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my name is Patrick Babu Mian 36 years old and I’m doing strips for sport for like 22 years now I have been doing bodybuilding competitions but now I’m strongman for many years so what we think is long long time ago so I would say I’m strong I weigh 120 80 kilos and I’m a vegan so it means basically that I get all my nutrients from plants so I’m not using any dairy products I’m not eating meat or anything else and I’m doing this for four years now before that I was vegetarian for there was years and it works perfect for me so yeah I’m pretty comfortable my name is Edith college I’m from Czech Republic I’m 26 years old and my personal best is ruff 342 kilograms and body weight loss 105 of course and in strongman events a body weight is always a factor and it usually helps so I think the amount of extra muscles that I have should really be a advantage for me and should really make it hard to beat me here but I will get into trouble if it if it goes too long so I’m pretty much as in any sports if you have a smaller opponent you need to kill him very fast if that doesn’t work if it’s going to be trouble but I’m optimistic I think it’d be okay I know the trick from YouTube and my turn I have 40 killer less I think we’re going to do a deadlift at the beginning for 10 reps with 250 kilos then we go straight to the parola and we go 5050 beaters with a brawler after that we will do a keg lift for 10 reps and after the keg lift we go straight back with the Prowler the same distance that we went before so that’s what we plan to do and I need to make sure that I go really fast so that I keep the engine running it’s 5050 I am stronger in the deadlift and he’s stronger in the in the kak is very nice press row and and I am the better puller I think I hope so ah yeah I definitely think I should win but as as always in sports you don’t know what happens but I say I’m gonna win welcome to strength was 2015 we got to fucking gladiators here today from Czech Republic with a battle weight of about 105 kilogram you see and to my right the vegan badass Patrick baboom yen ah you ready your head I say let’s get this one going and three two one go right Oh we wanted it forever fucking life go take your ribs one more time fine my mother Oh Jordan go on Oh yeah this dog one girl beef bone that yeah sorry Oh God up down oh hey good night oh very nice fucking spice to come home oh do you let them tie some ribbons like that is good so my message to you like doors ah very nice okay all right you’re fuckin good oh my god yeah that’s Joe hey hey ha ha you go and the new winner is but I think that’s a fucking beast you

100 thoughts on “POWERLIFTER vs STRONGMAN – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #2

  1. the dude got a rock caught under his sled, u can see the drag mark coming from where he couldn't push right to the finish line but none on Patricks side

  2. As much as I HATE Vegans, I must say Respect! 👏 Now I wana see him verse another strongman who's normal meat eater

  3. what's with the whole vegan vs non veg debate? it doesn't matter what you eat as long as said food provides you with the necessary amount of nutrients any of the two diet types can be inferior/superior

  4. Ok for the people that don't know, all proteins are plant based. Think about it the chicken, cow, lamb, goat etc all eat grass and grains, correct??? So if that's the case and u eat them to get protein then where do they get it from to pass on to u??? Meat is not needed in our diet the only difference is you'll probably have to eat a bit more bcuz the amount of protein in a serving of rice or potatoes isn't equivalent to the amount in a steak or a quarter chicken. But u get the idea

  5. LOL,you come watch this channel, act the taugh guy/wanna be a strong dude but you get offended like a little insecure girl when vegans tell you the RAW truth. I've never met a "shitty" vegan in my life, maybe because i can accept the truth and i dont ask people to pet me for my fcking unaware mistakes. Most of you weak ass people find them "shitty" just because your feelings get hurt because you know deep inside that what you're doing is simply wrong in so many ways. Muscles dont make you a strong man, accepting reality facing the truth and being honest to yourself makes you a MAN.

  6. Great video, thanks. Strongman type exercises gave the advantage to the strongman. Powerlifter was also disadvantaged because there are no overhead competition lifts in powerlifting.

  7. Strongman had real advantage.
    deadlift: very even as both sports do it
    sled: extra bodyweight is needed
    Keg:Strongman would train on this but powerlifter probably does hardly any lifts above waist like power clean& press.Bulk weight in stomach gives stability for overhead press

  8. What is the soundtrack especially at the end when Patrick won
    Can someone tell me?
    Cus its fucken amazing

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