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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

today we’re going through a follow along
routine of some of the best exercises for improving posture. S these are going
to vary from person to person but generally there are a handful of
exercises that most people are going to benefit from. So with this one you don’t
really need any equipment for the one drills. Having a ledge that you can
hang off will help. But yeah, we’re good to go! The first drill is a
chin tuck. So this is a nice one for strengthening those deep neck flexors
that get weak if we have that forward head posture. so you can see I’m
gliding my head forward and back. It’s hard to see because of the the slope but
I’m trying to keep my head as level as possible. I’ve got my hands on my chest to remind me to keep my ribs down and keep my core engaged throughout. So just breathing nice and freely and just gliding forward and back nice and slow. There’s no rush, we’re doing about 20 of these. If you want to do some more you can just
pause the video and do your own thing. Last one and we’ll go on to
exercise two. So we’re going to a wall for this one and we’re doing some wall
slides – a great one for activating a lot of those muscles in the mid-back that
really support our posture and prevent this rounding and getting stiff
through the thoracic. You can see I’m trying to keep all of my back – my bum my
lower back, my mid-back and then my head in contact with the wall. And then my
arms are in contact with the wall too and I’m sliding them up and down. So
we’re aiming for completely straight overhead as you can see I’m not quite
getting that full extension at the elbows but that’s really what we’re aiming for. So we keep really tight through the core really being mindful of there not being
a space between your lower back and the wall. If you can feel your back arching you
might need to take a step away from the wall to make it a little bit easier so you can get that flat back and again. Tucking your chin in, giving yourself a nice double chin again just like the chin tucks.
Just extending up overhead and then squeezing your elbows down towards your hips. A couple more of these for about 20 of each of the exercises you can add
more or you do less it’s completely up to you. Very serious face. So the next one
is a shoulder ytl as we get into this hinge and we’re gonna do the Y
first so the thumbs are up for this one we’re trying to scoop the shoulder
blades up and then back. So we’re just doing about ten of these and we’ll do 10
of the T’s and the L’s. Or the L’s then the T’s. Activating the rear delts, the lower traps as well If you have rounded shoulders it’s a great one. And then with the L’s we’re keeping the elbows high and we’re scooping the
shoulder blades back and down activating the serratus a little bit then as we rotate the elbows on that top part of the position. Keeping the core
tight throughout this. If we want to have a rest any time and you can do so. It’s
quite a good one for strengthening the lower back and the core as well. And then
the T’s we’re squeezing the shoulder blades together, flapping like a bird, trying not to shrug the shoulders too much.
And remember to keep that core tight and to just breathe as well – don’t hold your
breath Rest, then we’ll go back into another
round of that, starting overhead. So trying to get our arms to arms straight and
reach up overhead past our ears without flaring the ribs too much. Keeping
tension through the core keeping our feet the screwed into the ground so
we’re not collapsing in through the knees. And we go on to the L’s. Again,
we’re keeping the elbows high and scooping the shoulder blades – up, back, down, and
then the bottom of the shoulder blade scoops under. This is a nice one to
include in your warm-up for any overhead stuff or pressinf stuff. And then ten
more of the T’s – really opening up through the chest as well which can
often get quite tight if the shoulders are forward. So we’re squeezing back really
activating the mid-back pinching those shoulder blades together Strong finish.
We’re gonna go do some lunge variation with a twist. You’re gonna do a backwards
lunge and then you can see my knee slides forward if that feels safe to do. And then were twisting towards that front
leg. So we’re stepping back you see I’ve got my hands on my core again just
reminding me to keep that active so I’m not dumping a lot of pressure through
the lower back. I slide my hips down and forwards and then rotate onto the sky.
I really like this one – it combines opening up through the back leg
which allows the front of the hip to open up into hip extension. We open up those hip
flexors – so we are activating the glute on the rear leg as well. And then we’re also
getting a really nice twist through the thoracic. So these are areas that are
really common to be kind of tight through – the hip flexors are often tight
the thoracic is often tight and then the glutes are often weak. If we have issues
with our with our posture in general this is a really good one for opening up. So we’re doing 10 on each side just alternating. See if you can glide and down and
forward but always trying to keep that that tension on the core as
well. Just take it nice and slow There’s no rush with this one. We’re also
working into ankle mobility as well as we glide forward as you can see we
closed down that angle with dorsi flexion If we’re wearing heeled shoes a lot of
time even trainers with a bit of a heel, we can lose our ability to
dorsiflex which can then have an impact on our gait and on our squat mechanics. This is quite a nice one for working down into to that low squat position but
having that rear leg behind us as well When you twist trying to engage the core
and pull those shoulder blades together as well. You can even pause at the top of
the twist if you want to if it feels good. I’m really trying to keep that rear glute activated – it’s gonna keep the
lower back safe and help you open up through that hip flexor even more. Couple
more – this is the most physically challenging one we’re going to be doing And then last one – good job. So our last
mobility exercise is a calf raise or kind of a decline calf raise. So as I
mentioned just a minutes ago, that if you are if you’re wearing heeled shoes a lot
then you can lose that ability to dorsi flex. So we’re standing on a ledge or just some blocks and then we’re letting our heels go below parallel. Then
we’re coming up onto the balls of our feet trying not to let our ankles collapse
inwards or outwards. Really maintaining in tension or
alignment through the ankle. We are keeping the tailbone tucked under as
well so the glutes are engaged I’m holding on to the wall for a little bit of balance. You can pause at the top
of the motion as well and at the bottom to get a bit of a stretch. This is a
great one if you really struggle with stiff ankles and getting into a deep squat. Oftentimes it it comes back to our ankle mobility. you might start to feel a bit of a burn. But that’s all good. Couple more Really keeping the glutes engaged. Really
trying to keep those ankles from collapsing in. Annnd nice job. Hope that was
useful in some shape or form. If you have any questions let me know below and I put a
link to a guide if you’re watching this on youtube that goes into each exercise
in a little bit more detail yeah – subscribe and like if you want (you don’t have too) and
I’ll catch you soon. I’m gonna do some more videos over the next few weeks.

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