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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You just finished killing it in the gym You gave it all your all But it is what happens next 45 minutes that
determines the ultimate success from that workout that you just had. It’s all about your post-workout nutrition. [Music Intro] Hey Guys- Jeff Cavaliere Here we are Part 2 of our supplement series. And you can see I am back in the gym, which
hopefully means I just finished a hard Athlean-X workout. And we have all heard that after your workout
is the most important time to get in the right stuff for your muscles. That will quick start that repair process. And you are right, it is actually true. That window of opportunity- 30 to 45 minutes
after your workout. Again, very, very true. What about what it is you need to take? We have heard about whey protein and glutamine,
creatine. Should it be taken before or after your workout? All this stuff is true and these are really
good questions But the fact of the matter is you have a lot
of options out there. Unfortunately a lot of guys rely on trying
to buy many different separate things. So they will buy the creatine, the glutamine,
the whey protein. It is going to wind up running you up a pretty
hefty bill at the end of the month. You know, a few cell phone bills at least. But is it necessary, is it necessary to buy
it that way? And I say absolutely 100 percent not, no. Because what you have to do is You can take everything all at one shot And get it to your muscles exactly when you
need it. Which is what Athlean-X is all about. So my favorite which is Athlean Accelerate,
which is in the Athlean Rx series 1,2,and 3. So guys, when you see this, you are going
to know right away. This is exactly what you need to be taking,
because there is nothing else. No fillers and no other garbage that you don’t
need. So let me show you exactly what it is and
why. Guys, you can always question what it is I
do. I have thick skin, I can take it. I feel it is my responsibility to explain
to you why I put something in here. Why I feel you should take something as part
of your post-workout. And so that is what I want to do, explain
this. So if it gets a little bit long, or scientific
at times, just understand where it is coming from. It is coming from me wanting to make sure
you are informed. So in Athlean Rx2 we have whey isolates-I
will go back over these with you. Whey isolate protein, I think you can see
that- 20 grams. 5 grams of BCAAs, again we have it in pre-workout. We are going to get it kick-started Now we are going to follow it up with another
5 grams of BCAAs. We have 5 grams of glutamine in here. Which again, at night we are going to follow
it up with another 5 grams. You will see that again in the next part of
the video series. Kre-alkalyn, which sounds like creatine but
it is very, very different. I have actually had a bit of an epiphany when
it comes to creatine. And I am going to explain why here. HMB which is another metabolic which is going
to help you post-workout. And ALA, which is an absorption aid. So let me go back over this real quick. The whey isolate-we know that there are many,
many different types of proteins. We have branched chain amino acids that are
already broken down into the fully metabolized form. you have whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein
protein. People get confused of when it is good to
take the different forms. Or should they take anything different? Should they just take whey proteins? Well whey is a really highly absorbable form
of protein. And it is very, very concentrated. Again, if you get the isolated form, it is
very very pure. It is very, very effective. The muscles will absorb that quickly and readily. And that’s why you want to take that right
now after your workout. Protein is going to help you to kick-start
that recovery, to get your muscles back into that anabolic mode, right away, which will
sustain you throughout the night. As you will see in Part 3 with our Reconstruction,
with our Nighttime Recovery. Branched chain amino acids. Again, we talked about them as well. They are another form of highly absorbable
protein which we can use in our muscles. To repair them, get them back, rebound, recovery. Remember, Athlean-X is all about recovery. You have to be able to recover from your workouts. To come back the next day, apply another stress
to it, The body lifting the heavy weights. And then, providing the stimulus with the
