. Extend a sacrum, a tailbone, and everything. You have quite powerful muscles, and accordingly tight. Let’s repeat one more time. Push your hands with your head. 3, 2, 1. Remember about the tailbone. Stretch again. Very good. Now I propose to finalize. What and how much should we do? At first, we did the roll down exercise: just relax our muscles. We did it 5 times. Then we move on to a myofascial release: prepare the muscles for stretching
and do self-massage. We roll out everything tight, everything
that worked for training. As a rule, it is our back, front side of the hip, if necessary the inner side, and as well as the external side. After we prepared, relaxed, we go to the wall to stretch the front of the hip. It’s the most interesting part. 10 seconds push, 30 – relax. 5 reps on the right leg, 5 reps on the left leg. In general, 7-10 minutes for this, right? With break? Yes, but with little break, just 3 seconds. After that, there was the shoulders’ extension. Yes. We did post-isometric relaxation. On the same principle, we push 10 seconds and relax. One can do it with all the muscles. One can do it with the shoulder: push and relax. One can do it with biceps. It depends on the zones that are problematic. Yes, tight zones. In the beginning, we did the exercise on the foam roller for opening. Those who want opening can do it before or after training. After all this rolling every exercise will be easier. To sum it up, I will tell from myself. Guys, if you are interested, we can have another topic “How to lose weight from 110 to 100” or from 110 to 10. As you heard before, it is possible
to lose 100 kg for a month. If you like this topic, we can make a separate episode where we are shown how to die… for 10-15 minutes? How much time do you need to “kill” me? Well, in 20 minutes, you will pray for mercy. Ok, 15, no, in 10 minutes. So, see you next episode. I hope this one was useful for you. Bye!

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