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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I started back powerlifting it’s been a
good journey so far so I figured today I said you guys through one of the
workouts let’s get right to it what’s going on everybody welcome to Hart gonna
finish my name is Jalon and today I got a full powerlifting workout routine for
beginners that I’m gonna give to you guys check it out I’ve been working out
with the power that thing’s styrol for about a year and a half or two years
take a break for about four to five months to see is my joints a break so to
speak and just now got back into it about two weeks ago and today I’m gonna
walk you guys through my workout so the very first exercise is gonna be squats
now I started squatting on a consistent basis I had very horrible ankle
flexibility so doing this right here just finding something elevated putting
my foot on it and stretching out my ankles really helped a ton for me to be
able to get for that when I’m squatting so I still do it every time before I
squat also I’ll get down into the squat just so that I can get a feel for where
I want my feet to be for that day sometimes I feel more comfortable having
them wider sometimes a little more comfortable with them being closer so I
attention to that and this also really helps to get my hips more warm before I
squat because I was having a lot of hip pain and when I first started squatting as
well so I still do this just to prevent injury
also equipment when I squat out typically where some lifters I wear a
weight boat and I’m doing low bar squat I wear wrist wraps and I also wear some
nice leaves whenever a scarf sometimes I was squatting Nikki – I don’t always
squat with equipment sometimes it’s good to just to really give your core a good
workout and your lower back and do work out when I’m squatting as well here we
doing some warm-up sets we started at 135 185 gonna go to 225 in order to set
in your body which I didn’t go out in the walk and then we go to 315 that was
my working sets for today I did four sets gonna do three sets and I did four
reps every single said now last year when I first started powerlifting and I
did this exact same rep scheme I was around to 90 to 95 inch that was for
three spur for I was actually doing about 270 275 and now a year later I’m
hitting 315 for 4 repetitions and I actually feel like I can do a little bit
more so last week or two we said when we started this workout program I was doing
300 and we’ve been going up in increments of 5 pounds for every single
exercise that we do not every single but all of the big three you know their
lives squats and benchpress we go up at least 5 pounds every week so now I’m at
315 and as you can see I’m moving it not super easy but it’s not you know it’s
doable so to speak I said cuz we take a rest
for about 2 to 4 minutes in between every set just depending on how the
previous set felt you see how I was walking out I was a little tired there
look at my wrist if you can see that there’s a lot of pressure being placed
on my wrist that’s why I wear the wrist wraps if I don’t know where those my
wrists hurt kind of and also look at the bar
doing low bar squad versus high bar squad there’s a big difference in what
muscles are worked and some of the mechanics during the squat are a little
bit different as well so if you got a question about that or you don’t know
about that comment down below ask the question and I will definitely get you
an answer all right one thing that I do want to
say as I’m finishing up this last set of squats is that it took me a really long
time to be comfortable doing squat now we were doing last year when we were
squatting on a consistent basis we were doing I think four days out of the week
we were squatting and we would switch our reps up every single day so one day
it might be 6 X and then 5 4 and then 3 and every week the focus was on
progressive overload trying to add more weight to the bar every single week and
as we get more often my phone got better and my entire body transport I’m like my
poor got stronger back got stronger and includes quads even my calves got
stronger like you can see in the video I actually have calves like before I
started squatting my legs was just straight up and down for real
so if you don’t squat on a consistent basis I really encourage it if it’s so
if there’s something that you spray away from because it’s difficult for you I
encourage you get in the gym do your squats which was it gonna help you get
stronger on all of your other movements and as well so we also did bench press
that was a 3 by 5 so 3 sets 5 reps this is 245 pounds now let’s talk about a few
things that I’ve really really noticed that helped me with my bench press over
the last couple years one is working on my weak area so my back and my glutes
were a really weak area they’re going to 95 by the way but my
back and my glutes were a really big weak area for me and working on those
really really really helped me to be able to drive through a heavier weight
during my benchpress like I know you would think it really wouldn’t help you
return but I promise you with us another thing is really focusing on squeezing
everything when I do my bench press so instead of just focusing on you know
have been squeezing the scapula so that you got a good foundation I focus on
squeezing my quads squeezing my glutes focusing on engaging my lats during the
movement so now I’m really stable and I can push as much weight as possible that
really helped me to be able to get a little bit started now look at my feet I
also changed this as well notice how I place my feet up against the bench that
gives me extra leverage when I’m benching and I started doing that about
a month or two ago it was by accident and it helped me to push probably about
five to 10 pounds more weight just by doing that one thing so I pressed my
feet up against it and I use it as leverage that helped me squeeze my
glutes and my quads in my hands during the movement and it helps me to stay
more stable and to be able to push through the repetition so that’s helped
a ton if not all benches have those two frames that stick out from the bottom of
the bench so if yours doesn’t and you may not be able to use it and that’s
just something I’ve used to help me to get it better at the bench and you can
see there it doesn’t do it but he’s still pushing a lot of weight so to each
his own but if you just want to put a couple extra pounds onto the bar try
that I promise you it’ll help alright and then we also did string press well
their district press I did behind the neck Street Press to the Conda focus
more so on the rear delts and my back which as I
said is really big weak area for me so I’m trying to excited to help more with
that but I’ve been doing my research and I know that doing those behind the net
can cause some shoulder impingement and I don’t really feel pain when I’m doing
it but I wanted to make sure I stay injury-free for as long as possible
especially when you power lift me because you’re moving a lot more weight
so with that added stress on your joints it really increases them probably that
you can get injured while you’re powerlifting so I want to make sure I
take as many precautions as possible to prevent injury this way I can stay in
the gym for a long period of time and of course make some more games so I
encourage you to if shoulders is a weak area for you make sure you include a
strict press into your workout routine that’s because this exercise allows you
to add a lot more weight onto the bar versus doing like a dumbbell press or an
Arnold press so of course more weight means that you can add more muscle mass
onto any particular muscle group so doing straight press is really great for
getting bigger shoulders getting stronger shoulders so like I said if
this is a weak point for you just like it is for me but make sure you throw
that in there I’m still contemplating on whether or not I want to remove doing
this exercise behind the neck I’m probably gonna do it because like I said
I don’t want to get injured but we will see only time can tell I’m just gonna go
based off of what when our body tells me it feels good and what doesn’t
alright so to finish off the day we did the closed stance leg press and we
suicided that with single leg extensions I did four sets of each and I need 12 to
15 repetitions each and every time so that was pretty much the end of the
workout but before this video closes out we did recently hit a hundred subs on
the chin I know that’s not I got a lot more girls than that but
still appreciate it everybody who watched subscribed liked comment you
know all that good stuff I appreciate it please continue to support the channel
if please if you have any recommendations or suggestions or
something that you just want to see from the channel as far as a workout video or
a tip video or if you need any nutrition advice whatever the case may be
comment down below and let me know exactly what you want to see that way I
can put out the content that pleases you guys and not what I’m guessing or what I
want for myself so thanks for watching I’m Dylan as always this is hard gainer
fitness helping you defeat yourself and crush to scale I see y’all next time winds whip

14 thoughts on “Powerlifting workout routine for beginners

  1. Boiii Yo Azz Getting Big lol you passed me up but i haven't worked out in 2 months and went from eating 6 meals back to 1 a day. Going through a break up and huge move across country soon soon i had to take a break from my weight gain journey due to expenses for now. I'll be back once i get my shit together😂 keep up the great work boss🔥

  2. Good video, Jalon. Got a few questions for you.

    1) How many times a week do you train?

    2) How often do you repeat the same big exercises?

    3) How many sets per workout and per exercise do you take to failure?

    4) What rep range do you think is best for size?

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