bar, but then providing the recovery with what it is that you take. Right here, with Athlean-Rx. Glutamine, 5 grams of glutamine. We actually put that in there. The most abundant amino acid in the body. You deplete it as you work out. Especially if you work out hard. So we want to replenish that. And we have done that by putting it right
in this post-workout. Right when you need it. Remember guys, your supplementation is all
about what you take, and also WHEN you need it. Glutamine, after a workout-you take it then. Which leads us right into the next point here,
creatine. Creatine, guys, post-workout supplement for
me. I am not into the believability of creatine
as an energy precursor. So guys that take it before their workout. I think if you just get your levels topped
off. Which is why, when we get to our maintenance
dose, we are good there. I think it is more the anabolic effects that
creatine can have By keeping your muscle cells hydrated. By keeping that environment hydrated. So that we know that a hydrated environment
is more anabolic. It is like a flower in the desert, you know. The likelihood of it staying alive for very
long is not very high. But you put that in a pot of water and you
pay attention to it. That plant is going to thrive and grow And that is what happens with your muscles. You have got to have a hydrated environment
for that to happen. So creatine is a great source for that But the source of creatine, creatine monohydrate,
which I have been on record here. I have talked about the great benefit of creatine
monohydrate. It wasn’t until I actually talked to a scientist- when I was going through the development of
the Athlean Rx supplements. About the benefits of Kre-alkalyn. And I am very open-minded guys. I like to hear what it is, what are the benefits. And I became very convinced that Kre-alkalyn
is the form of creatine that you want to take. Why? Because it is an alkyl, it is an alkaline
form- Which means it is more basic versus acidic. So on this Ph scale that we have in chemistry. Anything that is lower in Ph is going to be
more acidic. And something that is higher is going to be
called more alkaline. Well anything that is higher, more alkaline
is going to be better received by the body. So when you can the Ph of your body, right
where it needs to be- You have a better chance to absorb what it
is. Not just the creatine in this supplement. But everything that you are taking throughout
the rest of the day. Kre-alkalyn because of that, because it is
more absorbed by the muscles, allows us to take lower dosages every day actually, too. We are looking at maintenance dosages of only
2 to 3 grams of Kre-alkalyn versus the 5 grams that you need of creatine monohydrate. So you will also not see any creatine build-up,
usually from taking Kre-alkalyn. Which you could see as a by-product of the
creatine monohydrate. So all the advantages in my sense, Kre-alkalyn
is more expensive. But guys, it is worth every single penny. So I would switch to the Kre-alkalyn from
if I were you. And I would also take it in the post-workout. And that is why I have included it in Athlean-Rx2. Then again, at the bottom here, HMB, shown
to be a help in recovery. We have burn patients. They did many, many studies on humans. Burn patients took HMB, it actually helped
to preserve proteins, conserve them and not utilize them as much. So you can use them more in an anabolic sense. And ALA which I will talk about a little more
in Part 3. But it is an absorption aid. It is what you take to actually help you keep
the dollars that you are spending on your supplements. Going to what they are being spent on, on
what they are actually being used. Instead of buying your supplements, and pissing
away half of what you take, because you are not absorbing it. ALA will help you absorb it. Again, when it is a post-workout, when it
is all about absorption- How much you can get into your muscle cells
after a workout. That’s why you want to take it. That is why it is in Athlean-Rx2. Guys, stay tuned. Part 3 of the series coming very, very soon. We are going to talk about night time recovery. The most important time in the whole day,
I think, in getting your recovery supplementation right. You are going to see exactly how to do it. In the meantime, head over to If you don’t even want to wait to complete
the series. And grab your 3 part kit: Athlean-Rx 1,2,
and 3. Everything you need, exactly when you need
it. In a simple 3 step formula, that’s how we
do it here at Athlean-X. Guys, I will be back here again with Part
3. See ya.

