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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

With the barbell on the
floor close to the shins, take an overhand grip
just outside the legs. Lower your hips with the
weight focused on the heels, back straight, head facing
forward, chest up, with your shoulders just
in front of the bar. This will be your
starting position. Begin the first pull by
driving through the heels, extending your knees. Your back angle
should stay the same, and your arms
should remain straight. Move the weight with control as
you continue to above the knees. Next comes the second pull,
the main source of acceleration for the clean. As the bar approaches
the mid-thigh position, begin extending
through the hips. In a jumping motion, accelerate
by extending the hips, knees, and ankles using speed
to move the bar upward. There should be no need to
actively pull through the arms to accelerate the weight. At the end of the second
pull, the body should be fully extended, leaning slightly back
with the arm still extended. As full extension is achieved,
transition into the third pull by aggressively shrugging
the flexing the arms with the elbows up and out. At peak extension, pull yourself
under the bar far enough that it can be racked onto the
shoulders, rotating your elbows under the bar as you do so. The bar should be racked
onto the protracted shoulders, lightly touching the
throat with the hands relaxed. Immediately recover
by driving through the heels, keeping the torso
upright and elbows up. Continue until you have
risen to a standing position.

25 thoughts on “Power Clean – Back & Legs Exercise –

  1. For all you commenting on his mouth. It is called the valsalva maneuver. It is done to close ur airway and keep ur core engaged.

  2. I swear, all these comments are so ridiculous. First of all, this video should not even be on bodybuildings channel. As a bodybuilder, there is no logical reason to do power cleans. It is a power generating movement. And this guy is obviously a weightlifter, not a bodybuilder. The size of his legs has nothing to do with his strength. Can I request this video be removed. It's only adding fuel to this fire of toxic Internet retards who have no idea what they are talking about.

  3. – "It's only adding fuel to this fire of toxic Internet retards who have no idea what they are talking about." You must be the biggest one of them…

  4. You are right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

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    if you are serious go for it now

  5. I suggest people doing the demonstration exercise to use a lil light weight to perform better when trying to show proper form.

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