100 thoughts on “POSTWORKOUT Supplements – “Workout Supplement ATHLEAN-Rx SERIES”

  1. We need a "Jeff Approved" mass gainer! If it's even needed…I'm 135 pounds at like 6-8% body fat…What do I need to do to gain?? even just 15 pounds

  2. hey jeff. great stuff! I was just curious as to why there aren't any sugars in the post workout shake. Will you recommend consuming hi-gi sugars during regular meals instead of taking them right after workouts?

  3. @GuitarPlaya3313 are you eating 7 to 8 small meals a day? if not, this is eating every 2 hours. it might seem over kill but for mass gaining its needed. this is the way body builders do this. from my extensive research into supps on the market a big number of them are just useless and not needed, a total waste of money. just eat real food! im not going against jeffs supp range here this brand is one of the better brands on the market. mass gainers are a waste of money! everyone each to their own

  4. hey man, im a student currently looking for a small job , so as for now i have no money , does that mean i cant get the results from the workouts without them , or is there some food i can eat after like a pb sanwhcih and a bannana ? respect you man , making the workouts enjoyable keep it up .

  5. @ticklesmatt go for high protein and simple carbs post workout

    just research high protein whole foods and simple carbohydrates

  6. @3QuaNiMiTyy thanks man , you following the programme to ? im a adding one or two exercises on some of the workouts , been 2 weeks now , if your following it , hows yours goign

  7. if you take creatine and then get off it, do you inflate? cuz creatine absorbs water but if there is no longer a large source of creatine in your body, does the muscle slowly inflate?

  8. i read in a book called complete guide to sports nutrition, that HMB is very weak & that only 1st year bodybuilders stand to benefit from it. whats the evidence for yours? thanks

  9. @perfectdiversion Thanks for the tip! Believe it or not…I did 10,000 Calories a day for a month (which was eating a large meal every two hours lol) and still gained not one single pound! I may just be a special case…I'm only 20, so I know my metabolism will slow down but it sucks to wait ya know? haha, thanks again though!

  10. @matt062992
    30g is the max you want as protein is hard to digest. its also a good idea to have solid food with your drink to help make up that 10 🙂

  11. Supplements are not only found in a can or a pill. You can get all the needed nutrients from basic food. For example, ALA is found in Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, Walnuts, Soy Bean, Flax Seed and many other food groups. Why not eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich after a hard workout? 😉

  12. @LakerLife YES these ingredients are often found in food. What you're naively overlooking is the massive amounts of those foods you'd need to consume in order to get a viable dosage.

    Don't try posting scientific information on this channel unless you are a professional. This is a legit channel of a pro trainer discussing REAL science, go post your Bro science somewhere else.

  13. @MrSmashandgrab First of all, these nutrients are ALWAYS found in food. If you are working out to reach a certain goal, whether it is adding bulk, shredding fat, or even just muscle maintenance, you have to follow a certain routine caloric intake. Add the needed nutrients into your diet and see what happens. Maybe one day you will realize that "bro science" is actual science. Just the opinion of a 4th year medical student and also someone who has been training for 10+ years. Stop HATING =)

  14. Don't listen to this guy. You don't need supplements to build muscle. Of course i can see how he is trying to marked his products. My advise: just eat healthy natural food like Fruits, everything from bananas to apples with are high in potassium. tuna / eggs are fast absorbing proteins which is great for post-workout. These are cheap "alternatives" as well as you're getting other necessary nutrients for optimal build.

  15. @JDCav24
    hey jeff i have a question what do you do when u worout at night n finish ur workout very close to your sleeping time? do you take both whey and casien protein? if so wouldnt you have a full stomach..

  16. @PozitiveVibrationz Hey man this guy's program is awesome it's cheap and it gives results at a decent pace without supplements. But if u want to lose fat and gain muscle really fast supplements are the way to go. But yeah it's secondary, and he makes it clear in his program. Most of it is about nutrition, and workouts.

  17. What are your thoughts on the Kre-Alkalyn vs ethyl ester. From what I know from chemistry due to the ester part of the chemical water can be efficiently absorbed into the muscle and not leave it behind like monohydrate (esterification). Would Kri-Alkalyne have a better effect then ethyl ester creatine due to its basic nature? Is there more to it?

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    Or is there?
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  24. Thanks Jeff. I am learning so much and appreciate the time and effort you put into helping people. I like how open minded you are and are willing to work with people to learn something instead of the attitude that one should learn completely on their own. My dreams to be a physical trainer come to life as I watch your videos everyday. Once I am on my feet and am holding a job, I will be sure to buy these supplements and hopefully your workout plans, that is, if I don't perfect my own! 😛

  25. Hey Jeff, I did a short research on kre-alkyln by BR&D and I found out that they also created something called Taxadral. Do you have any takes or inside info about it?

  26. Would this be good for someone for lactose intolerance?? Ive tried whey and soy protein in the past and both times i got very sick from it? Any suggestions for a good source of protein?

  27. Amazing information and teaching to the athleaners, when people understand these compounds they learn to use them smarter and more effecient, instead of blindly using some random forum guide!

    Keep it up Jeff, your changing so many peoples lifes for the better!
    Much love and respect from Denmark

  28. what happens if you don't take advantage of that 30-45 minute window? will there be no growth? I'm not currently taking any supplements and probably wont for a while. Does this mean i wont get any results if i take nothing withing that post workout??

  29. Jeff, serious question, no ranting.
    I bought the RX2, just wondering one thing
    in this video you mentioned 20 grams of Whey Isolate. 
    The ingredient show both whey protein isolate and whey protein Concentrate and doesn't distinguish how much of each contribute to the total amount of grams per scoop. So what's the deal?

  30. I really want to buy it but Im afraid if the supplements get stopped by customs. Anyone knows an European site thats sells athlean-rx?

  31. Jeff,
    Am i ready for your supplements? I've been working out natural so far and i eat REALLY clean. Sadly i have some stubborn oblique fat that wont do anything muscle is developing under them making them look worse than they are. I've bee doing burst training along with HIIT for more than seven months now and the results are amazing. Yet i would feel so much better if these obliques would look a little more toned. I eat healthy. And workout with so much intensity. 30-40 minutes at a time like you advise but my body has been the same for the past two months. I would know because i take a photo on the 20th of every month. Any advise id really like to know if these supplements are worth the investment?

  32. i need help please……i dnt work my abs…but i work other parts..if i take whey protein as post workout ..will i gain unwanted weight???

  33. I ordered and tried the pre-workout supplement. It gave me a skin disorder. Really bad stuff. I tried to return it. Customer service was non-existent. I am disappointed with Jeff Cavalier. Where is the integrity. They are quick to take money. However, they seem don't stand behind their product.

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    Money for supplements its hard to justify, so if I am going to do it, I
    want to know exactly what is in it and why I am taking it. Thank you

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  41. I have personally used the RX2 XLR8 from Athlean X. 1. This video needs an update because it does not represent the current 2018 RX2 most of the ingredients are not in it. 2. This product works well but it is not work the money for only 30 servings. For people like myself who train alot for races it goes real quick. Hope Jeff remakes this vid and lowers the price so more of us subscribers can enjoy this product.

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    Just a suggestion… appreciate if I could get an answer or explanation to it I'm not understanding or something.

    Thank you Jeff 😎

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  44. Jeff- I am with a majority of your subscribers who have been asking you to film a new series of your SUPPLEMENT LINE. (Potential Topics to cover)1) Could you please go through the new line of ingredients included in each of the RX series? 2) Why have the sizes of your supplements changed? The size you seem to sell is much smaller than what you have in your videos. Why is there no option to purchase a larger batch?3) Review the scientific aspect to each ingredient (as touched upon SOME of the topics), and their added benefits when taken together; as they are all included within one bottle/throughout the day with RX1, RX2, RX3.4) It takes time to build stores of certain things such as Creatine, does it matter that the RX-1 is not taken on the last two days of the week when following your AX-1 plan. Will that negate all stores within the body?5) annnnnnd come on. Just do it. Make a supplement shaker bottle of your own. They will sell like hotcakes!Looking forward to your response Jeff. I am a follower of AthleneX programs, a user of the supplements, and billboard for your brand via. clothing. As always, THANK YOU

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